Chapter 98: The eye as the sword

“You asked so directly, I couldn’t comprehend it for a while.” Song Qingshu was taken aback and looked at her strangely. 

Xia Qingqing asked, “Quickly tell me.”

“I…I” Seeing that Xia Qingqing’s face was turning darker, Song Qingshu hurriedly changed his words, “I like you!”

Xia Qingqing said, “Since you like me, will you do whatever I say?”

“That’s natural. As long as you speak a word, even if I have to go through a mountain of swords and a sea of ​​fire, this Song will not frown.” Song Qingshu didn’t have the slightest hesitation when he spoke such big words.He had to naturally speak all kinds of sweet words to move her heart.

“Okay then…I want you to jump off of here now.” Xia Qingqing pointed to the cliff a few steps away, and a sly smile appeared on the corner of her mouth.

Song Qingshu stretched out his neck and took a look, then spoke with a hesitant look on his face, “This cliff seems bottomless, and there wouldn’t be any bones left if I jumped down.”

“Afraid?” Xia Qingqing sneered, “Who said that he would go through fire and water for me? In this case, you should put away those thoughts in your heart in the future, and we can still be friends.”

“I just thought that there would be no one to bury my corpse down there, and my heart was a little sad.” Song Qingshu smiled sadly, “After I die, Youyou, if you think of me occasionally in the dead of night, I will be satisfied.” Then he jumped off the edge of the cliff.

Xia Qingqing was completely surprised to see him jumping like this, but there was no panic on her face, instead, there was an incomprehensible feeling, and she stood there, stunned for a while, sighing in her heart, ‘Could it be God’s will?’

When she came to the edge of the cliff, looking at the smoke-filled abyss, Xia Qingqing bit her lips and jumped down.

In the blink of an eye, Xia Qingqing landed on a platform in the mist, and found Song Qingshu standing there with a dazed face. And she asked him with a smile on her face, “Aren’t you happy to be alive?”

“I never imagined that there would be such a platform under just a few feet.” Song Qingshu looked up at the top of the cliff and his voice was filled with emotion. However, he smiled proudly in his heart. Fortunately, he had been to this Golden Serpent Cave before, otherwise he would have been surprised by Xia Qingqing.

“Fool, I’ve never seen you being so obedient, why did you jump without blinking when I asked you to jump off a cliff.” Looking at Song Qingshu, there was an unspeakable look in Xia Qingqing’s eyes.

“Because you asked me to.” Song Qingshu stared at her with a burning passion in his eyes.

Looking at him, Xia Qingqing felt a panic in her heart for a moment, so she turned her head unnaturally, took a deep breath, and calmly said, “Come in with me.”

Kneeling in front of the tomb of the Golden Serpent Gentleman, looking at the inscription on the tombstone “Yuan Chengzhi Xia Qingqing pays their respect”, Xia Qingqing seemed to return to the time when she rebuilt her father’s grave with her Brother Yuan. How happy they were during that time. The only thing she had to worry about was that girl, Ajiu. 

Now that she thought about it, it seemed ridiculous to worry about such matters at the beginning, only after losing her Big Brother Yuan did she know what real pain was.

Seeing Xia Qingqing’s sad expression, Song Qingshu guessed that she must have thought of Yuan Chengzhi again. He smiled bitterly, and looked around at the Golden Serpent Cave.

Revisiting this familiar, Song Qingshu couldn’t help but think of Mu Wanqing, who accompanied him here, wondering how she was doing now.

One was saddened, the other was full of thoughts, and the two fell into silence in a rare tacit understanding.

After coming out of the Golden Serpent Cave, Xia Qingqing gave Song Qingshu a strange look, “Aren’t you wondering who I paid respect to?”

Song Qingshu thought that of course he knew, and replied, “Looking at the handwriting on the tombstone, he should be the Golden Serpent Gentleman, who was a giant in the world of wulin back in the day, but I didn’t expect him to be the father of Miss Youyou.”

Xia Qingqing looked back at the distant mountains and sighed, “In the world of wulin, no matter how high your martial arts are and how famous you are, in the end all you get is a mountain of grief. It has been more than ten years, there are probably not many people who still remember his name. People may know the Golden Serpent King of the present, but who will remember him more than ten years later…”

“At least you will remember, this is enough for him.” Song Qingshu consoled her.

“Yeah, as long as I remember him, it doesn’t matter if the rest don’t remember him.” Xia Qingqing smiled bitterly and said to herself, “No, Ajiu will also definitely remember him…”

The two came all the way to Chaoyang Peak. When they saw Mu Renqing with a head full of silver hair, Xia Qingqing could no longer hold back the grief in her heart.

Mu Renqing quickly helped Xia Qingqing up, and couldn’t help but also burst into tears, “This teacher has also heard about what happened to Chengzhi, that hard-working child.”

“Qingqing came here this time to ask the honored Master for help as the master of Chengzhi.” Xia Qingqing said through gritted teeth, while wiping away her tears.

Mu Renqing hesitated for a moment, and finally sighed, “Alright, this old man is about to die anyway, so I will go to the Capital to see how high Dongfang Bubai’s martial art really is.”

Xia Qingqing was shocked, “Qingqing does not mean that! How dare I ask honores Master take such risk with your own life, even if it is Big Brother Yuan up in the heaven, he would not agree.”

Mu Renqing raised his hand to stop her from continuing, with a faint smile on the corner of his mouth, “You may not know, Qingqing, that boy Chengzhi’s senior brother Gui Xinshu and his wife could not hold back when they heard the news of his murder, and ran directly to Yanjing. Even they didn’t hesitate to take revenge for Chengzhi. As his master, how could I do less than an apprentice?”

Xia Qingqing anxiously persuaded, “Honored Master, please forgive Qingqing’s offense. Master and Big Brother Yuan’s martial arts are about the same. Going to the Capital this time is tantamount to hitting a stone with an egg.”

Mu Renqing smiled and said, “Qingqing, you don’t have to be so modest. Chengzhi had learned all the martial arts this teacher could teach, and he had combined the martial arts of your father, the Golden Serpent Gentleman and also the Iron Sword Sect. If I had a one-on-one contest with Chengzhi, I would definitely lose without a doubt.”

“Then why are you taking risks, honored Master? Qingqing didn’t come here for this…” Xia Qingqing thought that if his Master had any accidents, her Big Brother Yuan would definitely not forgive her.

Mu Renqing looked solemn and looked into the distance with a deep gaze, “There are some things that you need to do even if you know you can’t do it.”

“What Qingqing means to say is that, I want the honored Master to come forward and invite Feng Qingyang, the predecessor of Mount Hua Sect, to come out of his seclusion.” Xia Qingqing was anxious and finally finished her sentence.

“Master Feng?” Mu Renqing was stunned, then looked down at Xia Qingqing, “Qingqing, where did you hear about the Uncle Master?”

Xia Qingqing’s expression turned a little awkward, and she pointed behind her, “That information came from this Qingqing’s friend here.”

It was only then that Mu Renqing noticed Song Qingshu. Seeing his steady posture and even breathing, he recognized this was obviously a master. So he quickly asked, “May I know what the young hero is called? How did you know the news about Uncle Master?”

“This humble one is called Song Qingshu, and I learned the news of Senior Feng only by a mere coincidence.” Song Qingshu said, standing with his hands behind his back, “A few months ago, this Song had the good fortune to spar against Senior Feng in Mount Hua and benefited a lot.” He dared not say that he had made Feng Qingyang so angry that he almost killed him. If he did, Mu Renqing would definitely regard him as a heinous villain.

“Uncle Master is in Mount Hua?” Mu Renqing was stunned. This was a critical time of the Sword-Qi conflict in the Mount Hua Sect, and it was unknown where Feng Qingyang had gone. Since then, there has been no news of the man. Everyone thought that he had passed away, but it seems that he was still here all along.

Suddenly reacting, Mu Renqing stared at Song Qingshu suspiciously, and he asked with a hint of disbelief on his face, “Did Young Master Song just say that you have fought with Uncle Master Feng?”

It was no wonder that he became suspicious, Feng Qingyang was famous as an unparalleled genius sword master even in the past. In his early twenties, he became the well-deserved number one master of the Mount Hua Sect. It has to be said that the Mount Hua Sect back then was not like the withered and fractured sect of today. At that time, the Mount Hua Sect was at its peak, and martial art masters came out in large numbers, and their status in the wulin was almost comparable to that of Shaolin.

Moreover, Feng Qingyang’s reputation was extremely brilliant. At that time, with only one sword, he was really an invincible figure in the wulin. At the age of a mere weak calf, he fought alone against the former leader of the Sun Moon Holy Cult, Ren Woxing. At the same time, he could also create the opportunity to kill the ten elders of the Sun Moon Holy Cult who attacked Mount Hua, thus creating a legend in the wulin.

If he was still alive, his accumulation of internal energy in the past few decades must have entered the realm of transformation, and his knowledge of the sword might have far exceeded the worldly understanding and reached the realm of the demigods.

Such was his Uncle Master, a demigod. And, this Song Qingshu was so young, but he actually said that he had fought with him! So Mu Renqing naturally didn’t believe it.

“Yes I have.” Song Qingshu replied.

“Then allow this old man to see the peerless might of the young hero.” With a sneer, Mu Renqing decided to test him.

Following his movements, Song Qingshu turned slightly to the side and slightly changed the angle of his toes, but Mu Renqing immediately retreated as if he had seen the most terrifying thing.

Staring at the opponent with a dignified expression, Mu Renqing knew that he had been blocked by the opponent in one move just now, and his opponent had a faint intention to fight back. His intuition told him that if he continued to move forward, he would definitely be seriously injured.

“Young Master Song, be prepared.” As he shouted in his heart, Mu Renqing turned his wrist gently, a sword appeared in his hand, and it stabbed forward full of the decades of hard work of his life. His dignified posture was like a mountain. His technique was like a breeze without a trace, unpredictable and swift as it stabbed at Song Qingshu.

Song Qingshu was indeed a little motivated this time. He took a small step back, raised his head, and his eyes fell on the place three inches below Mu Renqing’s left side.

Suddenly, it was as if Mu Renqing saw an illusion, his left flank felt a little hot, and he realized that the other party had already seen through the flaws in his own move, and he would only be asking for a loss by continuing to attack, so he had to withdraw and retreat. He felt his blood rush to his face.

Xia Qingqing saw that Song Qingshu hadn’t attacked yet, and he forced the master to back down while dodging his two powerful attacks. ‘Still slightly inferior to Big Brother Yuan…’

Mu Renqing stared at Song Qingshu for a long time as if he was watching a monster, and finally sighed in defeat, “Young Master Song is still so young, yet his knowledge of swordsmanship has reached such a level, and he could truly be an opponent of Uncle Master Feng. In your movements there are similarities and the same purpose. This old man suspects that the fight between the young hero and Uncle Master Feng was a grand one. I have truly been a frog at the bottom of the well.”

“Senior Mu is too modest, this Song is just relying on his familiarity with the swordsmanship of the Five Sacred Mountains Sword Sects, and I am not really that capable.” Song Qingshu saluted by clasping his fist.

“To be so young, yet not arrogant or impetuous, is rare.” Mu Renqing asked with a smile, “I wonder if Young Master Song knows where Uncle Master Feng is now?”

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