Chapter 99: A pretty boy

Song Qingshu replied respectfully, “The last time this Song and Senior Feng spared was at the Cogitation Cliff at Jade Maiden Peak. It seems that Senior Feng has lived in seclusion on Cogitation Cliff for decades.”

“Cogitation Cliff?” Mu Renqing showed a hesitant look on his face. Cogitation Cliff was under the domain of the Mount Hua Sect’s Qi faction. As the head of the Sword faction, it was not so convenient for him to go there.

After a long time, Mu Renqing sighed, “Forget it, if I can see Uncle Master, then it does not matter if this old man has to visit the Qi faction.”

“If Sect Master Mu finds it inconvenient, we can sneak up to the Cogitation Cliff, the Qi faction is not what it was in the past, and it will be difficult for them to find our traces.” Seeing that Mu Renqing was full of contradictions, Song Qingshu suggested.

Mu Renqing showed a look of hesitation, “We aren’t doing anything shameful, so why do we have to be so sneaky? Qingqing, please follow me to the Jade Maiden Peak to meet the faction head Yue, if Young Master Song is interested, you can come along too. .” After saying that, he waved his sleeves and went straight to the Jade Maiden Peak.

Xia Qingqing turned around and stuck out her tongue at Song Qingshu, and hurriedly ran after Mu Renqing.

“These ancient people are too upright and have a lot of useless tricks.” Song Qingshu was already being very kind, but this guy acted as if they didn’t even need his help, so he was very uncomfortable. Fortunately, after seeing Xia Qingqing acting like a young maiden, he was overjoyed and followed.

After receiving a notification from his disciples, Yue Buqun learned that the head of the Sword faction had come to visit in person. Yue Buqun hurriedly greeted him, but he was in shock, ‘The two factions have not communicated with each other for decades. So why now?’

Song Qingshu saw a person in the middle dressed as a scholar in a green robe, with a long beard under his chin. His face was giving off a righteous aura.

Song Qingshu thought that it was no wonder that this guy was famously nicknamed “Gentleman Sword” in the wulin. He was very good at keeping up appearances.

The group was greeted by the Chongxiao Hall of the Mount Hua Sect. Mu Renqing had not set foot on the Jade Maiden Peak for decades. Looking at the familiar grass and trees along the way, he seemed to have gone in a trance. When Mu Renqing saw the words “Sword Qi Rising to the Sky” on the hanging plaque, he couldn’t control his emotions anymore and tears filled his eyes.

Seeing Mu Renqing’s excited appearance, Yue Buqun also became filled with emotion, and coughed lightly, “May I know what Senior Brother Mu wanted from this Yue…”

Before he finished speaking, Yue Buqun glanced at Song Qingshu in the corner. And, as if he had seen a demon, he pulled out his saber and pointed at Song Qingshu, gritted his teeth and said, “Emperor’s dog, how dare you come here!”

The disciples of the Mount Hua Sect did not know why, but when they saw their master drawing his sword, they also surrounded Song Qingshu in the middle.

“Hey, hey, Sect Leader Yue, I’m not that familiar with you, I’ll sue you for slander if you call me that.” Song Qingshu was depressed by his accusations.

“In the battle of Mount Tai, you, as the Qing court’s dog, forced the Mount Tai Sect to submit to the Qing court, and indirectly killed the leader of the rebel army, the Golden Serpent King…”

“Stop, stop!” Song Qingshu glanced back at Xia Qingqing, saw her expressionless face, and secretly broke into a cold sweat, “On the top of the Jade Emperor Peak, this Song defeated the masters you sent in a fair and honest way, what’s wrong with that? As for the matter of the death of the Golden Serpent King, I had nothing to do with that. Damn, don’t just go putting such a big sh*it pot on me.”

Mu Renqing, who was on the side, thought about Feng Qingyang on the cliff, so he didn’t want to make a mess, and he quickly persuaded, “Sect Leader Yue, Young Master Song has no malicious intent on this visit. This Mu has learned a great secret of the Mount Hua Sect from him. I came here to ask Sect Leader Yue for his cooperation.”

“Oh?” Yue Buqun’s expression turned serious, and he quickly raised his head and instructed his disciples, “You all go out first.”

“Yes!” That group of Mount Hua Sect disciples retreated.

“My presence is not needed here, you guys can talk slowly, I’ll go out to get some fresh air first.” Song Qingshu stood up, stretched, and swaggered out.

Xia Qingqing wanted to stop him, but after hesitating for a moment, she only watched his back disappear at the door.

Walking out of the Chongxiao Hall, Song Qingshu glanced at the disciples of the Sect in the martial arts practice ground, and asked curiously, “Which one of you is Linghu Chong?”

The disciples in the practice ground nervously looked at each other. After a while, a pretty girl stuck her head out and asked, “Why are you looking for Senior Brother?”

This girl had a beautiful face and a pair of black eyes. Song Qingshu smiled slightly, “This must be Miss Yue, this humble one is Linghu Chong’s friend, and I want to have a drink with him.”

“Hmph, stop lying.” Yue Lingshan wrinkled her nose, “You obviously don’t even know what my senior brother looks like, how could you be his friend.”

“Could it be that Miss Yue doesn’t know that there are many ways to bear good will in this world?” Song Qingshu laughed, “I am not only a friend of Linghu Chong, but also know that he is thinking about a certain girl very much.”

Yue Lingshan also knew a thing or two about her elder brother’s intentions. When she heard Song Qingshu say it, she couldn’t help but blush. She was about to refute, but she didn’t know what to say.

“What rude words!” With a cold voice, a young man with pretty eyebrows and handsome looks came out of the crowd, protecting Yue Lingshan behind him.

“Are you a man or a woman?” Song Qingshu stared at him blankly.

The young man hated being seen as a woman the most in his life. He was furious when he heard the words, he drew his sword and stabbed at his opponent, but when the tip of the sword was three inches in front of the opponent, he could no longer move forward.

Song Qingshu’s two fingers shook, and a domineering energy was sent forth. The young man only felt that his hands turned numb, and he could no longer hold the sword in his hand, his body became unstable and fell backwards.

Yue Lingshan hurriedly stepped forward to support him. The group of senior brothers in the crowd looked at Song Qingshu in horror. The martial arts displayed by the other party were far beyond their comprehension.

Looking at the “Mount Hua Lin Pingzhi” engraved on the sword, Song Qingshu was in a trance for a while, then raised his head and looked at Lin Pingzhi again.

When he read the original book, he almost thought that this guy was the protagonist of The Smiling, Proud Wanderer. Although Lin Pingzhi’s face gave him a weak womanly aura, his heart was unusually sturdy. When Song Qingshu was desperate, Lin Pingzhi’s phrase “I would rather be a beggar than a thief” made his blood boil for a long time.

Song Qingshu admired Lin Pingzhi’s style very much, but unfortunately in the original book, he held a deep blood feud, and when he learned that his beloved master had been using him for his family’s Bixie Swordplay Manual. This bright and upright hero turned into a gloomy and treacherous villain.

“You’re Lin Pingzhi? Come with me, I have something to tell you.” Song Qingshu turned around and walked a few steps, noticing that there was no movement behind him, he couldn’t help but snort coldly, “What’s the matter, no courage?”

People in all corners of the world have always coveted the Lin family’s Bixie Swordplay Manual. When he saw Song Qingshu recognize him, he subconsciously took precautions, but when he heard the other party’s taunt, he said with resentment, “Why won’t I dare!” He waved his hand to stop Yue Lingshan who was pulling him back. His footsteps firmly followed behind Song Qingshu.

When the two came to a secluded place, Lin Pingzhi saw that there was no one around, raised his head and said, “What did you want to talk about?”

Song Qingshu turned around and stared at Lin Pingzhi and looked at him carefully. Seeing that the other party was already impatient, he smiled and said, “Young man, I was surprised by your bone structure, you must be a martial arts prodigy. The responsibility of justice and peace in the universe is entrusted upon your shoulders!” (Goblin: The protagonist is being a troll again -_-)

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