Chapter 01: The past and present of Song Qingshu


This is Goblin and I will be translating the novel Flower Stealing Master. This is a novel by the same author as Keyboard Immortal and it’s also the first novel written by him. This is a very good novel and will be a satisfying read especially for those who like Harem, Calm and Intelligent Protagonists, Character Development, Kingdom Building, and all the E*chi stuff that comes along with it.

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Song Qingshu was seething with hatred. 

He was an orphan since he was a child. He worked very hard to survive in the society, and built a big family business at a young age. He entered the upper-class society, and there he met that woman. 

She was beautiful and elegant, and there were many excellent young suitors around her. But Song Qingshu never regarded them as his opponents. Until that man appeared.

The family of that man had a huge background, and he was also handsome and extraordinary. The most important thing of all was that the two of them grew up together. They met each other again more than ten years later, and they were pleasantly surprised to find that the other had grown into such an outstanding character.

The goddess hesitated between the two. In order to bring the beauty back, Song Qingshu meticulously designed a lot of small tricks and coincidences. He constantly won the goddess’s favour, and the balance of victory gradually tilted towards Song Qingshu.

During the whole process, that man just looked at everything indifferently, until finally at a suitable time, he pretended to accidentally reveal everything Song Qingshu had done before.

When the goddess realized that the previous meetings were all scams, she turned away without hesitation. Song Qingshu would never forget the disgusted look in her eyes when she left, and her word before leaving, “No matter how much you do, compared to him you are nothing. “Compared to him you are nothing” These words echoed in his ears for a long time.

That man maintained his gentlemanly demeanor and treated Song Qingshu with courtesy until he married the goddess.

On the second day of marriage, Song Qingshu’s company ushered in a wave of tragic revenge. At that moment, Song Qingshu learned about the power of a really big family, how terrifying a monster was hidden under the water.

Song Qingshu’s company, which he thought would not fall even if Buffett and Soros came to attack in person, fell. Under the attack of that person, the company fell as if snow meeting the scorching sun. Overnight, Song Qingshu turned from a rich man with billions of assets to a pauper with billions of debts.

“How many people can see the true face of these behemoths in this world?” Song Qingshu laughed at himself. All of his property was frozen by the court. He was now homeless, carrying a hip flask, and walking lonely on the dim road. 

Looking up, he thought of the words the goddess spoke at the beginning, and he felt pain again, “You are all born nobles, of course, you don’t need to do anything. If I am not a scheming person, I’m afraid I won’t have the qualifications to even talk to you. Haha… I have grown from a small person at the bottom of the society to a man with a net worth of billions. Can I get the things I want without the means of blood and tears? I am used to schemes and calculations, but in the end, you think that there is a problem with my character?” 

At that moment, Song Qingshu didn’t know why he thought of Duan Yu and Murong Fu. Song Qingshu had always disliked Duan Yu. He didn’t have to do anything all day. He only needed to travel around the mountains to play with his sister. He didn’t need to practice internal arts, but just suck in others’ hard work for a lifetime. Internal force; he didn’t want to learn martial arts, but all kinds of peerless cheats were automatically delivered to his front door; It’s like everything was destined to be his!

On the other hand, Murong Fu was forced to work hard, bearing the hatred of the country and the family. He practiced martial arts diligently since he was a child. He lived for the great cause of restoring the country. He didn’t have the time to take care of his own personal affairs. In the end, his demise was so miserable.

Song Qingshu felt that he was very much like that Murong Fu, and that man was like Duan Yu. That man didn’t have to do anything but wait for his opponent to make a mistake, because he was born with everything. But similar to Murong Fu, Song Qingshu couldn’t do anything, because everything needed to be won by him…

Suddenly, feeling something was wrong, Song Qingshu turned his head, and collided head-on with a large truck. He was directly sent flying. He felt his bones cracking and breaking under the impact. Before he landed, he seemed to hear the driver say “End him!” 

Then Song Qingshu’s consciousness plunged into endless darkness.

Afterward, the traffic police identified the incident as an accident. Song Qingshu was under heavy debt and couldn’t think clearly for a while. He was drunk and ran into the big truck. The driver’s only fault was driving too fast. He was released, after 15 days of detention. Of course, it was impossible for Song Qingshu to know all this.


Pain! Unbearable pain!

Song Qingshu gradually regained his consciousness, he felt as if all the bones in his body seemed to be broken, and he couldn’t even lift a finger. As he thought about the oncoming truck just before losing consciousness, Song Qingshu felt a bone-chilling cold, ‘Could it be that I lived, but now I can only live as paralyzed for the rest of my life?’

However, he quickly calmed down his feelings of agitation and fear. One must know that this billion-dollar debt was nothing foreign to him. He was able to make billions in the past, and he will still be able to make money back in the future. The biggest difference between humans and animals was that they could decide for themselves whether they had been defeated or not.

‘Is this in the hospital?’ Song Qingshu opened his eyes and slowly began to look at his surrounding environment. There was no wind around the green yarn hut, a white candle was flickering on the table in the middle of the room, a graceful woman was sitting there with her back facing him, staring at the darkness in a daze.

The woman’s face couldn’t be seen clearly, but the dim candlelight on her plain black dress was a little scary. Song Qingshu wondered what the hell was going on in this hospital, no one was speaking to him, and they even arranged the ward like a mourning hall. The nurse was sitting there like a ghost. Any timid person would have been scared shi*less!

The woman in the black dress seemed to be thinking about something in her heart and did not notice that the man on the bed had woken up. At this time, a nun knocked on the door and walked in to report, “Master, the Ming Cult representative is seeking an audience.”

The woman in black clothes visibly trembled, but she quickly calmed down, “There is a decorum between men and women. It is inconvenient to see each other at night, let him go back.” The indifference of her tone could hardly conceal the elegance in her voice. It was really pleasant to hear.

At this time, a calm and clear male voice was heard, “I am quite familiar with medical skills, and I am willing to heal young hero Song Qingshu. I have no other intentions.”

Song Qingshu, who has always been very familiar with the plots of Jin Yong’s novels, only felt a chill running down from head to toe. He almost thought that this was the set of a movie then this Ming Cult’s representative appeared. If you connected that with this situation, could it be that he was that person from “The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber”?

That idiotic Song Qingshu?

How scary was this!

His chaotic mind finally cleared after waking up from the previous comatose state. Song Qingshu slowly recalled the details of the car accident, his expression turned ugly realizing that he was dead. But he didn’t know why he was lying here, listening to this bullshit. 

From their conversation, it really seemed that this was the world of “The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber”!

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  1. After reading I became the Second Generation Rich Villian.
    Here I am hoping to find another exciting story.
    Btw thanks for the translation

  2. Yep… people born with gold spoon dont have to do anything and they will be rich… even more so. they can be evil. extremely stupid and borderline retard. the lresident of chile Boric is a god damn imbecile but he got the family background and the support of the communist party to win the presidential elections by cheating, despite being 100% f stupid. same as the president of venezuela maduro and biden from usa… against that kind of power made from generations of corruption. its not possible to win with only personal power…. with their power they can do slander campaign and end you…… sigh… i wish for a world system where evil people can be easely be recognized as evil. i read years back a novel about it. the world got a system interface with levels along with monster invasion and your status page gaiked perks or punishments… blue meaned you were s good person. orange you were a person that while it did evil. it was because of need or it was just not much and you could repent and turn blue…. red status screen was for sinners… all their sins were stated there and for everyone to see.. red status screen was always visible… and almost all politicians and big company entrepenurs got red status. along with the vast mayority of the rich people…. due to this… a huge shift in power happened because people could read all the sins made by the red ststus screen persons. so there was no need for a trial, investigstion… nothing which only leaves punishment…. 80% of the red status screen humans got murdered within a month world wide since you were not punished for killing a red status person… also they couldnt defend themsleves because everyone could read their status… who would defend someone who harmed the lives of millions and caused the indirect deaths of millions? who would trust someone with a red screen?…. wish it would happen. who dares commit heavy sins?

  3. Interesting setting. A young man who wants to be happy, but the people with power don’t allow him to be happy, look down on him, and ultimately kill him. The perfect elements to create a villainous protagonist.

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