Chapter 02: The useless person with broken meridians

In the past, his name matched with Song Qingshu, because of that, he was often ridiculed by his friends, and he also got the nickname “The king of spare tires”. At that time, he was proud and confident. He just laughed at it. He didn’t expect that it might become a reality like this. Song Qingshu, the ‘spare tire’ of that tragedy.

“Come in.” The woman in the black dress was silent for a while and lightly said.

Song Qingshu had already pretty much confirmed that this was the world of “The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber”. No one would be so bored to deliberately set up these scenes to deceive him, the key point was that he clearly remembered that he was dead at that time.

According to their conversation, this was supposed to be the Lion-slaying Assembly at Shaolin. Song Qingshu was seriously injured. Naturally, the woman in the black dress was his nominal wife Zhou Zhiruo.

Song Qingshu subconsciously pretended to remain unconscious. In the original work, the marriage of Song Qingshu and Zhou Zhiruo was in name only and fake. Zhou Zhiruo did not have much affection for Song Qingshu, and after various versions of TV dramas, Song Qingshu was deeply impressed by Zhou Zhiruo’s black heart. If she found out that the real Song Qingshu had been replaced by him, she would definitely not hesitate to send him to the underworld with a “Nine Yin White Bone Claw”.

Song Qingshu has already died once, and he didn’t want to taste that feeling again. Zhang Wuji also walked in at this time, “Song, how is Brother Song’s injury, take me to see him.”

Zhou Zhiruo didn’t look back when she saw him coming in. She just coldly said, “The bones all over his body are shattered, and his injuries are extremely serious. Most people wouldn’t survive. I don’t know if he can survive tonight.”

Song Qingshu listened to her with a bitter smile, “This little girl has no conscience. The original owner of this body is her nominal husband. Now that he is dying. She actually doesn’t care. Does she want to become a pretty widow after his death? And throw herself into Zhang Wuji’s arms again?”

Zhang Wuji said, “You know that my medical skills are not bad, and I am willing to try my best to treat him.”

His words ignited some hope in Song Qingshu’s heart. Zhang Wuji received the true inheritance of the Butterfly Valley’s Medical Immortal, and with his treatment, Song Qingshu could be saved.

Zhou Zhiruo asked: “Why do you want to save him?”

Song Qingshu was stunned after listening to her while lying on his bed, and he secretly pitied the original owner of this body, ‘It seems that you are not that close my friend, and your wife is wishing you to die sooner.’

Zhang Wuji was stunned and said, “I feel sorry for you, and I am extremely ashamed. What’s more, today you were merciful and spared my life. Brother Song was injured, and I will do my best to cure him.”

Zhou Zhiruo faintly said, “You showed mercy first, you think I don’t know that? If you can save Song Qingshu, how should I repay you?”

This situation was not right at all, why are you talking to each other like a couple? How can you ask a man about repayment in such a bitter way, what if the other party wants you to do this and that? 

Song Qingshu seemed to see a green hat flashing on the head of the original owner of this body. Although Zhou Zhirou was not his wife, he was still worried.

Zhang Wuji said, “One life for another, please be merciful to my foster father.” 

Zhang Wuji’s words made Song Qingshu relieved. Fortunately, this guy was emotionally indecisive. If he had a personality like Wei Xiaobao, he just needed to be shameless at this time. Just a little push, and Zhou Zhiruo was sure to give in to him.

Zhou Zhiruo pointed to the inner hall and faintly said, “He is inside.”

Zhang Wuji came to the bed, observed Song Qingshu’s injuries, and said, “Mrs. Song, I may be able to save Brother Song’s life. But, I cannot be too sure before I give it a try.”

As soon as the word “Mrs. Song” came out, Zhang Wuji became much more pleasing to Song Qingshu’s eyes, “If I am cured, I won’t care about the undercurrents between you and Zhou Zhiruo.” Song Qingshu secretly thought in his heart. 

Indeed, the original Song Qingshu had a reason to hate Zhang Wuji, but he only inherited Song Qingshu’s body, there was no need to inherit the hatred in his heart at the same time. As for the unhappiness in his heart from before, it was entirely because Zhou Zhiruo was a recognized beauty in the Wulin, and Song Qingshu wasn’t entirely immune to man’s possessive psychology.

Now Song Qingshu knew that the woman had a problem with her character, he felt it easier to let go. Also, it wasn’t as if she was completely in the wrong. Things like that were inevitable in this society. Unless you were a mediocre second-generation who just wanted to eat and wait for death in his greenhouse, you will always be tainted black by the big dye tank of society.

There was no difference between good people and bad people in the world. The unfortunate thing for bad people was that they let most people see their bad side. Good people, perhaps intentionally or unintentionally, let everyone see only their good side.

Song Qingshu was the former of the tragedy. His dark side was shown to the woman by his rival, so he became a bad person; the dark side of the rival, that woman did not see at all. So even if he was killed by his rival, that woman felt that the rival was a gentleman.

While Song Qingshu was in deep contemplation, Zhang Wuji had already begun to help him connect his bones. It was so painful that he thought he would die, but currently, he still couldn’t be sure about his safety, so he only could pretend to be unconscious instead of crying out in pain.

Zhang Wuji straightened his broken bones, picked out the Black Jade Intermittent Ointment, and used Nine Yang energy to put the power of the medicine into the broken bones in Song Qingshu’s body. After a stick of incense time, he took a long breath and said to Zhou Zhiruo, “Song Brother’s life is no longer in serious danger, it’s just… it’s just…”

Zhou Zhiruo didn’t show a hint of joy on her face, and faintly said, “Just say it…”

“It’s just that Brother Song’s meridians are completely broken, and I’m afraid he won’t be able to practice martial arts again in the future.” Zhang Wuji’s words were like thunderbolts in Song Qingshu’s ears and he was dumbfounded. In the world of Wulin, the meaning of becoming a useless person was self-explanatory.

“You don’t have to blame yourself, it is not easy to save him.” Zhou Zhiruo was still indifferent. But, to Song Qingshu’s ear, it sounded very strange. As if they were husband and wife, and he was just an outsider…uh, he was indeed an outsider.

Then Zhang Wuji was worried that Zhou Zhiruo would not be able to beat Shaolin Battle Formations. He very tactfully spoke about the power of Vajra Evil Subduing Ring, hoping to work with her to break the formation.

Zhou Zhiruo categorically refused, “We used to have a marriage agreement, but my husband is dying at the moment, and I don’t want to damage your reputation. Others might say that I still have my old feelings of love for you. If I invite you to help, everyone in Wulin will talk. I don’t want to bear the reputation of being a shameless and profane woman.”

Zhang Wuji anxiously said, “We only need to have a clear conscience and just ignore whatever people of Wulin, why should we care about their opinion?”

“What if I have a guilty conscience?” Zhou Zhiruo’s rhetorical question filled the room with an ambiguous atmosphere.

Song Qing smiled bitterly and expressed his deep condolences to the original owner of this body, ‘This naked seduction is simply the rebirth of Pan Jinlian and the rebirth of Yan Poxi. Oh, poor brother Qingshu, what kind of sin did your ancestors commit? Don’t tell me that I was reborn after taking this body, now I will have to lose my “wife” in this way.”

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    1. Well… technically he was just courting the girl in his previous world, they weren’t in an official relationship yet. So, it wasn’t an ntr.
      In the case of Zhou Zhirou, she was originally the love interest of Zhao Wuzi, so it natural that she will have feelings for him. But, she still didn’t let him touch herself. So, this isn’t an ntr either.

  2. For those who want to know about the summary of “The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber”:

    Set in the late Yuan dynasty, the story revolves around a pair of mysterious and allegedly unrivaled weapons, the Heaven-Reliant Sword () The origins of this poem are not known at the beginning of the novel.

    The protagonist, Zhang Wuji(张无忌), is of mixed heritage. His father, Zhang Cuishan(张翠山), is an apprentice of Zhang Sanfeng(张三丰, the highly revered leader of the respected Wudang Sect(武当派); his mother, Yin Susu (殷素素, is the daughter of Yin Tianzheng , the chief of the nefarious Heavenly Eagle Cult. He was born on a reclusive arctic volcanic island known as the ice-fire island (冰火岛), where he spent his childhood with only his parents and his godfather Xie Xun (谢逊), aka the Golden Haired Lion King (金毛狮王). When he is about 10 years old, his parents brought him back to the Chinese mainland. They soon find themselves the target of every martial artist in the jianghu world, who all try to coerce them to reveal the whereabouts of Xie Xun, who is in possession of the Dragon Slaying Saber. His parents refuse and commit suicide. At the same time, Zhang Wuji is abducted and wounded by the Xuanming Elders (玄冥二老)’s toxic chill, but he survives after seeking medical treatment from Hu Qingniu, an eccentric physician.

    After ending up in an isolated valley by chance, Zhang Wuji discovers the long-lost Nine Yang Manual (九阳真经), masters the inner energy (内功) skills described in the book, and becomes a formidable martial artist. Later on, he helps to resolve the conflict between the Ming Cult and the six major orthodox sects, which are bent on destroying the cult. He earns the respect of the cult’s members and becomes its leader after mastering the skill ‘Heaven and Earth Great Shift’ (乾坤大挪移). He reforms the cult and helps to improve its relations with other sects. He becomes a key figure in leading the rebel forces to overthrow the Mongol-led Yuan dynasty.

    Throughout his adventures, Zhang Wuji finds himself entangled in a complex web of love relationships with four maidens. The first, Zhu Er (蛛儿), is a horribly disfigured girl who is actually his maternal cousin. The second, Xiaozhao (小昭), is a Chinese-Persian servant girl who understands him very well. The third, Zhou Zhiruo (周芷若), is a childhood friend who previously saved his life when they were young. He develops a strong bond with her. The fourth, Min Min Temur (敏敏特穆尔),known to him as Zhao Min (赵敏), is a Mongol princess (princess Shao Min,绍敏) and his former arch-rival. In the middle of the novel, these four maidens are on an island to find Zhang Wuji’s godfather. One day, when they wake, they find that they have been poisoned and Zhu Er is apparently killed due to her previous injury. The Dragon Slaying Sabre, previously in Xie Xun’s possession, and the Heavenly Sword, previously in Zhao Min’s possession, are missing. Zhao Min and their boat to get back to mainland China are also missing, leading Zhang Wuji to mistakenly perceive that she was the one who had poisoned them, unknowingly killed Zhu Er, and escaped to mainland China alone. Xiaozhao then returns to Persia after it is revealed that she is destined to lead the Persian Ming Cult.

    Zhou Zhiruo soon falls in love with Zhang Wuji, but has to turn against him as she is bound by an oath she made in front of her teacher Miejue, who hates and distrusts Zhang Wuji and anyone related to the Ming Cult. Miejue devises a vicious scheme for Zhou Zhiruo to seize the two weapons by exploiting Zhang Wuji’s love for Zhou. Zhou Zhiruo also turns vicious after Zhang Wuji reneges his promise to marry her and swears vengeance on him. Zhao Min was initially Zhang Wuji’s rival as they were on opposing sides. However, Zhao Min gradually falls in love with Zhang Wuji after their various encounters, and she even turns against her clan to help him.

    At the end of the novel, Zhang Wuji decides to retire from the jianghu after he mistakenly believes that the Ming Cult’s members are plotting to betray him. He decides that Zhao Min is his true love and they leave to lead a reclusive life far away from society. (The second edition of the novel has an ambiguous ending about Zhang Wuji’s relationship with Zhou Zhiruo.) Zhang Wuji gave up an opportunity to become a ruler when the Ming Cult on the verge to overthrew the Yuan dynasty. Ideally, Zhang would have become the new emperor, but instead, the general Zhu Yuanzhang seizes command of Ming Cult’s military and unites most of China’s rebel forces. After capturing the city of Nanjing, he enrobes himself in the Dragon Robe and establishes the Ming dynasty as the Hongwu Emperor. Four years later, the founding emperor’s subordinate, Xu Da, leads an attack on the Yuan capital (present-day Beijing), where the Hongwu Emperor is finally legitimately enthroned under the Mandate of Heaven. The Yuan remnants retreat to the Eurasian Steppe after losing China, where they establish the Northern Yuan dynasty under the leadership of Toghon Temür. The Mongols continue their war with the Ming dynasty, scheme to reconquer China but ultimately failed to overpower the Han Chinese’s now-strengthened forces under the Ming.

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