Chapter 03: Declaration of defending his wife

Fortunately, Zhang Wuji liked Zhao Min more. 

Even the original Song Qingshu had to admit that Zhang Wuji was indeed a gentleman. According to the plot of the original story, the two would quickly regain their senses here, and Zhang Wuji would leave soon.

But what surprised Song Qingshu was that Zhang Wuji sighed and affectionately said, “Zhiruo!”  Taking advantage of Zhou Zhiruo’s shock, he stepped forward and grabbed her waist, bowed his head, and wanted to take her small cherry lips.

Not to mention the still pretending Song Qingshu, even Zhou Zhiruo was shocked, but she quickly reacted, and she broke away from Zhang Wuji’s embrace and hid away.

Fu*k, this script was wrong! 

On the bed, Song Qingshu stared at Zhang Wuji with wide eyes. Did he get drunk and came here to seduce a married woman in the middle of the night? Was this Zhang Wuji still the kind-hearted gentleman in the original book? If he remembered correctly, there was still Princess Shaomin at home waiting for him to go back, but ultimately it depended on Zhang Wuji who he ends up with.

The footsteps of the patrolling disciples came from outside the house, and Zhou Zhiruo was ashamed and angry, “Zhang Wuji! You…you…”  She stuttered for a while, not knowing what to say.

“Zhiruo, you have treated me very well since childhood. How dare I forget your affection for me? If it wasn’t for saving my foster father last time in Haozhou City, you would already be my wife at this moment.” Zhang Wuji sighed as he looked at Zhou Zhiruo with affection.

Zhou Zhiruo was upset for a while, and when she saw him mention the incident at the Haozhou wedding, her heart was full of hatred, “You chose Zhao Min in the presence of all the people of Wulin, and since when did you start caring about my affection? Now you and Zhao Min live together, and I have become Mrs. Song, but now you have come to talk about your old love!”

“This…” Zhang Wuji was shocked all of a sudden, he froze there, lost for words.

Seeing his appearance, Zhou Zhiruo became angry for no reason and raised her voice, “Master Zhang, the two of us are a lone man and married woman. We are here together late at night. It is inevitable that this will provoke discussions. Please stop!”

Zhang Wuji was stunned on the spot and whispered, “About that…I avoided your door guard when I came here. I wanted to talk slowly. I had a lot to say to you.” Then he left.

Seeing Zhang Wuji’s figure disappearing into the dark night, Zhou Zhiruo looked a little confused. She sat on the chair with her mind in a daze, an unknown shyness appeared on her face for a moment, and then a hint of anger rose up again.

Song Qingshu now had the opportunity to look at his cheap and sweet wife. She was as beautiful as an Orchid, elegant and refined. It really condensed the spirit of the Han River and the beauty of Emei, which can be worthy of the evaluation of “clean and elegant, beautiful in appearance” in the original book.

In the previous versions of the TV series “The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber”, the actress who played Zhou Zhiruo were all rare beauties, but the woman in front of him seemed to be a little bit more brilliant, a little more feminine than Gao Yuanyuan, and a little colder than Zhou Haimei. It was no wonder that Song Qingshu in the original book fancied her. But thinking about it, this Zhang Wuji here was still reluctant to give up on Zhao Min, the first beauty of Mongolia.

He thought about the wedding day of these two. When Zhou Zhiruo saw that Zhang Wuji had not come to attend the marriage. In a heartbroken situation, she decided to choose Song Qingshu. The owner of this body had the opportunity to pick Zhou Zhiruo’s red flower. But, the current Song Qingshu, however, was unwilling to take advantage of this out of jealousy. He still had the self-esteem of a man.

“It’s really second-hand stuff!” Song Qing admired her but also gave her his own evaluation with a bit of justified hatred. You must know that when a woman had another man in her heart, and if you want to start again from mutual feelings. That was almost impossible to do. If you really want to dispel the shadow of that man, the best way is to first get her body, then the heart. Only by becoming her first man will you be able to dilute that feeling of nostalgia for the first love in her heart.

“Only being able to watch, not eat, and now the benefit goes to another man. It makes me feel uncomfortable.” Song Qingshu complained to the extreme and secretly said, “I took over your body, I’m extremely sorry, but according to the plot, you would have died anyway. The only compensation I can give is to try my best to protect your sweet wife from being abused by other men and use your name to make it world-renowned…”


In the next few days, the normal plot development of the original work started. Zhou Zhiruo joined hands with Zhang Wuji to break through the King Kong Devil Circle formation of Shaolin Sandu. Zhang Wuji fell into trouble in the middle, experienced a momentary nervous breakdown.

Zhou Zhiruo originally planned to kill Xie Xun before returning to Emei, but Zhang Wuji expressing his affection that night made her temporarily give up on the idea.

After the Lion-slaying Assembly, Zhou Zhiruo was seriously injured and it was inconvenient to go on the road along with the injured Song Qingshu. She stayed at Shaolin Temple and sent most of the disciples back to Emei, leaving only one or two to serve.

Song Qingshu watched all this coldly, he could roughly guess Zhou Zhiruo’s subconscious intentions. However, after that night, Zhang Wuji never came here again. Watching Song Qingshu getting better day by day, Zhou Zhiruo’s expression became a little anxious.

Black Jade Intermittent Ointment was the holy product for bones. In addition, Zhang Wuji used Nine Yang Divine Art to force the medicinal power directly to the bone marrow. Therefore, Song Qingshu could get out of bed and walk in a few days. Except for some weakness, he was no different from ordinary people.

“Zhiruo, why don’t we return to Emei?” Song Qingshu hesitantly asked Zhou Zhiruo.

“There are many dangers along the way, so we will be on the road when you are completely healed.” Zhou Zhiruo’s voice was unfamiliar and cold.

Song Qingshu had been an old player in modern high society and he had long learned to judge the situation and be cheeky. Now he was a useless person, and the vicious image of Zhou Zhiruo in the previous TV series was rooted too deeply in his heart.

Considering that Zhou Zhiruo could send him to see the King of Hades with just a flick of her fingers, all the initiative here lies in her hands for the time being.

‘I’m not so stupid to have a showdown with her now. In case I annoy her, she will definitely kill me heartlessly. Then she can live with Zhang Wuji in private and declare that I was seriously injured and died. Because of Zhou Zhiruo’s appearance as a virtuous wife during this period, no one will doubt her words.’

Thinking of his previous promise to the original owner of this body, Song Qingshu couldn’t help but smile. He had to guard against a thief for a thousand days. Was it really that easy to guard against thieves for a thousand days?

‘If I want to keep Zhou Zhiruo’s purity, then I have to take her purity first, but…’ Seeing that he didn’t even have the power to toss up a chicken now, Song Qingshu let out a bitter smile. He could now be regarded as an earthling with a fighting strength of five. Zhou Zhiruo was simply a super Saiyan in front of him, and pushing her down was definitely impossible.

In the past few days, Song Qingshu had been looking for a topic to chat with Zhou Zhiruo, and her reaction was as always, extremely cold. Only when it came to matters of the martial arts, her reaction became slightly better.

Originally, Song Qingshu was only planning to get acquainted with her, but the two of them hadn’t made any progress in their relationship, but their occasional talk let him unintentionally re-recognize his impression of this world.

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  1. If I were in MC’s shoes, i would definitely leave her. I wouldn’t care about the story plot and I would definitely find other woman to marry. I definitely don’t want to get NTRed like this

  2. Why this jovel started with ntr?, I donno why translator picked this novel. But for me this is just shit novel with bullshit author content. Author try to play with reader emotions. I done, i never like this novel. And mc so dump he lets other men fu*k her wife and then just think the past plot without have afforded to avoid her women get to sleep with other men.

    1. It’s a mystery why you’re getting so worked up. Especially considering that this is NOT NTR, as the female protagonist DOES NOT have physical relationship with anyone. The plot where Zhou Zhirou loves Zhang Wuji comes from the original novel by Jin Yong, where Zhang Wuji is the main character. This novel is about how the protagonist Song Qingshu, who was just a minor character in the original novel stealing the original female characters from the original novel.
      Let me make this clear, in the original novel by Jin Yong, Zhou Zhirou never loved the original Song Qingshu. So, I am really confused why you would think that she will suddenly like him here? In fact it would be strange if she suddenly fell in love with Song Qingshu. That would be real incompetence in part of the author.
      Anyways, you seem like you are frustrated with something in your life. Don’t worry we all are. So you should sit down, calm your mind and eat some ice-cream or something.

  3. Sorry I did not see jin yong novel , should i read it before reading this novel or it doesn’t really matter ?

    who is xie xun ?

    And there is some words I don’t know what it means like emei , will the author clear it later or it’s from the original novel ?

    sorry for any English mistakes

    1. No problems. You don’t need to read any of the Jin Yong’s novels. There’s a FSM wiki on this site, go these and you will be able to find out everything you’re confused about.

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