Chapter 1: Entrance ceremony (Part 1)

When I woke up, the world had changed!

No metaphors or jokes, it literally had changed!

“What is this…”

I was quietly looking at the attendance check window that appeared in front of me, and suddenly my head started to ache like it was going to split!


A wave of information rushes into my head.

‘Ian Clark… age 17, the eldest son of Baron Clark, a freshman at Canopus Academy, today was the entrance ceremony…’

I complained because of the dizziness and nausea caused by the flood of information, and headed to the bathroom as my instinct led me. After I was done vomiting while leaning against the sink, I carefully looked up at the mirror.

“Who is this?”

In the mirror, a handsome gray-haired man stood with a shocked expression on his face.


There was a game called [Project Luna]. 

It was gacha game that did its best to steal the users money.

Ian Clark was an extra in that game.

‘I don’t even remember the guy…’

Hell, if it had been a game that had depth enough to remember even one extra, it wouldn’t have been called a gacha.

I was suffering from an incurable disease, and I was going to die with immense regret. But to think that I would end up possessing a character from a gacha game like this! 

I even wondered if I had gone crazy because of the illness. But this energetic body and vivid reality made me be believe that I wasn’t crazy.

‘And above all…’

[Main Quest occurs!]

[Save the world.]

A square holographic window was floating in front of me. This hologram, which seemed too complicated to be materialized by my brain, dispelled that doubt even further.

Looking at the quest window, I burst into laughter.

“Why should I save it? I am going to die anyway…”

I showed a self-ridiculing smile and got up. Since I was going to die anyway, I had no intention of saving the world.

‘I wish I had a young and healthy body. Then I would be able to live and enjoy the rest of the journey well.’

Tling! Tling!

[Save the world!]

This time an exclamation mark was added. 

I continued to swing my arms to make it disappear, and the details appeared.

[Reward: A healthy body.]

[Death on failure.]

“Ah, are you trying to bribe and threaten me at the same time?”

Did it think that I was a pushover?

It hurt my self-esteem.


In the end, I caved in.

It was worth it to give this thing a try. To be precise, it could grant me a healthy body which I had coveted so much. 

So, from today onwards, I would live as Ian Clark.

I quickly changed my clothes and opened the door.

I found a huge arrow floating in my sight.

[Participate in the Entrance Ceremony (NEW!)]

‘If it’s the entrance ceremony… isn’t that the game prologue?’

As I walked, I thought about the story of the game, [Project Luna]. 

As a mobile game that depended on illustrations, its story was very poor.

Somehow, for some unknown reason, the Demon King was resurrected and threatened to destroy mankind.

The protagonist entered the academy that trained the summoners and eventually defeated the Demon King. 

It was such a boring story.

‘It had a cliche story… so its revenue depended on the gacha aspect.’

With that in mind, I followed the arrow and reached the auditorium. 

I opened the auditorium door and went inside. There were already many other cadets in the auditorium besides me. The fact that their hairs were colorful proved that this world was in the game.

As I was spending my time looking at the different hair colors that hurt my eyes, the lights in the auditorium suddenly went out. After a while, the light at the front of the auditorium lit up, and a woman appeared.

“Everyone please pay attention!”

All the chattering teenagers shut their mouths and looked at the woman. 

The woman nodded as if she liked their behavior, and began to introduce herself.

“I am the principal of the academy. My name is Catherine.”

She was a woman too young to be the principal. Surprised by the fact, the cadets caused a commotion. 

However, this world was a world where summoners were revered, and the fact that a young woman became the principal meant that she was a summoner with a powerful summon.


The principal raised her hand, the pattern on the back of her hand lit up, and then the space behind her was torn apart.


A huge hand protruded out of the torn space. And suddenly, the auditorium was filled with just one giant arm.

The hand must’ve belonged to a gigantic summoned beast that could kill all kinds of monsters by simply squashing them down with its weight. 

The students who saw it started to tremble in dread.

The principal sent her summon back as she didn’t need to show off any more.

“I think this is enough for my introduction. If you have any more questions, please come and visit me in person after the entrance ceremony.”

Having said that, she began to read the script she had brought with her, as if all the pretentiousness was bothering her.

After reading out the words and advice that were commonly said by a principal, and some points to be cautious of as a cadet of the academy, she moved on to the last part of the entrance ceremony.

“From now on, we will take the Oath of Admission.”

The Oath of Admission, one of the events that the users who played this game for the first time praised as a sight to behold. It was also the reason why many users who were angry at the imbalance and lack of ingenuity in the game still continued to play it.

A red-haired girl appeared on the podium. Her fluttering hair was red as if it was dripped in blood.

Upon reaching the podium, she was handed a paper by the principal and began to take the oath.


“I, as a cadet of the Canopus Academy. Will uphold dignity and honor. I swear to dedicate this body for the sake of mankind…”

“The cadet representative, Stella Eritz.”

The entrance ceremony was finished as soon as the Oath of Admission was over. However, just because the entrance ceremony was over didn’t mean that all the events were over.

“Cadets, please follow us.”

The most important event in this world was about to begin!

I followed the instructor while feeling slightly nervous. Following the direction of the instructors, the cadets headed to the temple as a group. 

The temple was a very familiar space for me.

‘How many times did I come here?’

The most important place in the gacha game and in this world, it was the Summoning Temple. One of the few places in the world where one could make connections with the summoned beings. 

Because of this temple, the Academy was the cradle of the continent and the most important place in the Empire.

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