Chapter 1: Entrance ceremony (Part 2)

‘A 3-star summon?’

In order to clear the main quest, Ian had to summon the most outstanding summon from the start. And it wasn’t something he could control.

‘Because gacha is all about luck.’

The teacher, who took the cadets to the temple, checked the names on the list. After confirming that everyone was present, he handed over the list to the priest in the temple.

The priest, who had been handed over the list, bowed lightly and opened his mouth.

“We will hold the summoning ceremony in turn, starting with the student who is called…” The bald priest standing in the front focused his attention as he said that. After preparing for the summoning ceremony, the priest called out the names of the cadets one by one.

“Eisen Dout.”

“Isaac Tasque.”

“Nyx Mondo.”

The cadets proceeded forward as they were called and proceeded with the summoning ceremony. Before the summoning ceremony, the cadets who were called took something out of their pockets.

When Ian saw what they had taken out, he was horrified. What the cadets brought out was a confirmed summon ticket that would allow them to summon a specific summon even if they blindly hit the ceiling with a spear.

‘No, why do you have that?’

Ian wonder if this was actually gacha. He was sure that they’ll all be able to summon a 3-star or even 4-star summons whenever they wanted. But contrary to what he thought, the cadets started praying with the items

in their hands.

“Oh God! Please bless me!”

Saying that, the cadet offered the golden fairy wings. It was a heirloom that guaranteed a 4-star summon. However, the magic circle that devoured the wings and did not respond. Then, as if it was not acceptable, it spit out a 1-star summoned beast.


Something was strange.

“Heirlooms passed down from generation to generation…!”

Another cadet offered a rainbow stone to the magic circle. The magic circle that devoured the heirloom, and once again spit out an insignificant 1-star summoned beast.

‘What is happening…’

It was only then did Ian realized the source of the strangeness. Clearly, the magic circle did not shine golden even though it was a 3-star or 4-star or higher summoning ticket.

When a 3-star or higher pet was summoned, it was the rule of thumb that the magic circle would shine brightly.

‘Is it because it’s the real world… or something else?’

Ian wasn’t sure, so he watched the other cadets’s summoning with a little more attention, but the other cadets were the same. The magic circle didn’t shine when sacrifices are made. After watching it for a while, Ian realized what he had to do.

‘If it’s like this…’

Ian licked his lips. The pleasure and anticipation due to the superiority of knowledge was no joke.

“Next, Stella Eritz.”

At the turn of the cadet representative, everyone’s eyes turned to her. The red-haired girl casually walked forward, as if she wasn’t feeling any pressure.

“Are you ready?”


“Then, the summoning ceremony…”

Unlike others, she reached out her hand lightly towards the magic circle without any heirlooms. And at the same time, the magic circle was dyed with gold light. Seeing this, the priest exclaimed in admiration.

“Oh, this is…! A golden summoning circle that appears only for a few talented people!”

‘They don’t seem to know at all…hahaha!’ 

Stella was one of the main heroines of the game. At the same time, she was a character who competed for ranking in user popularity polls. Obviously, she had a high rank among nobles, so she might have known some

of the secrets of summoning.

Of course, it wasn’t only enough to know the knowledge and you had to have the ability to implement it.

After a while, a fire-breathing spirit appeared from the magic circle dyed with gold. It was the fire spirit, Salamander, a three-star summoned beast, but a sigh flowed out of Ian’s mouth.

“Heh, it’s trash…” Then he screamed ‘Sh*it!’, and covered his mouth. He don’t think anyone would have heard him, but Stella, who was holding the summoning ceremony from afar, turned her head and looked towards him.

‘Did she hear that? It can’t be!’ Ian decided to just avert his gaze and ignore it.

“Next… Ian Clark.”

Ian’s name was called so he quickly moved forward. The priest looks at him and said with a nice smile.

“Are you ready?”


“Are you going to proceed right away?”

Ian carefully looked at the magic circle. Gacha was all about luck after all. There was no law that said that a 3-star rare summon won’t come out just because one was summoned just now.

However, Ian was well aware of the extent of his luck. In a situation where things seemed impossible, did he have leave everything to luck?

‘That’s stupid.’

He smiled and faced the priest, who returned the same benevolent smile.

“I’m not going to do it now.”


For a moment, the inside of the temple fell into silence.


Stella Eritz, was the eldest daughter of the 4th Duke that supported the Empire, and was a summoner who inherited the Fire Spirit Ifrit. For her, life as a cadet was just a time to nurture a bond with Ifrit and get

used to each other.

The summoning ceremony held at the same time as entering the academy didn’t have a significant impact on her life. However, as the eldest daughter of the Eritz family, she could not show her lack of ability, so she followed the knowledge passed down from generation to generation and scattered soul stone powder into the magic circle.

Then, the magic circle was dyed golden, and a three-star summons that no one could draw before among the cadets was summoned.


She didn’t like the fact that it was a summon with a fire attribute that overlapped with the Ifrit she already had, but it could be said that it was a decent 3-stat summon. However, she heard a sigh blew among the cadets who were watching from behind.

“Heh, it’s trash…”

It was a very faint voice that others could not easily hear, but she caught it and turned her head. She didn’t know who said it, but she was sure she heard it. However, the cadets were all focusing their attention on the Salamander she had summoned. When she turned her head again, the priest looked at her with a smile on his face.

“Really, the academy’s brightest.”

“Thank you.”

Casually thanking the priest for his words, she made a contract with the Salamander. After a while, the Salamander pattern was engraved on the back of her hand.

After completing the contract and returning to her seat, she heard the priest immediately call out the next cadet.

“Ian Clark.”

It was a family name that she had never heard of, and there was a high probability that he was the son of a baron or a commoner recruited from the outskirts.

Naturally, she also tried to forget it in her mind.

“I’m not going to do it now.”

The voice she heard matched the voice in her head. The voice she had heard earlier belonged to that man.

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