Chapter 1: If the wicked woman is rude (part 2)

A greeting I had come up with after much thought. Upon hearing it, her reply was a denial that she had spoken out at once without thinking. And then, silence reigned again. While I was contemplating whether to say

more, it was Shael who unexpectedly broke the silence this time.

“It’s not fun.”


Her straightforward words portrayed the image of a wicked woman. Of course, it was still at a bearable level.

Later, she even killed me, her fiancé. Thinking of that, I decided that something had to be done. Now that I was looking at her, she wasn’t even aware my gaze. She kept her frosty expression, but it struck me as sad.

‘If I thing of her end in the novel…’

Maybe this was a chance. My last chance to rehabilitate her, this villainess. If I rehabilitate her, it can prevent all kinds of tragedies, even wars. Above all, in this romance fantasy novel, I was the fiance of a

villainess. Her actions could harm me too. I could either live in seclusion or break off the marriage, but… who could ever live quietly after possessing a character in a novel?

So I made a vow. I will try to change her. I will change her…her evil-deed and her rude mouth. If I build up affection for her little by little and care for her, I’m sure that I will be able to change her.

And then, six months passed.

As I expected, many things had changed.

However, it was me who was changed by her, not her.

* * *

‘What, you’re going to change her by caring for her?’

Say something that makes sense! How much effort did the fiancé had already made in the novel? Her parents, the Duke and Duchess, must have made great efforts for this cause as well. But instead of changing for the better, her words and actions got worse day by day.

“Eran, you look like a squid again today.”

“I see.”

“No, now that I look at you again, even the evaluation of you looking like a squid seems to be an understatement.”

Objectively, my face was very handsome. There were a lot of letters piled up in my room, I mean neatly.

‘I’m going to lose my mind…’

There was no evil without a cause. I often repeated these words in my mind. Then, why was her words and actions getting worse and worse? She was neither abused nor discriminated against. It’s not that she didn’t receive the love of her parents. There was no way that a Duke’s daughter had any financial problems.

‘In that case…’

Maybe all this care, on the contrary, had harmed her. It was only natural that even young children would be scolded if they do something wrong.

But the villainess, Shael Azbel, was not. Let’s think about Shael’s situation. She was the daughter of a Duke. There were very few people who could criticize her personally in the first place. And the Dukal couple? They were pure in heart. The number of times they were angry with Shael in the first place could be counted on one hand.

Her fiance? It was well known that the fiancé before the possession also took care of Shael.

The same goes for the “me” now, even though I’ve heard all sorts of harsh things. And, I can’t even think of any other people. Therefore, no one can scold the wicked Shael Azbel.

In other words, Shael was a girl who had never gotten a proper scolding.

“Ah, the sword you gave me, but it seemed useless to me, so I threw it away on the street.”


She threw away the present on the street. Actions and rude words that should not be done to the person who gave the gift. Even with such actions and words, everyone would only say warm words, far from reprimanding her.

Then what should I do? I came up with a simple solution to this problem. I just need to play that role. It was a solution that could very well get me in trouble. It might be a choice that I would regret. But I couldn’t stand it any longer. Because it reminded me of all the things I’ve been through the few months.

“Your hair is not the same as it used to be. Could it be that you are losing hair?”

Just then, the wicked woman started being rude again. Mentioning “hair loss” is crossing the line. Even if it was true, the cause must be you. I took a deep breath and waited for the time to punish the wicked woman. Soon the opportunity came.

“Are you washing your hair properly?”

“Shut up, you bit*ch.”


Her expression became incredulous at my words. 

‘Yes, it should be like this. Because I’ve been patient every time until now. Yes, I’ve endured it. It was a really tough time. But not from now on…’

“What… what?”

“Stop barking like a dog…” I said. “Could it be that your ears have been blocked? I should be able to dig them out with my skillful swordsmanship.”


She replied with silence. Seeing the wicked woman’s puzzled expression, it seems that all my suffering so far has been compensated.

“What, what!”

“Oh, shut up.”


Rehabilitate the villainess. It’s a vow I had made before. I will reach that difficult goal no matter what!

There is only one way to rehabilitate the wicked woman.

If the wicked woman is being rude, give her a proper scolding!

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  1. “However, it was me who changed her, not her.”
    -It is confusing.
    Either make it “However, it was me who changed by her, not her.”
    or make it “However, it was me who changed, not her.”(just get rid of the extra her.)

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