Chapter 11: My Senior Bought Me Food (part 2)

[To my dear son, Ian,

I have received your letter. In the letter you have asked for a soul stone. Unfortunately, we have no such thing.

Your proud father, 


“This isn’t even funny!”

After I sent the letter to my hometown and read the reply that came a few days later, I burst into laughter. My dear father, can’t you just obtain a soulstone for the sake of you beloved son?

‘I guess we are quite poor.’

Surprisingly, I have been living without a single penny in my pocket ever since I came to this world. Of course, I didn’t starve thanks to all the free services the academy provided for the cadets…but still, that didn’t mean I didn’t need money. 

There were times when I really needed money.


For example…now.

‘I’m hungry.’

The academy provided free meals to the cadets three times a day. The quality was indescribably good, the quantity was plentiful, and you could eat as much as you liked.

However, you couldn’t keep some for later.

And this body of a teenager kept getting hungry even after eating three meals a day!

Even more so during this time of rapid growth.

“I’m sooo hungry…”

As I grabbed my rumbling stomach, I suddenly thought of a solution.

‘Should I go to the library…?’

Dinua must be in the library as usual. And, as a lady from House Erebus, she must have quite a lot of money.

After finishing my calculations, I immediately put on my uniform and left the dormitory. That’s all I could do since I didn’t even have extra clothes.

Had it not been for the fact that the cadets had to wear uniforms inside the academy and that they rarely went out, it would’ve been quite an embarrassing matter.

When I arrived at the library, many cadets were gathering and studying despite it being the weekend. 

When I saw just how serious they were, I wanted to cry out in my heart.

‘What you’re studying is all useless, it’s all wrong knowledge!’

‘Oh, there she is!’

Looking around the library, I found Dinua at a corner. She had fallen into her own world with books piled up in front of her.

Fortunately, there were empty seats around her. Considering that dozens of cadets had gathered due to the exam period, it was fortunate that there were still seats left.

I quickly took a seat next to Dinua and glanced at the book she was reading from the side. 

And of course, it was a romance novel.

Perhaps she felt my spying gaze, Senior Dinua’s movements stopped. Then she cautiously turned her head and met my eyes.


“Hello, Senior.”

“Uh, uh… this… Ian. Hello…?”

“Is that fun?”

“Yes? This? It’s fun. But I don’t think… boys would like it….”

“Oh, so can I read it?”

“You can read…it.”

After getting her permission, I picked up a random book from the books piled up like a mountain next to her. 

It was one of the novels she was reading.

The storyline was generic, with an obvious development. 

The female protagonist was being ignored for no reason, and a handsome and capable male protagonist saved the female protagonist from her solitude. Then, the two fell in love.

Anyways, just because it had a common development didn’t mean it wasn’t fun. Rather, the fact that it was so common could be interpreted as a familiar and interesting.

As I was reading the novel with interest, Dinua, who had stopped reading before I knew it, spoke first.

“Umm…Ian? Did you want something…”

“Ah, Senior. Please wait. Let me just finish reading this first.”

“Ah, yes…”

After telling my fidgeting senior to wait for a while, I finished the novel that had about 30 pages left in an instant and finally made eye contact with her.

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  1. MC is shameless to the extreme. He didn’t even entertain a thought to earn some money but straifgt out decided to take advantage of his recluse senior. He really is a human garbage.

    Thanks for chapter

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