Chapter 11: My Senior Bought Me Food (part 3)

My senior, who had been staring blankly at me for about five minutes, was shocked and moved her face aside when she met my eyes.



“Didn’t you want to ask something?”

“Oh, yes…that…”

Dinua coughed, and cleared her throat, as if she was rehearsing the question she was about to ask.

“Why did you come to the library?”

“Why do people come to the library?”

“To read books…do you like to read?”

“No, I came to see you.”

“Eh, me…?”

Seeing her reacting to the point of being overly surprised at my words, I leaned towards her.

“Yes. Senior, that’s what friends do, right?”

“Yes. We’re friends…that’s right.”

“As a friend, can you listen to one of my requests?”


Gulping, Dinua trembled slightly as she waited for my request. Just from looking at her posture, she seemed to have guessed to some extent about what I was going to ask.

“Senior, please buy me some food!”



It really wasn’t a very difficult request, but Dinua trembled as if she didn’t know what to do.

Maybe she also didn’t have money? 

‘No! It can’t be!’

Fortunately, contrary to my worries, Dinua quickly started organizing the books she was reading.

“Alright, let’s go.”


I quickly followed Dinua, who had finished organized the books, and headed to a restaurant inside the academy.

The cadets cafeteria was closed, but there were other restaurant for cadets inside the academy grounds.

The restaurant we went into was a bit unusual.

“What is this place?”

“Do you hate slime radish?”

“Ugh, I’ll eat whatever you buy.”

‘Did she say slime? I hope I heard wrong.’

But when we went inside and peeked at the food the others were eating, all my fears came true.

‘No, that’s not something that I, as a Kor*an, should fear…’

Even so, that’s a slime, damn it!  

That thing was a monster more famous than any other thing in fantasy genre. It was known for doing some pretty weird stuff in certain types of media.

And I have to eat it?

I could eat grass from the ground, chew on tree barks, swallow seaweed, and even worms from the mountains. But I felt reluctant to eat that slime radish.

But others were eating it quite casually, as if it was a delicacy!

I looked at the people around me with an absurd expression.

“Is this a popular dish?”

“Yes. Very popular…”


“It doesn’t have calories, so you don’t gain weight…”


So it was a diet food, I guess that made sense. 

As soon as I sat down after convincing myself, my Senior immediately finished ordering as if she was used to it.

The waiter who took the order and left, prompting the beginning of a long silence between us. The situation was quickly turning more awkward, so I started the conversation first.

“Senior, the midterm exam is coming soon. Did you prepare well?”

“Huh, yes. How about are you?”

“Me? I am guaranteed to do well! Whose junior do you think I am?”

“Is that so… that’s quite funny.”

Whoops, she burst out laughing at my words. When a beauty smiled from my words, it also made me happy.

As we continued talking like that, the food arrived. 

After reluctantly overcoming the visual and taking a sip, it tasted better than I expected.

‘Not bad.’

Maybe it was because of the fact that it had no calories, it felt like I was eating some kind of spicy jelly due to the fact that it was cooked with a lot of seasoning.

While eating the slime radish, a customer took a seat next to us.

I unknowingly made eye contact with the customer sitting next to me, and the other person also made eye contact with me.


“Oh, it’s Ian!”

Noah, who was about to sit on the opposite seat of Stella, recognized me and greeted me warmly.

But Stella looked at me with cold eyes, without saying a word. 

Suddenly, an awkward silence began to flow between me, Stella and Dinua.

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  1. Casanova caught on three timing. Pity Syrah isn’t there it would turn into bloodbath. What will arrogant asshole do? Stella is also shameless as she doesn’t keep her end of the wager but is trying to backtrack out of it. So only Noah is pure? Or is she another psycho?

    Thanks for chapter

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