Chapter 11: Refining a Lapis Lazuli III (part 2)

As she looked down at the countless people in front of her eyes, a deep smile began to bloom on the lips of Bertina, the Lady of Blue Gold.

‘The power of trust is truly frightening. So many people gathered…’

Trust was was hard thing to earn, but once you earn it, it was a tool that could be used in many ways.

A powerful tool that could help someone, move someone… and even drive someone to death depending on the situation.

As she recalled the results it would soon show, Bertina began to feel a deep sense of excitement.

‘I won’t have to wait for long. With this, the chains of contempt I’ve been receiving will be completely shattered. That woman… like the Rose Empress of the Dragona Empire, I will be able to show off my dignity to the entire continent!’

Bertina enjoyed the pleasant feeling as she thought of the a future that was starting take shape in her grasp.

At that moment, a voice called her from behind.

“Mistress, a guest has requested for a meeting.”

“A guest? Who the hell is it this time…”

The voice announcing the news seemed a bit unfamiliar, but soon she slowly looked back, not paying too much attention to that fact.

Standing there was a man that gave her a sharp impression, a man she had never seen before.

“Who are you?”

“Nice to meet you, Bertina Minerva, the Lady of Blue Gold. My name is Bahamut Fernandez, the owner of the Beden Merchant Company.”

“Bahamut? Right… I’ve heard of that name before…”

Hearing the familiar name, Bertina began to look a bit cautious.

The Beden Merchant Company, which controlled Schwyz, was another central axis of continental trade.

Although its forces were incomparable to the current Uranus Merchant Company, it reigned as the sole commercial giant of an entire region, so she had heard rumors about it to some extent.

After completing her analysis of the other person, Bertina gestured and sent the servants out of the room.

Since the other party was not an insignificant person, she decided that it would be in each other’s interest to prevent the information of this meeting from leaking out.

After the servants left, Bertina looked at Bahamut and continued talking with a light smile on her face.

“You were the one who ended the Evern Merchant Company a while ago. Hearing the story, I was a little amazed. You destroyed that Isolda in an instant?”

“That’s right. So the rumors have already reached this far.”

“Because that child, Isolda, was a talent I had been keeping an eye on. Well… it’s probably irrelevant now that she collapsed like that.”

“Heh… ”

Bahamut smiled lightly at Bertina’s words, and Bertina began to pay close attention to his attitude.

Even though she was clearly superior, this man didn’t show any signs of bending or shrinking even when facing an opponent who was clearly stronger than himself.

And his demeanor was arousing considerable interest in Bertina’s mind.

“Well anyway… there must be a reason why the owner of the Beden Merchant Company came to visit me. Since you are a guest, I will treat you with my own hands.”

“Then I guess I should thank you for your hospitality.”

Bahamut spoke with a sharp mocking voice.

In response, Bertina momentarily felt an inexplicable emotion and asked him.

“What does that mean?”

“You will know what I mean when you see it for yourself.”

With those words, Bahamut took something out of his pocket and threw it in front of Bertina.

A pile of papers fell to the floor.

At first glance, it was a rude act, but the moment she saw what it was, Bertina was automatically forced to kneel on the floor and pick it up.

“What! What.. this.. this.. all.. What? Uh.. how.. how these things..”

Bertina started muttering in a trembling voice, the leisure she had just a moment ago was gone in an instant.

Her blue eyes, akin to a pair of lapis lazuli, began to lose their luster, and her body, which had been firm and unshakable like that of a solid blue jewel, began to tremble without hesitation. (G: The irony here is that lapis lazuli is quite brittle compared to other jewel.)

The bundles of papers scattered in front of her eyes just had that much of a devastating effect.

They had enough deadly power to make even the Lady of Blue Gold, who controlled the commercial power of the Holy Empire feel that way.

And… watching her tremble in fear, Bahamut spoke with a cold tone towards one of the main villainess’s in the novel in front of his eyes.

“You really didn’t think it would be your turn after Isolda, did you? My dear Lapis Lazuli.”

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