Chapter 12: Refining a Lapis Lazuli IV (part 1)

One of the best ways to hunt was to lure the prey with bait.

In this case, it was natural that the higher the quality of the bait, the higher the success rate of hunting.

In that respect, the bait that Bertina came up with was far too perfect.

To the point where it would be considered too wasteful to even use it as bait.

However, despite the enormous value of the bait, Bertina was resolutely prepared to sacrifice it.

The prey that precious bait would lure just had that much of an enormous value. 

A value that had made her completely infatuated. 

Enough to keep her from knowing that she herself was becoming the prey.


“No matter how confident you are, do you really think you have the ability to devour the countless people downstairs all at once? In terms of scale, you’re even worse than that bi*tch Isolda.”

Bahamut spoke lightly while looking at Bertina, who was kneeling in front of him.

However, knowing the terrifying weight of his words, Bertina could only stare up at the man, while her body trembled in dread.

“Investment scheme for Eastern Trade. That alone is certainly not an attractive enough lure. But, the lure of ‘100% success rate’ has a completely different feel. Of course, it’s not unreasonable for people to line up like this. But…”

With those words, Bahamut slowly bent his knees and looked at Bertina.

His face, which had turned expressionless in an instant, seemed akin to a grim reaper looking down to take the soul of a mortal with the swing of a scythe.

“Wasn’t it all a lie? Eastern Trade… you didn’t even intend to start it in the first place. No, to be precise, you had no intention of starting properly.”

“That…that… ”

“The trade goods, and all the things you prepared are just low quality trash that only has a shiny appearance. The merchants will set off on a boat from Benessa and will cross the sea to find a way to the Tarkic Empire. And, the trade goods that will be transported to the Tarkic Empire will all drawn under the sea due to an ‘accident’ that would occur by chance. Thus, this Eastern Trade will fail due to that unexpected accident, and all the investors won’t be able to do anything!”


Bahamut was speaking very slowly, and Bertina was unable to say anything as her expression became even paler.

The fact that all the plans she had made in secret were pouring out of this man’s mouth was terrifying in itself.

In front of Bertina, who was trembling in fear, Bahamut took out the investor recruitment announcement she had spread.

“If you look here… it says that no compensation will be given for any liability in the event of an accident. It’s a very interesting clause. There was no such clause when conducting the previous Eastern Trade. Now that you have no one to challenge you or any rivals, you found it really easy to include something like this, didn’t you? If the small and medium-sized merchants who poured their money into this incident collapsed, this kind of crappy clause will become more and more useful in the future. This… what a frightening thing to do! People say there is no limit to human greed, and it seems that’s really true, doesn’t it?’


To Bertina, the words coming out of Bahamut’s mouth felt like wedges piercing into her heart.

Therefore, while trembling with the terrible feeling of defeat she was feeling for the first time, Bertina asked the man who knew all her plans in a sharp voice.

“You… how… how did you know? All of this… how?”

“Hmm… well? How did I find out? I’m sorry, but I’m not a fan of divulging information…”


Bertina lowered her head at Bahamut’s words.

Watching her taste the humiliation of defeat like that, Bahamut once again began to think of the ‘spoiler’ that only he knew.

The Lady of Blue Gold, Bertina Minerva.

One of the main villainess’ in the novel [Fallen Warrior]. 

She was woman who took control of all the commercial districts of the Holy Empire and wielded the enormous power and money that came out of it to her heart’s content.

She was a character who actually appeared at the first half of the novel. She considered Isaac, the protagonist, as the man who had killed Isolda, whom she had been supporting, as an enemy and continued to attack him.

Eventually, due to the betrayal of her trusted aide, her evil deeds were exposed and she was defeated.

And, the reason why her trusted aide betrayed his mistress… was because of the knowledge that Isaac had come across by chance while he was still in prison due to Isolda’s scheme.

It was the knowledge of a cure for a certain disease, discovered by a doctor who was treated like a madman and was imprisoned along with him.

It was about a rare disease that neither magicians nor priests could cure, and the protagonist, despite being musclebrained, had remembered his words well.

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  1. Meh I don’t mind it being fast paced. Compared to the other “dark” dark ages novels I enjoy this simple softcore novel. Nice place to stop a take a breath and chill

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