Chapter 13: Refining a Lapis Lazuli V (part 1)

It didn’t take long for Bertina to understand what Bahamut’s words meant.

This man in front of her now owned her everything. So, there was nothing strange about her body being included in the list.

“Do I have to say it again? Take off your clothes, lady.”


At Bahamut’s words, Bertina began to take off her clothes with trembling hands.

She started to unbutton the buttons of her gorgeous clothes one by one.

In the past nine years, ever since her husband’s death, she hadn’t done something like this in front of any man, so her face started to burn with shame.

‘I’ve never had the thought that I had to keep my chastity.’

In fact, she tried to find a remarriage partner a few times, but in the end, all of them ended in failure. Simply because there was no man who could satisfy her requirements.

Even so, being threatened to undress like this made her feel unbearably embarrassed.


Her clothes slowly started to slide down from her body as the last button was undone.

Although she was still wearing her underwear, it only covered her most private parts, and facing that reality, Bertina again realized that she was completely defenseless in front of this man.

Meanwhile, seeing Bertina take off her clothes and leaving only her underwear behind, Bahamut’s mouth began to salivate reflexively.

‘Wow… magnificent… so that’s the body of an experienced woman?’

Remembering Isolda, who he thought had a magnificent figure, Bahamut was seized with a dazed feeling for a moment.

Bertina’s brea*sts were so large that he wondered if he could even hold them in his palms. Her light brown are*olas were clearly visible through her underwear, and although there was a little fat in her abdomen, but that rather emphasized her voluptuous figure.

In addition, her butto*cks seemed firm yet elastic, and it left him awed.

He felt a bit bad to draw a comparison, but Bertina’s figure held a different type of allure compared to Ophelia’s perfect symmetry. 

Bahamut started to feel his body heat up.

“Great. Now lie down on the bed.”

“Okey… uh.”

As if embarrassed, Bertina headed towards the bed, while trying to cover her breasts and private parts with her hands.

Watching her lie down with her head slightly turned sideways and as she bit her lip, Bahamut took off his clothes and moved closer to the ripe woman on the bed.

“You are far better than I imagined. How come you still didn’t remarry with a body like this? Men must have lined up to have you.”


Bertina only turned her head in reply and blushed.

Unlike the time with Isolda, who was fiercely resisting, Bahamut grabbed Bertina’s underwear as he looked at her slightly resigned appearance. 



Bahamut’s hand easily peeled off her last piece of clothing.

Right after that, Bahamut reached out and began to touch the are*ola and large nip*les, which were open to behold.

‘It really is magnificent. She’s even more plump than Isolda.’

As he enjoyed  the elasticity, Baramut began to feel his dragon raise its head as he touched mounds that were in the top class in any world.


Bertina began to flinch at Bahamut’s touch, and her breathing was gradually becoming rougher.

Seeing that she was trying to suppress her moans, Bahamut began to feel that his sad*istic nature was beginning to act up.

It’s like, the more she resisted, he wanted to do it even more… 

At the moment, he wanted to destroy her resistance, and ravage her ripe bo*dy.

‘Good. Her personality is the same as I expected… so, should I begin in earnest now?’

Intending to feel a different feeling from what he had felt before with Isolda and Ophelia, Bahamut briefly stopped fondling Bertina’s mounds.

“Ugh… ”

Bertina made a strange expression while watching Bahamut’s hand, which had stopped for a moment.

She didn’t know if she was feeling a sense of relief or regret, but considering what Bahamut said next, it proved to be the latter.

“Hey, if you don’t like it that much, shall we make a bet?”

“A bet? Why…”

Bertina asked in a trembling voice at Bahamut’s sudden proposal.

In response, Bahamut said to her with a bright smile on his lips.

“For the next ten minutes, I’ll do my best to make you c*um. If you don’t even c*um once in between, you will win. We will assume that nothing happened between us and those materials will be cleanly destroyed, including the original. However, if I manage to make you c*um, you will become my faithful segs sla*ve forever. How is it? Would you like to try?”


Bertina, completely surprised at unexpected proposal, suddenly felt a spark of hope burning in her heart.

From her point of view, it was something very foolish, but it also gave her a chance.

She nodded her head without hesitation, considering that she could save her 9 years of efforts by simply holding back from having a cli*max for 10 minute.

“That bet… I’ll take it. Instead, you must keep your promise!”

“Sure. We’ll use this pocket watch to measure the time. Then ready… ”


Goblin: And, it begins…

And, by the way, the woman on the novel cover is Bertina. That’s her official character illustration.

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  1. Wow MC has really big head. His ego is through the roof. Virgin in previous life and in much of this life, with only 2 sex partners, one only 2 times and only one time vaginaly and he didn’t bring Isolda to orgasm, second partner not specified number of times but also small. And MC speaks like a pro player. LOL. With previous partners he didn’t care for their pleasure too. And now he speaks like a wizard in the sheets?
    But what binds Bertina to fellow the sex slave oath? If the eastern trade goes through all the blackmail material is invalid, unless he has dirt on her from orevious cases. Also isn’t MC afraid of her? I think she killer her previous husband so what stops her from killing MC.

    Thanks for chapter

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