Chapter 13: Refining a Lapis Lazuli V (part 2)

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Feeling intense tension from Bahamut’s words, Bertina gulped.

Then, the second hand of the clock reached zero…

“Let’s begin!”

With those words, Bahamut put down his watch and immediately started moving his hands.

And… his hand traveled right at Bertina’s secret garden.

“Ahn.. wait a minute.. that.. there…”

“Why? Didn’t I say that would be doing my best? Of course, if I have to attack, it has to be there!”

Dipping his fingers inside, Bahamut licked his lips.



Bahamut inserted his wet fingers into Bertina’s clam meat.

At the same time, an unexpectedly strong sensation ran through Bertina’s body, but nevertheless she gritted her teeth and began to endure it.

‘I can bear it… I have to endure it!’

A place where no one had touched since her husband died. That precious place was now being stabbed by the man in front of her eyes.

However, it wasn’t just a stabbing.

It was as if he knew all the right spots very well, the spots that triggered her excitement, and she could even feels the sophistication of his hand movements.

‘Kuu… what.. why.. this man… is so good! Ahn… no, if I think like this…’

A pleasure she had never felt during her relationship with her husband began to fill up her mind at a terrifying speed.

Bertina would never admit it, but honestly, she was feeling more pleasure than when she had done the deed with her husband, even though this man was simply playing with his fingers.

‘Ahn.. no.. the stimulation is too strong.. nooo! That… I’m starting to feel strange!’

While only the most sensitive parts were being attacked with precision, Bertina felt jolts of electricity flash past her head, as the extreme pleasure made her almost lose her reason.

‘Ah… no… no! I won’t lose!’

Bertina gritted her teeth and tried to somehow ignore the feeling of Bahamut’s touch.

However, the harder she tried not to feel it, the sharper the sensation of the man’s touch started to become.

The more she tried to push it down, the clearer the touch of Bahamut she started to feel.

However, despite all that, Bertina still endured.

To overcome this situation.

To keep her promise to her husband.

To get her dreams back.



Unfortunately, apart from her strong will, her body… was already starting to react on its own.

‘Oh, no… not yet… not yet… never!’

A sensations blossomed from the depths of her body.

Recognizing that something hot… had began to flow slowly seep down her body, Bertina began to struggle to somehow contain it.

‘Just a little bit… a little bit… if I endure a little bit more…’

While thinking so, Bertina used all her transcendent mental power and held back the nectar that was trying to gush out of her honey hole.

Bertina bit her lips until they bled as she forcibly stopped the cascade of excitement that was about to explode at any moment.

At that moment…

“Cheh… it’s over.”


She finally heard the words she wanted to hear for so long.

Bahamut’s hand, which had been moving with swift motion just before, stopped.

At the same time, a bright smile began to bloom on Bertina’s face.

“I did it… I did it… ahnn!” Bertina screamed with joy.

In that instant, as she felt the light shine again on her life that had fallen into abyss, she began to release all the tension.

‘I won… I overcame it.. it was close, but still… kneuuu!

Right after that, thick love juice began to flow from her clam meat, showering her with a burst of stimulation.

Due to the result of it being forcibly suppressed and then suddenly released, the amount was so large that it wet the sheets.

However, for Bertina, that was fine as well.

As always, she had the final victory in her hands once again.

Because with that, her dream… she would be able to keep her promise.

Then, she suddenly heard his voice…

“I can’t believe that it’s spilling so much.”


Bahamut’s spoke in an amused tone.

His gaze lingered on Bertina’s clam meat, which was still dripping with juice, and she asked him with an expression of disapproval.

“Wh… what… why… do you sound like that? You just said it yourself. I’m sure…”

“Yeah, it means that you lost. Look, it hasn’t even been 10 minutes yet.”


With those words, Bahamut thrust the pocket watch right in front of Bertina’s eyes.

It was about to be 10 minutes… with still more than 1 minute left.

Soon after confirming that, the joy on Bertina’s face faded, and she began to fall to the bottom of an unknown abyss.

“Eh… no way… you… did you… cheat? Gnhh.. how dare you…”

“What? In the first place, the bet depended on this watch, not my words. You can’t just get excited and say things like that.”

“Uh… ah.. ah… aaaaah!!!”

Without even responding to Bahamut’s words, Bertina let out a scream of despair.

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  1. How the hell is MC so experienced now? I can’t believe that at first time he knew all her sensitive spots, he read them in a book? Previously he was only interested in his own pleasure so how come he played her so well?
    Although she could be extra sensitive for not having any experience for the last 9 years. But orgasm is something else than holding back the fluid. And how the hell did she do that? She have really powerfull abdominal muscles?

    Thanks for chapter

    1. bruh, what’s with this overanalysis? xD you decided he only cares about his own pleasure based on what? why do I always find that one commenter who is doing this kind of over hyper rant every novel without any real basis? lol.

      1. Get used to it ????
        As for the previous commenter’s question, how much time has passed since MC got Ophelia? And let’s not forget Isolda. The guy had plenty of time and “research material” to raise his “Rod mastery” skill

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