Chapter 13: Refining a Lapis Lazuli V (part 3)

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Her last chance at freedom was ruined by she herself, and no one else!

She was usually very capable, but in the end, she made a mistake that she would never have made normally.

However, that couldn’t be simply attributed to carelessness.

It was a psychological sense of urgency where everything was at stake.

More than anything else… even if she didn’t want to admit it, now she had to admit it…

The fact that she had been aro*used by this man’s touch brought even greater humiliation and sense of defeat to Bertina’s mind.

And… the shock her mind got from it was more terrible than when Bahamut had thrown the evidence in front of her just before.

Looking at Bertina, who was acting like that, Bahamut showed a cruel smile and said,

“Well then, now that you’ve become my segs sla*ve, shall we begin to enjoy it in earnest, My Lady?”

Bahamut spoke with a smile. While doing so, Bahamut licked the liquid from his fingertips.

‘Well, that was quite fun, wasn’t it?’

Although he did cheat a bit, it was also a fact that when a woman’s geni*tal was stimulated to a certain extent, a small amount of love juice would be secreted to protect the gen*ital before reaching climax.

Depending on the situation, it could be argued that she was already on the edge, and he just gave her a slight push.

And, from the beginning, he had no intention of keeping his promise.

‘In the first place, I knew that I would end up playing around with the bet, but… I didn’t know that the knowledge I learned from hen*tai would be so helpful!’

It was knowledge about women’s erog*enous zones that people in this world didn’t know about— the clit*oris and the G-spot. 

As a result of attacking Bertina based on the biological knowledge he knew so well, he successfully finished the job without any major complications.

‘In addition, it was worthwhile to practice beforehand with Isolda and Ophelia.’

‘Anyway… shall I enjoy ordering her around for a bit?’’

With that thought in mind, Bahamut’s gaze turned to Bertina, who was making a blank expression.

She had fallen into a terrible despair as her last hope had been turned to dust.

The sensation of soaring for a moment and then falling down a cliff was so painful that it made her feel nauseated.

And, seeing Bertina like that, her ‘master’ had the urge to take away everything from her.

Bahamut Fernandez sat down in a chair with an arrogant attitude and spoke.

“Now then… first of all, in order to change the atmosphere a little, let’s see how skillful our sla*ve lady is.”

“My.. skills? What do you mean?”

“It’s nothing difficult, just do what you’ve always done alone in front of me since your husband died. Even if you are the Lady of Blue Gold, wouldn’t you have to comfort yourself when you’re alone?”

“Uh…how can I do that…”

“Go on. As your Master, I am ordering you. Would it be proper for a famous merchant to openly violate the contract?”


Although Bertina felt repulsed by Bahamut’s words, she had no choice but to follow his command and take action.

She had such thing as the right to refuse from the start, and even more so now that the seal of segs sla*ve was now firmly stamped on her body.

Bertina, slowly laid down on the bed, with her back slightly bent, she folded her legs and lifted her waist up in a manner that showed off her clam meat.

It was an obscene appearance, but it was a comfortable and familiar posture for her.

She though it would be much better to quickly end it this way than to make the humiliation last longer by being in a more awkward posture.

‘This much… is nothing… I’ll just imagine that this man is not in front of me…’

So, somehow trying not to be conscious of Bahamut, Bertina began slowly insert her fingers into her clam meat like the usual.


The place was already drenched as a result of Bahamut’s caresses.

Rubbing her pink petals with her fingers, Bertina slowly began to raise her excitement in a familiar way.

Soon a tingling sensation began to rise up in her brain.

However, it was a distinctly different feeling than usual. 

It was something that she couldn’t control.

No matter how much she tried not to be conscious of it, in front of her, that man was still staring at her with an interested look…

“Hah…ah…ahn… ”

Bertina’s breathing became increasingly rough.

She didn’t know if it was because she had reached the peak once before, or if it was because of the fact that she was doing it in front of that man, but she was feeling it more than usual.

‘Ahn… it can’t be… like this… I can’t feel like this… ahn… that… but…’

Unknowingly, Bertina began to rub her stiff mound with her other hand, while digging through her clam meat even faster.

All the shameful feelings were swept away by the surging waves of pleasure, and she simply began to surrender to the current passion.

And finally…

‘Ah… it’s coming out… it’s coming out! Knnhhh! Hhnnn!’

At the same time as the excitement reached a critical point, juice began to ooze out of Bertina’s clam meat.


A familiar yet alien pleasure began to intensely entwine her body, and Bertina let out a moan without realizing it.


After reaching the cli*max once again, Bertina struggled to breathe.

Then, along with the sound of applause, she heard the man’s voice in her ears.

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