Chapter 13: Refining a Lapis Lazuli V (part 4)

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“You’ve done really well. You pretend to be proper, but in reality, you must have been very lonely? I really didn’t think you could make it this exciting.”

“Ah… no… that… that’s… not…”

Bertina averted her gaze, feeling even more intense shame at Bahamut’s words. Her face was flushed red from an act she had never done even before her husband.


“What are you so shy about?


At those words, Bertina turned her gaze to Bahamut without realizing it.

There… a huge weapon she had never witnessed before was in full display.

‘What… what.. is that? No way… is that… a man’s thing?’

Bertina began to feel goosebumps as she watched Bahamut’s gigantic spear, which was far superior to the one belonging to her husband in her memory.

‘He… he’s going to put something like that in me?’

With that thought in mind, Bertina began to move further into the bed without realizing it.

Of course, it wasn’t a situation where she could escape, but her mind was weakened quite a lot by the previous humiliating acts, and the instinctive fear paralyzed her reason.

And… watching Bertina trying to escape like that, Bahamut let out a light laugh.

“You’re a woman who has experience and strong but*tocks, don’t you? So don’t act so timid and just accept it.”

With those words, Bahamut started to approach Bertina, and Bertina tried to get out of bed.

At the moment. she was thinking that if she could call the people outside, she would somehow be able to get some help.



Bahamut grabbed Bertina’s wrist, then he started whispering in her ear in a calm voice from behind her back.

“Give it up, because I already my subordinates to get rid of the people nearby before I came here. Ah… we have to perform an important business meeting, so I asked them to leave us alone for about 2 hours. More than anything, it was you who sent those people out in the first place, right? As you always do when meeting with guests.”


For a moment, Bertina began to feel regret for having acted that way out of habit.

At the same time, she felt even more fearful towards this man, who had already figured out and planned things to such minute detail. It gave her goosebumps!


She suddenly felt something hot touch the entrance of her secret cave.

Feeling visceral fear at this, Bertina hurriedly began to shout.

“No! Wait a minute.. Mnuh… it’s impossible! I… really… really, that’s too much! Something that big can’t… ack! Noooh!”

The next moment, a terrifying sensation penetrated her from behind and overwhelmed Bertina’s thoughts.

Once inside, Bahamut started to slowly move his waist, while embracing the alluring woman from behind.

At the same time, a sensation that seemed to reach the inside of her wo*mb began to wash over Bertina.

“Mnoo… take it out! Ahn… ahh… ahnh! Stop!!!”

Bertina let out a distorted scream.

A terrifying heat that seemed like it would tear her whole body apart began to mercilessly pierce her secret sanctuary.

‘It hurts!… it hurts! I feel like I’m going to die! I’m going to be torn… I’m going to be torn to death! Ahn… but… but…’

She was feeling an intense pain that shook her mind. But at the same time, she began to feel something else.

It was a feeling that she had forgotten for a long time.

A feeling she hadn’t tasted since her husband’s death nine years ago.

And, it was a feeling that she longed for all along…

‘Ahnn… no way… I shouldn’t feel this… this… I was barely holding it down… I thought I’d completely forgotten…’

She was screaming wildly, but at the same time, her heart was constantly shaking.

The one desire that she had been trying to bury until now.

It was now… crawling out from deep inside her.

In order to maintain the image of the Lady of Blue Gold.

A door that was tightly locked so as not to be swayed by anything or anyone.

It waa a door she thought would never open again. And, now that lock had been destroyed, and the door was being opened.

All because of the thing that had entered her body.

Because of that huge spear that was still ravaging her secret sanctuary.

However, Bertina still refused to admit defeat even though that door was forcibly breaking and cracking.

She was desperately trying to keep the door from opening.

‘Ahhhnnnng! That… that can’t be… no… uh… I… I’m… Bertina… The Lady of Blue Gold! I can’t be swayed by these things… I can’t have my mind surrendered to this person who is not even my husband!’

While exerting the very last of her will, Bertina gritted her teeth and tried to endure this situation.

At that moment…

“Hey Lady don’t be too conceited. How many times have you cu*m already?”

“Ehh… ah… ahhn… ”

She heard the voice of Bahamut behind her.

The moment she heard his words, Bertina began to recognize a fact that she had been forcibly ignoring from before.

It was her clam meat, which was already out of her control and madly gushing with her love juice.

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