Chapter 14: Refining a Lapis Lazuli VI (part 1)

The moment of boiling passion had passed.

At the moment, Bahamut and Bertina were fully clothed and were facing each other again.

Although Bertina still felt her body tremble because the ecstasy she had experienced the moment before was so strong, she was sufficiently capable of controlling the current level of sensation.

‘I’ll be experiencing that again soon anyway… but that’s something to think about later. Now that the situation has turned to this, it’ll at least let the others survive…’

Bertina usually regarded the people woking under her only as tools for achieving success.

Although she didn’t show it on the surface, that was her true intentions. And in fact, those who had become useless to her would quietly be purged without any mercy.

However… after losing everything she had, she felt a bit different.

No matter how much she though of them as tools, it was true that she had some attachment to them.

With that thought in mind, Bertina watched Bahamut as he slowly took out documents from his bag.

“Okay then, sign here. It doesn’t really matter if you read the contents, as you should be aware that you have no right to refuse, right?”

“Yes. I know..”

Despite that, in order to find even a little room for negotiation, Bertina began to carefully read through the documents prepared by Bahamut.

And then…

“What is…this… this is…”

“Why? Do you not like the conditions?”

“Ah… no… not like that…”

Feeling bewildered, Bertina examined the contents of the document once more.

However, no matter how many times she read it, the content contained in it remained the same.

‘No… it can’t be… there must be a trap… somewhere else, that much should be obvious…’

Bertina hurriedly rummaged through all the other documents and checked the contents again and again.

However… no matter how much she searched, she couldn’t find anything regarding what she was had been expecting to see— the statement about completely purging Bertina and abolishing the Uranus Merchant Company.

‘Why? He is the winner. He has the right to take everything. If he did that, the Beden Merchant Company would be able to cover the entire Holy Empire. By the way…’

Some of the statements she had expected were also included.

Uranus Merchant Company’s leash would be held in Beden Merchant Company’s hands, and Bahamut would be able to take full control if necessary.

In addition, it was written that Bertina would become Bahamut subordinate— a sla*ve to be exact.

However, this contract would be known only to the parties that were present and would remain a secret.

From the point of view of those who didn’t know the inside story, not much would change on the surface.

The Uranus Merchant Company would still belong to Bertina, and operate autonomously under Bertina’s command.

 In the eyes of others, they were only forming an alliance with the Beden Merchant Company.

Of course, in reality, she was being held on a leash, but at least that would be the case on the outside.

Once the contract was complete, the Uranus Merchant Company side would of course have to give up some gains. 

Bertina would have to hand over the stakes in some of the businesses that were specified, and she had to step back in case of a conflict with the Beden Merchant Company.

However… the Uranus Merchant Company and Bertina would still be able to survive as the Empire’s largest commercial giant.

Despite being put on a leash, her limbs were left unharmed.

It was an overly lenient treatment, considering the situation they were in.

‘No way… did this man make a mistake? No… it can’t be! He’s the kind of person who would make a thorough preparation and would never mess up at the end. If so… why the hell did he…’

Bertina thought that he would take the entire Uranus Merchant Company, and she would lose all her rights and become his sla*ve, unable to do anything except lick Bahamut’s feet.

After the excessively generous treatment given to her, Bertina began to carefully examine the man in front of her eyes.


“Yes? What?”

“Why did you… show mercy to the Uranus Merchant Company to this extent?” She asked.  “Wouldn’t you be able to swallow everything whole?”

“Hmm… well? Why would I do that?”

Bahamut showed a smile and replied with a question, 

Feeling that the calm she had maintained until now was breaking for the first time, Bertina spoke in a strong tone,  “Tell me. Even though I’ve become a sla*ve, I must hear the reason!”

Bertina raised her voice for the first time in a while.

In response, Bahamut showed a slightly serious expression and spoke in a calm tone.

“Haah… well… there are several reasons, but… um… yes… if I have to say… I just don’t want to start another commercial war… is that enough?”


The moment Bertina heard those words, a certain thought flashed across her mind.

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  1. So MC has a magic di*ck? One penetration and villianess submits? Funy in real life men are the ones that are stupid, easy to manipulate, can’t keep their mouth shut and easy to implant suggestion in after the orgasm. That is why gestapo ran brot*hels for nazi officials and Mosad and Soviet trains female agents as honey traps.
    Still can’t believe how easily MC let Lapis go.
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