Chapter 14: Refining a Lapis Lazuli VI (part 2)

If the Beden Merchant Company swallowed the Uranus Merchant Company now, they would surely be able to hold an enormous power in their hands.

However, unlike before, it would also make the Beden Merchant Company the focus of attention from all over the continent, and this was highly likely to cause a bloody battle with the existing forces, just as

the Uranus Merchant Company did in the past.

If it were up to Bertina, even if such a situation came up, she would’ve been willing to draw her sword and go to war, but the man named Bahamut didn’t seem to like it.

‘Well… each person’s personality is different… there are people like me who take pleasure in fighting and defeating opponents, but there may be others who don’t…’

Bertina herself acknowledged that she was more aggressive than others.

In the first place, many problems would arise if he tried to deal with the current situation aggressively, and tried to swallow the prey all at once, so it would be wise to find other ways to solve this situation peacefully with time, causing as little ripples as possible.

‘If he is a person that hates that kind of complications, I think understand the reasons behind his actions… and about leaving me in the position of power… maybe there is a meaning behind it. It’s as if he’s saying— try it again if you dare. I will let you taste the same humiliation if that happens…’

Of course, their deal would give Bahamut more convenience in management for now, but on the other hand, it was also a dangerous act, as he was keeping the enemy’s leader alive.

But… just before, she had been trampled on both physically and mentally so thoroughly that Bertina had given up on any thoughts about retaliation. She was convinced of Bahamut’s confidence and judged that the man actually had the ability to end her.

And, after coming to that conclusion, Bertina had to revise her evaluation of the man named Bahamut in front of her once more.

‘He’s a scary person. He doesn’t like to use a knife himself, but he’s someone who can hold another person in his grasp more firmly than anyone else…’

As she thought about that, she broke out into a cold sweat, and at the same time, a light smile began to form on Bertina’s lips.

It wasn’t simply because of the consolation of having been able to preserve the substance without losing everything.

‘Of all the people I’ve ever met… has there ever been a man like this?’

In terms of strategy, mentality, and physical prowess, Bahamut was a great man who had succeeded in thoroughly dominating her.

Recognizing that fact, Bertina stared the ‘master’ in front of her with shining eyes.

‘Maybe… this will be quite fun… becoming this man’s underling… no, becoming his sla*ve.’

On the other hand, Bahamut, the object of Bertina’s admiration, secretly released a sigh of relief.

‘Haa… I’m glad. It’s a simple reason, but I think she’s convinced.’

Somehow, he felt that her eyes were shining a little more than before, but Bahamut was relieved by the fact that he was able to give an appropriately decent answer to Bertina’s question.

In Bertina’s eyes, Bahamut had enough strength to win, but he was a lofty wolf who simply didn’t like fighting.

However, the reality was a little different from her thoughts.

The reason why Bahamut chose to go with preserving Bertina’s power and profiting moderately, was simply because he didn’t have the confidence to digest the colossal Uranus Merchant Company.

‘Right now, even just managing one Schwyz is eating up my morning time. There is no way I want to manage the entire Holy Empire! Absolutely not! I don’t have much free time and there are many places I want to visit. I don’t want to be a workaholic, sitting at a desk and being overworked all day.’

Moreover, it was also uncertain whether the members of the Uranus Merchant Company would follow Bahamut’s words well, and if something like the Second Commercial War broke out in the middle of it, it was obvious that it would be the beginning of a real living hell from then on! 

So from Bahamut’s point of view, this was the best option. .

Of course, if the merger of the Uranus Merchant Company was completely successful, his influence and power would increase. He would become the sole owner of a giant Merchant Company that controlled both the Holy Empire and Schwitz, the center of continental trade. His prestige would have made the entire continent tremble.

However, in the first place, the reason why Bahamut was working so hard to reach the top was to secure a safe zone by making a lot of money and building a solid network based on it. So he didn’t want to become the public enemy of merchants from all the countries.

Considering the future, it was necessary to secure enough power, but there was also no need to go through unnecessary hardships by overdoing the expansion of power, and making it more conspicuous.

‘My goal is to safely suck the honey, so this much is enough. With this incident, the Uranus Merchant Company will be able to bring in quite a bit of profit, so that alone is already a hit. I also have a leash on it, so I can use it whenever I want.’

Of course, there was a risk that the Uranus Merchant Company could stab him in the back in the future. But, it was impossible for the current Bahamut to make preparations up to that point in advance. 

‘I have no choice but to deal with it, if that happens. Well… considering what will happen in the future, I don’t think Bertina can afford to do that, but…’

Bahamut would be making enough money anyway, so he came up with a simple solution about the matter to the extent that it would be good enough.

What he didn’t realize that, how highly Bertina would value him because of that.

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