Chapter 15: Isolda Evergarden I (part 1)

Bahamut’s mansion located in Schwyz.

At the moment, Bahamut was reviewing business reports as usual.

“It is said that the Eastern Trade procession of the Uranus Merchant Company has departed today.”

“Okay, the item check went well, right? It doesn’t look like she’s doing something suspicious…”

“Of course. We have sent people we trust to be incharge of the review, so you can rest assured.”

“Then I’m glad.”

After Bahamut subdued Bertina, Eastern Trade proceeded as it was previously announced.

However, this time it was done in a very normal way, not according to the fraudulent scheme aiming for the downfall of the small and medium-sized merchant companies, which was Bertina’s original goal. As a result, the Uranus Merchant Company’s success rate in Eastern Trade continued to maintain its 100% success rate.

‘Even in the subsequent developments in the novel, the Uranus Merchant Company never failed. I’ve already subdued the person who has the ability to do that, so I’ll have someone useful in the future.’

Above all, Bertina, who would became a complete villainess and would run wild with a taste for power, was put on a leash, so he was now much less concerned about her. Moreover, with the 30% share obtained from Bertina, in addition to the 7% share of profits originally secured by trickery, Bahamut’s Beden Merchant Company’s share in the trade was now at 37%!

Even though he had to run around a lot in order to prepare in advance, Bahamut could now live comfortably for a few days.

‘All the hard work I had to do was well worth it.’ Bahamut thought in his heart as he stretched his tired body.

Ashbel, who made a fuss for a while after hearing the inside story from Bahamut, had now calmed down.

Now that the situation had stabilized again, Bahamut was now free to put his attention was on another place.

‘Well then… let’s get things done, shall we go see her today?’

With that thought in mind, Bahamut finished his work and slowly rose from his seat.

It had nothing to do with his survival plan, but Bahamut wanted to visit the woman on whom he could unleash his twisted desires to his heart’s content.


“Hello. How have you been? I heard that you didn’t skip meals these days and eat well.”


The dungeon was a little more organized than before.

Inside her cell, Isolda answered in a meek voice as she saw the ‘bas*tard’ that appeared in front of her eyes.

The present Isolda had let go of her useless pride after seeing the threshold of death. Her spirit had weakened a lot, and she finally had to admit that there was no way she could do anything about her current situation, so she had no choice but to keep quiet for now.

‘Yes for now.’

Bahamut, on the other hand, talked happily with a smile on his lips,

“How are you living these days? Are you okay?”

“I’m alright… and I’m thankful for your consideration… more than the first time…”

“Oh? If that’s the case, then I’m glad.”

After that, Bahamut lightly clapped his hands.

Immediately after that, Isolda smelled a sweet, delicious smell that she hadn’t smelled in a long time.

“What is this?”

To answer her question, a servant entered the room.

Her hands were full of utensils and food, and she slowly began setting them out on a shabby table in the dungeon.

“Well, it’s been quite a while since we last met, so I wanted to have a meal together.”

The food was served in front of Isolda and Bahamut.

Although it wasn’t a lot, it was still considered no different from a delicacy to Isolda, who had been living on dry, twisted bread or crushed fruit.

“Come on, let me hear it. This award will be given to those who doesn’t complain about food and listens well.”

While the servant finished bringing the food and stood in the back, Bahamut spoke in a joyful voice.

“Thanks…” After answering this in a low voice, Isolda picked up the tableware and began to frantically eat the food.

Isolda, cut meat with the sharp knife and picked it up with a the fork.

Although she has been living like a beggar for the past few months, the basic etiquette was still ingrained in her body.

But… even at the moment when she was putting the food in her mouth, Isolda was having a completely different thought in her mind.

‘As expected… he has started to slowly lose interest…’

In the past, Bahamut used to trample on Isolda’s body several times a day, but suddenly one day, the frequency gradually lowered by a lot.

She didn’t know what the reason was, but from Isolda’s point of view, it was rather a good thing.

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