Chapter 15: Isolda Evergarden I (part 2)

The fact that Bahamut’s interest had moved away from her meant that his wariness toward her had also decreases.

But, that also wasn’t exactly a good thing.

If this man completely forgot about her, then she would be completely cut off from the outside world and would be unable to do anything.

So, before that happened, Isolda was constantly racking her brain to figure out a way… a way to get out of this place.

Even though she had lost all her property, her subordinates were scattered, and she was in a situation where she could expect nothing… nevertheless, Isolda had one thing left, that gave her hope.

If played well… it was a trump card that could turn this situation around.

‘But… for that, I have to get out of here first. Anyway…’

As she was thinking about that, a method suddenly came into her mind.

‘I don’t know if it will go well or not, but at this point, Bahamut’s visits have decreased quite a lot these days. I will take action when it’s the right time.’

Isolda put the last piece of meat in her mouth while thinking about the things she had prepared in her head.

After the meal was over, and after cleaning up the remaining tableware, Isolda slowly got up from her seat and emotionlessly laid her body on the bed… as she usually did.

She was consistent in doing that to avoid giving the impression that something had changed.

She had heard stories of those who sometimes flirted in situations like this in order to cause their opponents to loosen their guard.

However, Isolda judged that it was just a baseless story from the fictions of the commoners.

The opponent who had been rebellious suddenly starts to act submissive?

If it was Isolda, she would immediately raise her guard against them and investigate whether they were plotting something.

The best way to not arouse the opponent’s suspicion was to be consistent in behavior and attitude.

If you act like that, they would stop paying attention to details, thinking that today was no different than the usual. So, they would let you be.

And, seeing Isolda act the way she usually did, Bahamut, slowly began to approach her, as he usually did.

It was time to humiliate her and at the same time, satisfy his lu*st.



Ophelia let out a small, tired sigh and slowly lay down on the bed.

Beside her, as always, was her beloved Lord.

Although it wasn’t always possible for them to make love every day because of his busy schedule, but her kind Lord made sure take time to express his feelings at least once a week.

But… today, and yesterday and the day before yesterday… was a little different from usual, as her Lord had visited her in three consecutive days.

However, Ophelia had no complaints about that.

“Thank you, Lord.”

“Yes? For what?”

“For loving me like this. This Ophelia is delighted. To be able to receive the Lords favor so often…”

“Hahahaha… is that so? Well… honestly, thinking about the intention, I feel a bit guilty… but I’m also worried that I’m giving you too much trouble.”

Bahamut looked a bit embarrassed at Ophelia’s words.

Ophelia lightly kissed her Lord’s face and then said with a red face.

“It’s okay. Whatever the reason, I was able to be with my beloved Lord due to it, so I’m happy.”

“Haa… I’m… I’m really worried about what would have happened if you hadn’t met me.”

“Ophelia thinks so too. If I hadn’t met Lord Bahamut… I wouldn’t have been able to be this happy, right?”

“No… I don’t mean that… umm… haah… well… that’s right.”

With those words, Bahamut stroked Ophelia’s hair.

In response, Ophelia leaned on her Lord’s side and began to drown herself in his warmth.

At same time, when Bahamut was having a sweet time with the woman he loved.

Elsewhere in the mansion…

A very small incident was taking place.


A chilly smile began to bloom on a woman’s lips along with the cold metallic sound.

She slowly opened the door, feeling joy and a burning desire for revenge.

As expected, there were no guards there.

It was natural, as only the Lord was allowed access to this particular sla*ve.

Appreciating that fact, she… Isolda Evergarden tightly held the fork she had used to open the door in her hand and began to move swiftly and stealthily.

‘Just wait and see. I will definitely tear you to pieces, Bahamut!’

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