Chapter 16: Isolda Evergarden II (part 1)

“Ugh! Uhm! Uhm! Ugh!”

Breathing tiredly, Isolda moved forward through the bush.

Dense branches of shrubs mercilessly scratched her rags-clad body, and the sharp rocks and pebbles gave the soles of her feet a tearing pain with every step she took.

However… even in such pain, Isolda’s heart was filled with excitement and joy.

‘I did it! Finally… I finally escaped from the hands of that son of a bit*ch!’

At the moment, ignoring the pain that was enough to make her scream, she was only feeling happy from the fact that she was finally free from Bahamut’s clutches.

‘Good. Now I first have to my abandoned house in the northwest of the city. I hid an emergency fund there just in case, so all I have to do is leave the city. After that..’

As she recalled the plans she had designed many times while rolling at the bottom of that hell, Isolda succeeded in completely escaping the direct territory of the Beden Merchant Company.



“Yes, the servant who brought her meals discovered it. She said that woman has disappeared.”


At Ashbel’s words, Bahamut slowly nodded.

Although she was a person with a lot of accumulated resentment, there was very little possibility that she’d be able to do something to Bahamut right away even if she escaped.

Some of her forces were absorbed in the Beden Merchant Company, and some were scattered everywhere, so it was absolutely impossible for even Isolda to resurrect the Evern Merchant Company.

From Bahamut’s point of view, if he had to consider the loss from this incident, it would be the fact that the toy he had been playing with had disappeared.

In any case, the slave was gone.

Ashbel spoke to Bahamut a little urgently.

“Then we will immediately release the people and find her. It’s only been a day, so she probably wouldn’t have gone far.”

“Oh… well, I guess we’ll have to look for her… go ahead.”

“Yes, Lord.”

As soon as he got Bahamut’s permission, Ashbel immediately took action.

However, regarding this matter, Bahamut honestly thought that the possibility of finding her was very high.

‘There’s no way that cunning bit*ch would have escaped without a proper plan. She must have made some plans of her own.’

While thinking about that, a cold smile slowly began to form on Bahamut’s lips.


“I found it! Now all I need to do is…”

A deep smile began to form on Isolda’s lips as she looked at the sack of gold coins in front of her eyes.

Although her hands were all bloody from digging the hardened dirt floor with her bare hands. To the current her, that kind of pain was nothing.

‘With this, I’ve prepared my travel expenses, so I have to leave this place…’

With that thought in mind, Isolda put the sack of gold coins in her arms and left the place.

In a little while, Bahamut would find out that she had escaped.

In fact, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that this place was under his rule, so she had to get out of here as quickly as possible, so she urgently called out to the carriage in sight.

“Where do you want to go?”

“Go west to Munic.”

“Munic? Hey lady, you do know how far that place is from here, right?”

“I’ll pay you enough! So shut up and quickly leave!”

Isolda held out two gold coins and spoke in an annoyed voice.

In response, the coachman stopped what he wanted to say and started driving the carriage with her on board.

‘She looks like a beggar but giving out gold coins… what a strange person.’

With that thought in mind, without paying any further attention, the coachman picked up some speed and headed east towards Munik, the capital of the Holy Empire.

The carriage left the urban area of Schwyz and entered the mountain road.

Recognizing that the buildings outside the window had completely disappeared, Isolda was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief.

‘It’s okay… I’m safe now. Bahamut, you son of a bit*ch. You’ll never catch me now! I’m going to go to Munik and rest for a few days, then I’ll be on the road again. As long as I go to that person, even that repulsive Bahamut can’t lay a finger on me no matter how much he tries. I’m going to grow my power under that person… and I’ll definitely get my revenge someday…’

Isolda was looking forward to a brilliant leap forward that would unfold in the future, and she was burning with a desire for vengeance.

However, as she though about it, she began to feel that her mind was becoming hazy.

It was natural. Right after her escape last night, until the sun was up, she had been running around without resting or eating for even a moment.

As soon as her tension was released, fatigue naturally began to pour in, and she began to fall into a deep sleep.

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 16: Isolda Evergarden II (part 1)”

  1. So she is stupid enough to show gold to random coachman, while dressed in rags? Without guards? And going on a long journey? Is she a suecidal type of person. Too stupid to live? And ach the irony! Her mentor and the person Isolda thinks will protect her is a slave of MC. A lot more loyal slave than Isolda.

    Pity this novel keep skipping ero scenes. Only one scene per girl? Seriously?

    1. Well, what do you expect her to do after all that mental suffering. It’s quite shocking that she can do this much.
      And, as I’ve said in the very first chapter, this novel has two main focus, ero and character development.
      That’s why certain ero scenes will be skipped. And, the author has a clear favourite when it comes to ero scenes, Bertina, the one who is on the cover of the novel.
      She’s also my favourite, so I won’t complain.

  2. lol “that person” rip I remember MC’s “slave” saying she was using her for awhile xd
    Hmm “MIKSS” comment about her being stupid to travel with gold in rags but clearly she’d easily be found in the MC’s territory so she has to leave fast. The coins are also in a bag so coachman doesn’t know.

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