Chapter 16: Isolda Evergarden II (part 2)


“So, we couldn’t catch her after all?”

“I’m sorry, Lord. I will gladly take responsibility and accept any punishment.”

“No, no, why would I punish you? It’s not easy to find someone in this big city anyway, so I didn’t expect much.”

Ashbel sincerely apologized, and demanded punishment. However, Bahamut waved his hand and refused.

“Aside from that, it’s been more than a day since she escaped, and unless Isolda is an idiot, she’d probably have gotten out of the city long ago.”

“Umm… that’s true as well, but…”

“Anyway, let’s stop talking about that nasty woman. How did my request go?”

“Ah… yes. They accepted without hesitation. We should receive the news any time now, but I think we should probably be able to leave around next week.”

“Alright. You’ve worked hard, so go take a rest.”

“Yes, Lord.”

Feeling bitter over the fact that he had failed in his mission, Ashbel returned to his work, and right after Ashbel left, Bahamut slowly rose from his seat.

“Now then. Should I move on to the next one? Well, unlike before, this time there won’t be much pressure.”



Isolda woke up from a sudden shake.

It was natural for the carriage to shake as it was going through a rough mountain road, but the moment, Isolda began to feel that something was going wrong.

“What… what is it? Why are you going so fast?”

The carriage was shaking wildly as if it had gone out of control.

Feeling alarmed, Isolda hurriedly opened the front door and asked the coachman.

“What’s the matter?”

“Kuh… it’s awful! Bandits! They are bandits! They are chasing us… keoukh!!!”

The next moment, the body of the coachman, who was driving the carriage in a hurry, was hit by an arrow that suddenly flew in and he rolled off the carriage.


As soon as the driver disappears, the horses lost control and began to run wild. Seeing that, Isolda’s face instantly began to turn pale in fear.

“Da*mn it!”

It’s only a matter of time before I get caught!

Even if that wasn’t the case, Isolda’s life would be over if the carriage crashed somewhere due to the runaway horses.

Recognizing that she had no choice, she came out and sat in the driver’s seat.

“Nothing is certain! I have to try!”

Isolda wielded the whip and tried to control the horses by any means.

Fortunately, she had quite a lot of experience riding horses, so she managed to calm the horses down and the carriage started heading straight.


“Catch it!”

“We have a prey after so long! Don’t let it get away!”

Along with the shouts of the bandits, arrows flew in.

Judging by the sound, it seemed that they had almost caught up, and Isolda could tell that they were getting closer and closer.

‘I’ll get caught at this rate. After all, the wagon is too slow! Then…’

It was a fairly risky method, but recognizing that it was her only way out, Isolda picked up the small hand axe that was hanging on one side of the coachman’s seat.

Isolda knew what it was for.


So she swung the axe and cut off the saddle connected to the carriage.

At the same time, the horses were freed from the heavy wagon as they started madly galloping ahead, and Isolda managed jump on one of them.

‘I did it! I just have to leave the mountain road and enter a village…’

The bandits who were chasing behind surrounded the carriage and no longer pursued.

 Inwardly feeling relieved, Isolda began to smile as she held on to the horse. 

At that moment…


Isolda was suddenly overwhelmed with tremendous pain.

An arrow had hit her back!


Due to the unexpected pain, Isolda felt like she was going to lose her consciousness.

‘No… I can’t… I can’t die here!’

Isolda struggled to maintain her consciousness no matter what.

But… despite her efforts, her eyelids felt too heavy and her arms were slowly losing their strength.

‘I don’t want to die… I don’t want to die!’

At the end of that thought, Isolda completely lost consciousness.

Even after that, the horse that was carrying her completely disappeared from the bandit’s sight, and it continued to run aimlessly along the mountain road.

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  1. I thougth MC was more possesive? Loosing such a nice body. Disappointing. Even if Isolda survives she would have a scar. Boo.

    Thanks for chapter

      1. Yeah I know that she is running away to her old mentor, who aleeady is MC willing s*x slave (I don’t remember cover girl name). But will Isolda survive arrow in the back? The bandits can try to pursue her, the people who help cure her may take advantage of her. And so on

        1. Bro chill she was only a slave to him he doesn’t really care weather she becomes someone elses slave or plaything. He just randomly decided “oh if shes gonna be sold anyways why not have a taste first” so he really doesn’t care

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