Chapter 17: Isolda Evergarden III (part 1)

“Ugh… ”

Feeling a rattling shock and a burning pain, Isolda slowly opened her eyes.

A moment later, she began to wonder if she might be back to that dungeon again, but fortunately that didn’t  seem to be the case, judging from the thin sunlight streaming in from the hole on the upper part of her face.

‘Where is this? That’s right… I’m sure I was hit by an arrow…’

With that thought in mind, Isolda struggled to get up.


The next moment, she felt a throbbing pain from her back.

Fortunately, it didn’t seem like a deep wound, but it was still causing her a considerable amount of pain.

However, recognizing the fact that she couldn’t be distracted by the pain in the current situation, the first thing she did was to look through her belongings.

Then, she was able to see the shiny gold coins peaking through the pouch. At that, Isolda let out a sigh of relief and was finally able to relax.

‘Thank god. No one took it. But… where the hell is this place?’

Isolda slowly looked around as she forced her body to move despite being in pain.

The place looked like a small and shabby carriage.

From the sight of large chunks of ore and food bags around, Isolda was able to roughly figure out who the owner of this carriage was.

‘This person is also a merchant.’

The products themselves were of a modest level, but they were definitely worthwhile as products that could bring profit.

Looking around for a moment, Isolda began quickly to get a good grasp of the situation.

‘Judging from the traces of coal dust piled up on the floor, it is highly likely that it’s a person who buys ore directly from the mine and sells it to towns or cities. The types of ore are iron and copper. There seems to be no trace of handling precious metals such as gold or silver.’

In just a few seconds, Isolda succeeded in accurately analyzing the main products being loaded onto this carriage and even some information about the vendor.

Even though she fell into ruin, it wasn’t too difficult for her as a merchant to understand the situation.

‘But… the merchant didn’t take the gold coin pouch while they saved me… is it because they simply couldn’t find it? But that shouldn’t be the case…’

Isolda was a person who had always thought of her own gain as her top priority.

From her point of view, she couldn’t understand the actions of the other person who pulled out the arrow stuck in her back and treated the wound, but didn’t take the pouch of gold coins she found in the process.

‘I don’t know what kind of person they are, but I think it will be very difficult for them to succeed in the future. For a profit-seeking merchant to ignore a chance to make a fortune… they made a foolish choice.’

If it was Isolda, she would have killed the other person without hesitation immediately after finding the gold coins, or she would have left them alone while taking only the gold coin and run away.

However, it was thanks to the other person not doing such a thing that she was able to continue breathing like this. It was the complete opposite of Isolda’s view of life, who only considered her gains in every situation.

Then, Isolda carefully poked her head out to the coachman’s seat in front of her, thinking about checking the person’s face.

“Oh, you are awake!”

The next moment, all she found was a young girl driving the carriage.

She seemed to be in her mid-teens. Her face was ordinary, not particularly pretty, and the clothes she was wearing didn’t look very expensive.

“Uh… yes… first of all… thank you. Did you save me?”

“Yes, I happened to find you collapsed on the roadside while driving the carriage. I’m really glad the wound wasn’t deep.”

A girl smiled brightly as she spoke.

Looking at her, Isolda cautiously looked around, slightly doubting whether this naive looking girl would be able to properly serve as a merchant in the future.

There seemed to be no one else around except for her.

There were no other carriages or adults accompanying them, only this little carriage and the girl driving it.

But, although no one else was around, there was one peculiarity about this merchant’s procession.

There were three dogs, almost the size of wolves, moving together as if they were escorting the carriage. They seemed powerful enough to bite and even kill a person if they were provoked, or attacked.

Looking at them, Isolda slowly nodded, realizing that the girl was still paying attention to her safety.

‘Is that why she is able to travel around this area alone? In other words, from a merchant’s point of view, these dogs could be compared to adventurers who protects her.’

In fact, Isolda had heard several stories of poor merchants without money learning a certain degree of martial arts or carrying out trade while protecting themselves with animals like this.

Isolda remained silent while appreciating the situation around her.

“I… but… who are you? You don’t look like a simple tourist…”

“Ah… my name is Isol… Mmm… Mmm… you can call me Isera. I was originally a merchant like you, but I was attacked by bandits while on the road…’

She still didn’t know who this girl was, and above all, this place was not that far away from Schwyz’s influence. So in response, Isolda introduced herself with an appropriate alias.

“Oh, I see. Miss Isera… so that is what happened…”

At Isolda’s words, the girl nodded as if she understood.

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  1. So Isolda is already thinking how to take advantage of this naive merchant girl? Nice that author shows how people keep orojecting their way of thinking. That if they think that way everybody else thinks that way but they are more stupid in it. The same with goals etc.

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