Chapter 17: Isolda Evergarden III (part 2)

She, too, was familiar with the story of the bandits nestled in the mountains.

The reason she traveled with dogs like this was to prepare for that. So, it wasn’t difficult for her to understand what had happened to this woman named Isera, who had been shot by the bandits’ arrows.

When the girl understood her situation in her own way, Isolda carefully asked.

“Come to think of it… where are you going? If I’m right, it looks like we’re going to Sellenberg, judging from the iron ore you’re carrying…”

“Eh! Uh… how did you know?”

“Of course, that’s the best place to sell iron ore in the surrounding area. Maybe it’s gotten busier since they finished expanding the forge a year ago?”

“Ah… yes, on top of that, I heard that there are more unusual rumors going around these days, so I have more work to do. From what I’ve heard, it seems like the lords are buying irons in large orders as well.”

“I see…”

At the girl’s words, Isolda suddenly remembered a fact she had forgotten for a while, and a slight frown appeared in her face.

‘Certainly… there were many such signs right before I got into trouble. I guess I’ll have to wait and see how it goes, but…’

While thinking about that, Isolda first looked at the girl who had saved her life and asked.

“Come to think of it, I haven’t heard your name. What is your name?”

“Ah… my name is Yuria. Yuria Sweets. As you might’ve guessed, I work as a merchant and sell iron ore.”

“I see… Yuria. Then, will you let me accompany you to Sellenberg? I will give you an appropriate reward when we arrive.”

“Ah… there is no need for a reward! You’re suffering a lot because you’ve been attacked by bandits, right? My mother told me that at times like this, we should help each other.”


Looking at the girl who refused to take the reward, Isolda sighed once more at her naivete.

‘Merchants shouldn’t have compassion… I guess she didn’t learn that people are mere pawns in front of money. Her parents taught her the wrong way.’

With that thought in mind, Isolda went inside the carriage and lay down to ease the still throbbing pain.



The size of the city was not that large considering that it belonged to a baronial territory, but as one of the passages between the Holy Empire and Schwyz, there were quite a few people passing through this place. 

Moreover, it also had a reputation as a place where many blacksmiths lived in the past.

Kang! Kang! Kang!

The blaring sounds of metal hitting metal could be heard even from the roadside.

In addition, the smell of iron and fire wafting through the city would hit one’s nose the moment one entered the city, clearly showing what kind of place it was.

Arriving in Sellenberg, Yuria and Isolda immediately went to the trading post where iron ores were being purchased.

‘It’s gotten quite serious… the price of iron ore is skyrocketing beyond imagination.’

Isolda thought as she looked at the Iron ore prices displayed throughout the trading post.

Looking at the prices that had jumped nearly twice the amount of what Isolda originally knew, she could roughly guess which direction the continent’s situation was going.

Steel produced from iron ore was not simply used to make agricultural tools.

No, in fact, if asked to name the most basic use of steel, most would give the same answer— weapons!

Iron ore was the most basic yet essential resource for making swords, spears, and most other weapons.

Now that that its price had skyrocketed, it meant that war was imminent in neighboring countries.

‘At this moment, the price of iron ore is literally the same as gold. If she does well, this girl will make some good money today.’

With that thought in mind, Isolda leaned against the carriage and watched, as this girl named Yuria proceeded with the transaction.

“Eh… hey… so… I brought 10 crates, and each one costs 200 silver coins…”

“That makes it 2000. Are you going to make the deal?”

“Ah… I know, but wait a minute…”


Asolda felt a bit frustrated as she watched the girl fidgeting as she calculated.

As a merchant, it seems that she wasn’t yet accustomed to counting.

However, as she continued to look at her, Isolda suddenly began to think of one thing.

‘But, well… come to think of it, I was also like that when I was younger. The days when I was calculating prices with my fingers…’

At that time, she was studying to become a merchant under the strict education of her parents.

In the process, she was taught not only to simply acquire knowledge at home, but also to purchase goods directly from the store and make a profit.

At first, of course, she made a lot of mistakes, and there were times when she was punished because she lost money by miscalculating.

But Isolda didn’t particularly resent her parents for that.

It was because she had undergone such rigorous training that she was able to grow as a confident merchant.

‘Even though it’s all in ruins now.’

While watching the transaction between Yuria and the buyer, Isolda suddenly discovered something interesting.

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