Chapter 18: No Such Thing (part 1)

Hearing the Principal’s words, I tilted my head and asked, “The academy’s warehouse?”

“Yes, a warehouse.”

‘Warehouse, what’s that?’

It was a feature that wasn’t in the game, so I tilted my head in confusion.

And as if she understood my thoughts, Stella started explaining with a mocking expression on her face.

“It’s the place where the legacy of great heroes, and undisclosed heirlooms are stored. In simple words, it’s like a treasure trove…”

Then she looked at the Principal in confusion, as if she couldn’t believe that I was allowed to enter such a place.

“Principal, can I ask why?”

“It’s request from Miss Noah.”

“…Noah’s request?”


Hearing that it was Noah’s request, Stella, who about to throw another tantrum, pauses for a moment.

“Miss Noah has already been attacked twice. This is a part her compensation.”

“…is that so?”

“There were some who said that it wasn’t necessary because she is a commoner, but as an educator, I can’t ignore it.”

“Well done. If you hadn’t given Noah any compensation, I would have asked the academy to take action as the lady of House Eritz.” Stella put her hand on her chest and proudly declared.

The Principal saw that and looked at me with a bitter smile, “And Miss Noah said she couldn’t accept this.”

“Why?” I asked.

“It was you, Cadet Ian, who saved her both times. So she wanted you to be rewarded as well.”

And after Principal Catherine finished speaking, she slowly lowered her head. Her thin black hair ran down her shoulder.

“Thank you so much, Cadet Ian. Thanks to you, the academy was able to avoid casualties.”

“Noah would have been fine…even without me.”

“She may have. But that doesn’t diminish the value of your good deeds.” She said so and bowed her head again. 

‘Noah, this girl…’

I might have saved her twice, but she was giving me something really precious in return. 

‘This is an event reward that wasn’t even in the game!’

If [Project Luna] could be as generous as this, it would have been a huge hit amongst all the gacha enthusiasts.

‘Maybe I can get another heirloom…’

I would have to go inside to know more about the legacy, but the fact that there were heirlooms alone had a lot of meaning. I had been in a state where I had enough soul power to conduct another summoning ceremony for quite some time.

If I had an heirloom, I would immediately be able to summon another summoned being, and since I had the knowledge to find out what kind of being the heirloom belonged to, it would be the suitable for my current requirements.

‘I got lucky.’

I was looking forward to the day when I would be able to loot that treasure trove.

* * *

After the conversation with the Principal was over and we decided to open the warehouse next time, Stella and I left the Principal’s office.

More accurately, we were kicked out.

“It’s not proper to stay in the Principal’s office at this hour…just go back and practice.” The Principal said with a calm face.

“And Miss Stella? You are penalized for using summoned beasts on campus. I’ll submit it to the faculty later.”

In additions, Stella received a demerit point for the stunt she pulled today.

“Hey, but I thought it was a real emergency…” Stella said in her defense.

“Take responsibility for your actions, like a true aristocrat.”

‘Like a true aristocrat’—it was something Stella couldn’t ignore as the lady of House Eritz. So she graciously accepted the demerit points.

On the way back, I looked at Stella and asked, “What happens when you accumulate demerit points?”

“…don’t you know? Your conduct score will go down.”

“Is that reflected in your grades?”

“Of course.”

In addition, she warned me that the accumulation of demerit points could result in minor punishments such as cleaning classrooms and toilets, and in severe cases, suspension or expulsion.

Anyways, I didn’t know about that.

So I thought of myself, ‘I’ve been absent from Oliver’s class almost 90% of the time. I fought one-on-one with him at the training ground and even beat up his summon. Will he give me demerit points?’

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