Chapter 17: Personality Theory (part 3)

Thapp! Thapp! Thapp!

The sound of the Salamander walking echoed in all directions.

It was really early in the morning, and the sound caused many of the cadets to come out of their room, but after seeing Stella’s angry face and her two summons, they quietly retreated into their rooms. 

Soon, we arrived in front of the Principal’s office.

At the time the sun was just starting to rise, and it was the weekend. I never thought the Principal would be awake at this hour, but…

“Principal! I’m coming in!”

“Is it Miss Stella? Wait a minute…!”

“Sorry! This is urgent!”


When Stella forcefully opened the door, I saw Catherine in her underwear and hastily dressed in a suit.

Bound by the Salamander, I could see the scene in detail…and my teenage body reacted to such a sight.

“Soh, sorry!”

And, seeing the Principal in underwear, Stella immediately closed the door again. 

Then she slowly looked back at me, “Did you…see?”


“Ahhhh! What should I do! What do I do with this! you! Spy! You’re a spy, right! Yes, that’s right!”

This girl just forced a classmate to look at the Principal’s underwear.

And, as her false charges continued to increase by the second, the Principal, who had changed her clothes, called us in.

“Hmmm, come in…”

As if not to repeat the same mistake, Stella poked her head in and checked the inside. After confirming that it was safe, she then took me inside.

* * *

Silence reigned inside the Principal’s office. 

Stella bowed her head as if she was sorry and didn’t say anything, and the Principal, who was likewise

embarrassed by the earlier event kept her mouth shut.

“…Miss Stella.”

“Yes, yes…!”

“Next time, no matter how urgent it is, get permission and then come in.”

“Yesss, I’m sorry…”

After the apology, Catherine looked at me tied to the Salamander and asked, “So, why is Cadet Ian bound like that?”

“Principal, please listen. Ian must be a spy of the demons!”

“Heh, why do you think so?”

“Yes, because he knew that the demons had appeared, and he doesn’t have an excuse.”

Catherine looked at me curiously and asked, “Cadet Ian, is that really true?”

“She’s nuts.”

“Is that so. Now, first of all, please release him.”

“Principal!? He needs to be properly interrogated!”

However, the Principal just casually shook her head and looked at Stella.

“Do you remember what attribute his summons is?”

“…eh? I don’t remember.”

And, of course, she didn’t even remember. 

Anna was a Holy attribute summon, the Paladin of Salvation.

She was a saint loved by god, and the being who once saved the country.

“When I asked him, he said that his summons came out and told him that demons had appeared.”

“…o you think that is possible?”

“Then, is that impossible? Can’t your summon also do that?”

When the Principal said that, Stella fell into silence, realizing that she had made a mistake.

She then looked at me with an accusing gaze, as if she was blaming me for not telling her that beforehand.

‘You should have given me a chance to talk. Who in their right mind wakes up a sleeping person and immediately starts interrogating them?’

The Principal burst into laughter as he looked at Stella. She even cooked up a nonsensical theory to support me.

“Looking at you, I am reminded of the Summoner’s Personality Theory.”

“The Summoner’s…Personality Theory?”

‘That’s another bullsh*t heory, where the hell did she get that?’ As I was thinking about it, the Principal began to explain the theory.

“For example, from generation to generation, the House Eritz had maintained their contract with Ifrit, the great spirit of fire, and you summoned the Salamander, right?”


“Then you must have a fiery personality.”

“Fiery personality…huh?”

“Like just now, there are times when you don’t stop to think and just act, like a burning fire. And other times you become like a gentle bonfire. So basically, you have a personality that resembles fire. Isn’t that right?”

‘Oh…that seems very… plausible?’

After listening to the Principal’s explanation, I realized that what she was talking about was surprisingly plausible.

Stella was a tsundere who doesn’t easily accept others, and sometimes, she tends to  hurt those who are close to her, but sometimes she is very warm to others as well.

“Yeah, that’s right, then Ian…”

“Cadet Ian’s summon is holy attribute. It’s basically harmless, and even if it seems strange, he always has good intentions.”

“…that sounds possible.”

And Stella, who seemingly believed it, sent back her summoned beings.

After returning Salamander and Ifrit, she looked out the window in the distance, her face turing red in embarrassment.

When the Principal saw it, she asked Stella.

“Miss Stella, don’t you have something to say?”

“…I am sorry.”

“Your voice is so low that I can’t hear it.”

“… sorry!” Stella blushed and apologized to me. 

Waking up in the morning was a bit irritating, but I received an apology. So I smiled and reached out my hand.

“What?” Stella was confused.

“We shake hands after an apology. You didn’t know?”


So I grabbed and shook Stella’s soft hand. 

Catherine looked at it and smiled contentedly, then she said to me,

“I was going to tell you later, but it wouldn’t hurt to tell you now that this has happened.”


“Cadet Ian, I will give you the right to enter the academy’s warehouse.”

She said something that was completely out of my expectations.

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