Chapter 17: Personality Theory (part 2)

“She got injured.” I began.

“What! How? And, why didn’t you tell me?”

“Do you realize how loose your mouth is? You’d be running around the academy barking like a dog the moment you heard it. That would cause a massive panic among the cadets.”

“You! You…a friend is injured and hospitalized, but you don’t care?”

“I do care. But when did you two become so close?”

She was the lady of the House Eritz and Noah was a simple commoner, so it was quite unusual that Stella had considered Noah as a friend.

Anyways, I continued to explain what had happened yesterday.

“Do you remember that time when we went on a date?”

“Ehh, a date? When did we do that…!”

“Didn’t we go on a date at the tea house a few weeks ago?”

“…ah, that.”

It was also the first time I met Noah as well.

Hearing my words, Stella immediately refuted as if her memory had returned, “That’s not a date!”

“Is that so? Anyway, do you remember that Noah was attacked by demons.”


“After investigation, the instructors found that the demons had entered the Academy through a tunnel.”

I continued the story based on the known information of the academy.

“After examining the tunnel, it was revealed that the demons were targeting the academy for quite a long time.”


Mankind was at war with the demons for who knows how long, and the summoners were the front-line warriors who fought against such them.

So the fact that demons could invade the academy, which was the cradle of raising such summoners, was not something that could be easily overcome.

“I have to report it to the family right now!!”

“You want to report it? What difference will it make?”

“Whatever happens, we need to take action right away to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

“The academy staff have already taken care of that. What you’ll be doing is kicking around the fence. It will only make things more annoying.”

As I stared at her, she kind reminded me of the division commander who would often come to me whenever there was an incident in the army. 

Stella stared back at me in reverse as if she wasn’t convinced.

‘This is why the nobles are annoying…’

Anyway, I shook my head and asked,

“So do you understand what I mean?”

“I have to…hide it from my family?”


‘How do you know if there is not traitor in your family?’

Of course, I didn’t say it out loud. If she, who was a trueborn aristocrat, heard such a thing, it would be an insult and she would contact the family immediately.

Looking at Stella biting her lips as if she couldn’t understand, I continued my explanation.

“Anyway, after some more investigation, they found that there were still some demons in hiding, and yesterday the instructor had a confrontation with the demon, and Noah got involved in the process. The end. Are you satisfied?”


“Then get out. It’s 5:50 in the morning! I need to sleep more because I am a diligent cadet who adheres to an 8-hour sleep schedule.”

“But, there is one thing that bothers me.”

“What else?”

“How did you know all this?”

“I told you before, it’s because Noah got involved…”

“That’s not it.”

Stella’s scarlet eyes sparkled like rubies. They were like blazing flames, and when they found their prey, they rushed towards it.

“Even if you saved Noah from that demon, there was no way for you to know what was happening in the first place.”

‘Oh sh*t!’

I cursed in my heart as Stella walked one step closer.

“As the lady of House Eritz, it was something that even I didn’t know.”

Suddenly, sparks began to splatter around her. The splashing sparks were menacing and they seemingly wanted to devour me at any moment.

“Above all, how the hell did you know Noah was being attacked right at that moment?”

How did I know the information that was unknown to the intelligence network of a ducal house.

And, how did I know that Noah was being attacked?

They were exactly the two flaws in my story.

Stella had caught those flaws and capitalized.

‘I made a mistake because I was sleepy.’

I should have been more careful with my words, but because it was common knowledge in the game, I didn’t have a sense of reality, so I just spit it out. 

And, perhaps taking my silence to mean something else, Stella immediately summoned Ifrit and Salamander.

As the two summons with fire attribute were summoned into the room, the temperature in the room rose in an instant.

[What is it? Oh! It’s you again?]


“Salamander, immobilize him.”


The long tongue of the Salamander grabbed me in an instant. The Salamander’s tongue was full of flames, but it wasn’t as hot as I had expected, rather…‘It feels quite good. It’s like I’m in a sauna.’

“You find this funny?”

Seeing my smile, Stella glared at me and made a grim face. 

I was sure that she would immediately order Ifrit to set me on fire even if I moved my fingertips.

“What is your identity?”

I kept my mouth shut. I was still a bit drowsy from just waking up, and this comfortable warmth didn’t that much as well. It was the perfect condition for me to make a mistake, so it would be better for me to exercise my right to remain silent…even if it created some misunderstandings.

“Answer me!”

However, with the appearance of Ifrit, the flame spirit, it became impossible to do so. 

Therefore, I opened my mouth,

“Ian Clark.”

“Not just name.”

“17 years old, the eldest son of Baron Clark, a 3-star summoner.”

“You mean you don’t want to talk?”

“The current first place in the class.”

After I said that, Stella took me out of the room as if there was nothing else she wanted to hear anymore.

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