Chapter 18: No Such Thing (part 2)

‘Am I in trouble?’

I was starting to get a little worried. 

What’s more, the system had not yet notified me that I had won, even though the event was over for quite some time.

Anyways, maybe because my worries were showing on my face, I found that Stella was staring at me.


“Erm, did you have breakfast?”

“What do you think?”

Of course not! 

She woke me at dawn, so I couldn’t even wash my face, let alone eat. 

As I was screaming in my head, Stella asked me as she twisted her hair with her finger, “Hey, would you like to have breakfast together?”

“Oh, you would prepare breakfast for me?”

“Who, who said that I would? My maid will prepare it.”

“Maid? You even have a maid?”

“Eh? You don’t?”

Stella tilted her head and asked as if it was natural to have a maid.

Looking at her innocent gesture, I sighed and nodded, “Then I’ll stop by my room and then go to yours…get the food ready.”

“Why can’t you come right away?”

“Then should I go like this?”

“Ah…I’m sorry.” Stella looked at my outfit and meekly agreed. 

The clothes I was wearing were pajamas I wore while sleeping, and I was barefoot without shoes.

And so, I parted with Stella and headed to my room.

We were at the Principal’s room for quite some time, so there were already quite a few cadets in the hallway. 

When they saw me in my pajamas and barefoot, they started whispering to each other.

If I hadn’t covered my face, I wouldn’t have been able to show my face in public in the future.

‘Well, what can I do?’

Fortunately, the cadets only whispered from afar, and didn’t directly mock me or do anything.

After arriving at my room, I simply washed my face, washed my dirty body, changed into the academy uniform, and headed to Stella’s room.

Then, realizing that males were not allowed enter the women’s dormitory, I returned to my room again.

* * *

Tuk! Tuk! Tuk!

About thirty minutes later, I heard a knock on my door.

When I opened the door, I found a maid who looked like a doll, standing in front of my room.

“Emm, who are you?”

Despite being a beauty, the maid had a hard and cold appearance.

“Excuse me. You are Ian Clark. Are you not?”

“That’s right…how may I help you?”

“Oh my, it seems that an introduction is necessary. My name is Nelia, the maid who serves Lady Stella.”

“Oh, are you here to invite me?”

“Yes, apologies. Men often forget that they can’t enter the women’s dormitory…the lady is waiting for you.”

And so, I followed the maid and headed to the women’s dormitory.

Fortunately, this time I was able to enter the women’s dormitory without much trouble.

And as I entered the dormitory, I felt something strange.

‘Eh, why is this facility so good?’

It was incomparable to the men’s dormitory, or to be exact, my dormitory.

My dormitory was the size of a studio of about 52 square meter, but this one was at least three times bigger!

“We have arrived.”

“Ah, yes.”

Come to think of it, they had a maid, and their facilities were so good. 

‘Without a doubt, this academy is founded by a se*xist!’

As I went inside, I saw Stella, who was waiting for me.

At the moment, she had changed into a simple gown, which went down to her ankles, and her large mounds were highlighted in the middle. Furthermore, there was a large ribbon tied at her waist.

“You’re late!”

I didn’t reply, but looked her up and down. 

Stella sensed my gaze and turned her head, then she pointed to the table.

“What, what are you looking at? Please sit down. Be quick!”


As I sat down, Stella looked at me and tilted her head, “Why are you wearing the academy uniform?”

“Didn’t you also wear the academy uniform when you came to my room earlier?”

“Yes, but that’s because I was going to stop by the principal’s office.”

“…so you came to my room with that intention from the start?”

“No it’s not! I was just going to ask what happened to Noah!”

“Why are you getting angry?” I asked.

“Who’s angry! Umm…yes, I must have sounded angry.” Stella took a light deep breath and looked at me.

“So, why are you wearing the uniform? Are you planning to go somewhere?”

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  1. How will MC dodge this question? Will he be shameless like before and demand money or will he at last move his lazy ass to earn them? There should be some ways to earn money in academy. But it would require effort to think on MC part and he is too arrogant, lazy and stupid to do that.

    Thanks for chapter

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