Chapter 18: No Such Thing (part 3)



“I just don’t have any other clothes.”


Stella looked at me as if I was saying something stupid, so I had to explain, “I’m sorry, but unlike you, I’m the child of a poor Baron who lives in a rural area. I don’t have any money to buy clothes.”

“No, that’s strange no matter how poor you are. Even Noah has several sets of clothes.” Stella seemed as if she had never expected me to be so poor, and looked at me with a sullen face. 

At that moment, Nelia arrived with the food.

“It’s been warmed up. Have a good meal, My Lady, Master Ian.”

“Okay, let’s eat.”

“It looks delicious!” I remarked.

“Fufu, eat and be surprised!” Stella seemed quite proud of herself. 

‘Why are you the one feeling proud?’ I thought as I looked at the food Nelia had prepared for us.

It’s was a proper breakfast, with meat stew, white bread, and salad.

Although the items were quite basic, the taste depended on the skill of the chef.


The moment I took the stew in my mouth, I forgot everything, including the stress I had received from this morning. And then, I only focused on eating the stew, nothing else.

I dipped the bread in the stew, and ate it all together in one bite.

It didn’t take long before I was scraping the bowl with the spoon.

“It’s delicious!”

“Would you like some more?”

“…one more bowl, please.”

“All right.”

The maid, Nelia, immediately bowed her head and headed for the kitchen. 

While she was gone, I decided to ask Stella about the difference between male and female dormitories.

“By the way, why do you live in such a big room?”

“Big? This room? I’d say that it’s quite inconvenient because it’s so small. It’s really not as big as the room in my original house.”

“Anyway, it’s bigger than the room I’m living in.”

“Aren’t you just staying in the room allocated for the commoners?” Stella tilted her head.


“What you are using is a free dormitory, and this is a paid dormitory. Did you not know?”

I really didn’t know…

Anyways, I would now be able to sleep well knowing that all this luxury was the result of money. That information made me feel more at ease. I would have no complaint even if they made me live in a barn if it cost me no money.

“Here it is.”

“Ah, thank you.”

“It was nothing.”

And, I continued to relish the stew that Nelia brought for me. 

Stella, who was watching me eat my meal, suddenly frowned and spoke, “Erm…hey, Ian.”

“…what is it?”

“Well…now that you can enter the academy’s warehouse, you will probably get one heirloom, right?”


“So, about the bet you made with me. Won’t you just cancel it?”

Hearing her request, I grinned and ate another spoonful of the stew. I was wondering why she was suddenly treating me with such extreme sincerity, so that was the reason.

But…I won’t cancel the bet. No matter what…never!


I won’t let her go that easily.

* * *

Summoned by the Principal, I headed to the Principal’s office while feeling a little nervousness.

After arriving in front of the Principal’s office, I knocked on the door, and heard the Principal’s voice from inside.

“Please wait.”

After a while, the Principal came out of the office, greeted me, and then began to walk.

I silently followed after her.

After walking for some time, we arrived at a quite and secluded place.

‘It’s here?’

The place was empty, but when the Principal knocked on something in a corner, a hidden wall opened and a staircase was revealed.

“Come on.” The Principal smiled and began to walk down the stairs. 

As I followed behind her, the Principal gave me a few warnings.

“Don’t  touch the things that are sealed inside, as they are dangerous.”

“Don’t be greedy, you are only allowed to take one thing.”

“And, you can’t stay in the warehouse for too long. You only have 30 minutes to look around.”

There were quite a few conditions, but I had not particular complaints.

I replied that I understood, and we finally arrived in front of the so called warehouse.

‘This is…’

I now stood before one of the secrets of this world that wasn’t included in the game.

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