Chapter 19: Proposal (part 1)

The Principal slowly opened the warehouse door. 

The inside was pitch black, and I couldn’t see an inch ahead from the outside.

An instinctive fear of the dark rose in my heart, but somehow I took a step forward.


The door slammed shut with the creaking of rusty hinges, and darkness descended. However, no matter how much I waited, the lights didn’t turn on.

“I can’t see sh1t in here…”

I muttered a few words of complaint and summoned Anna, a human fluorescent lamp that brightened the surroundings just by being there.

Indeed, the moment Anna was summoned, the surroundings became brighter in an instant, and the inside of the warehouse began to fill up with light.

And at that moment, I seriously doubted my eyes.

“Master? What happened…?”

“Wait a minute, wait a minute, be quiet.”

“Eh…? Yes.”

I silenced Anna, then went forward and looked around. 

This place was filled with various legendary items and heirlooms equipped by the summons in the game. I recognized the Golden Knight’s Armor, Dragon Slayer’s Spear, Dragon Rider’s Saddle, Fairy Wings, and more.

‘This is…just insane!’

Among them, I was fascinated by the splendor of the Golden Knight’s Armor, made entirely of gold. I felt sorry for the fact that the armor wasn’t an heirloom, but an item, and it’s performance in the game was excellent.

‘Now, I have to choose a suitable equipment…hmm.’

The equipment exhibited similar performance no matter which summons used it, so I had to consider the pros and cons before choosing one. 

That armor would only increase Anna’s defense by a little bit. What she needed at the moment was attack power, considering that her defense was already extremely strong.

‘First, let’s find out if there is something that suits Anna’s requirements…’

And it would be quicker for her to find her own equipment than for me. 

So with that in mind, I asked Anna, “Go on, pick the one you like.”

“Are you asking me to decide?”


After hearing my order, Anna immediately flew through the warehouse and inspected the equipment section, looking for her own equipment. 

I, on the other hand, examined the heirlooms with a peace of mind.

‘Is there anything that don’t know about?’

There were also many heirlooms in the warehouse that I didn’t recognize. The rest were just 1-star or 2-star heirlooms which was of no use to me. I needed at least a 3-star summon heirloom. It would be even better if there was a 4 or 5-star heirloom, but there was no such heirloom here.

‘Is there anything useful at all?’

Apparently, in this world, the summoned being dies and drops the heirloom. But that didn’t apply to the 5-star summons. A 5-star summon possessed nearly god-like powers. In other words, they were very difficult to kill.

‘…I don’t see anything useful.’

After rummaging through the warehouse, all I found was the heirloom of a 3-star summoned beast, and it wasn’t something that fit well with my plans.

‘I already have Anna, so there is no need for a tank.’

Almost all of the heirlooms in the warehouse belonged to mele or tank-type summons. After all, it was unlikely that a summon capable of a ranged attack would die on the battlefield. Only the summons capable of tanking and melee attacks had a high change of being killed on the battlefield.

‘There might be heirlooms of 4-star and 5-star summons among the ones I don’t recognize…’

I didn’t recognize them, so it meant that they were heirlooms of summons that didn’t exist in the game. Furthermore, there was a high possibility that most of them were garbage summons with fewer than 3 stars.

I had no intention of gambling. 

Anna still hadn’t found her equipment, so I decided to pick a random 3-star summon’s heirloom and wait for her.

After a while, Anna flew in with a strange shield.

“Master! I think this would be great!”


The shield she was carrying was a crumpled shield without a pattern. It seemed completely different from the equipments I knew of.

I opened the status window and checked the details of the shield. As expected, it was an item used by an unnamed 1-star summon.

A 3-star summon using a 1-star summon’s item? If anything, it would probably decrease her defense even more.


“Master…didn’t you tell me to choose what I want?”

“I didn’t tell you to bring this. No, why did you choose a shield in the first place?”

After instructing Anna to return the shield to where she had found it, I set out to find the equipment myself.

And, as I sifted through the various items, I was again amazed by their formidable appearance.

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  1. So he can choose 1 item but MC decides to choose 2? Shameless, greedy, untrustworthy bastard.
    There were more things that he didn’t recognize, not only this vault, och what a pity, and what a hit to MC self-esteem, but then again MC is so thick skinned that he doesn’t care at the slightest.

    Thanks for chapter

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