Chapter 19: Proposal (part 2)

“Flame Dragon’s Claw…isn’t this compatible with Ifrit? If Stella knew about it, she would go insane.”

In addition, there were also many fantasy-like weapons such as the Wings of the Wind Dragon and such.

Unfortunately, there was nothing that I wanted for Anna.

“I guess it can’t be helped…”

It was quite disappointing, so I went back to thinking about which heirloom to choose among the heirlooms that could summon 3-star summons. All of them had an overlapping position with Anna, so they were basically useless to me. 

Then, I suddenly came up with an idea, ‘I’d rather give it Noah.’ 

In order for the main character to stay alive, she needed a strong summons, and the heirlooms of these tanking-type summons would be quite useful.

‘Since she’s the main character…Noah should have the required soul power to perform the summoning ceremony several times.’

Even if I had the System, it didn’t allow me to measure the soul power of others.

However, I was confident that the main character would have an immense amount of soul power.


[Third Person’s POV]

Krrik! Krrik!

The heavy warehouse door opened, and Ian, who was covered in dust, came out.

The Principal, who was counting the time outside, greeted him as he had come out earlier than expected and glanced at him up and down.

‘Hmm…he seems fine.’

In the warehouse, there were not only heirlooms and items from the fallen summons, but also items dropped by demons.

There were some people in the past who had gone crazy because of the intense mana residing in them. Of course, the authorities had performed a strong sealing ritual on them, but if Ian ignored the warning and touched the demonic items, he could have been poisoned by the mana.

Fortunately, he was fine. 

Then the Principal approached Ian and asked, “What did you choose?”

“Ah, this one.”

Ian took out a very small stone from his pocket. 

From the Principal’s point of view, it looked no different than a cheap a stone.

“Is that really an heirloom?”

“Did you not know?”

“I may be the principal, but even I don’t know all the secrets of the warehouse.”

She knew that there were dangerous items, but she didn’t know anything about all the things that were kept inside the warehouse.

‘It looks nothing special. Did he really choose the right thing?’

Even thought she had her doubts, but since Ian had already chosen what he wanted, it would be a nuisance to talk more about it.

The Principal thought so and searched Ian’s body. 

It was just a formality, so she wasn’t that serious about it.

After completing the search, the Principal left the warehouse with Ian, and the stairs completely disappeared as if they weren’t there from the start.

After this, the path to the warehouse would appear in another place known only to the Principal. However, the Principal, who was worried that Ian would wander around the campus for nothing, hid the fact and gave a stern


“You will get expelled if you tell other people about this place.”

“I know.”

“You shouldn’t try to sneak in as well, got it?”

“I’m not an idiot…”

Fortunately, Ian was a level-headed person. If he was too greedy, he would have come out of the warehouse with several heirlooms.

“Then let’s part here. You did a good job cadet Ian.”

“Yes. Thank you for your effort.” Ian responded, and thought, ‘But, I think I’ll see you again soon.’

After parting with the Principal, Ian headed to the academy’s hospital.

The academy hospital had excellent facilities. They not only had rare healer summons, but also skilled doctors and priests.

In the game, there was a saying that even nobles went to the academy first when they get hurt, so it should be enough to show just how good their service was.

After arriving at the hospital, Ian went straight to Noah, who was finally allowed to have visitors.


Noah, who was in the hospital room greeted him with a slightly oily face. It seemed that she hadn’t washed her face yet.

Then, she quickly pulled up the blanket to cover her face and whispered in a low voice.

“…please go out! I will freshen up in 10 minutes.”

“Uh, yes.” 

And so, Ian had to leave the room with an awkward expression on his face.

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