Chapter 19: Proposal (part 3)

To Ian, her current appearance didn’t look too bad, but Noah wanted to show him only her pretty and neat appearance.

After Ian left, Noah took a quick shower in the bathroom and changed into a new set of clothes. Then she opened the door to greet him.

“Emm…did I make you wait long?”

“No, sorry anyway. I should have knocked before I came in.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay! You can come anytime you want!”

Noah quickly responded, fearing that he might stop coming to see her.

Ian entered the room and sat on the bed, then he started talking about what happened while she was in the hospital, and about what happened with Stella.

And then, Ian suddenly spoke up, “Noah.”

“Yes. What is it?”

“They said you gave me the right to enter the warehouse.”

“Ah, yes.”


“…of course you should get it. To be honest, I didn’t really do anything.”

Hearing her words, Ian suddenly grabbed Noah’s hand, “Who said that you didn’t you do anything?”

Startled, she tried to remove her hand, but she couldn’t, “Oh, no. Emm, actually…”

“Without you, the instructors would have died on the spot!” Saying that, Ian took out the heirloom he had chosen from his pocket.

It was an heirloom that could summon 3-star summons. And, it was also the thing that the main character needed the most at the moment.

Noah looked at her hand in amazement. And when she saw the stone, she tilted her head in confusion.

“This…what is this?”

“Heirloom from the warehouse.”

“Eh? Then why are you giving this to me?”

“I think you need it more than me.” Ian smiled as he remarked.

However, there was something he didn’t know.

In this world where it was common knowledge that a person could summon only one summoned being, the act of handing over an heirloom was though of as a proposal for marriage.

And so, Noah blushed and looked at Ian, “…are you serious?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Really? To someone like me…?”

“What wrong with it?”


In the end, Noah was unable to speak and burst into tears.

Ian hugged her quietly, wondering just how happy she was for her to respond like this.

Only after she was done crying, did Noah realize that Ian was just asking her to summon another summoned being. 

Therefore, Noah showed Ian just how powerful a country girl’s physical strength could be.

* * *

[Ian’s POV]


The Principal asked me, as if she had heard something wrong. However, there was no way she could have trouble hearing at her age.

“I said that I wanted to hold a summoning ceremony.”

“Cadet Ian, the summoning ceremony can only be held once in a lifetime.”

“Usually it is.”

“So, is she special?”

“Yes.” I said, pointing to Noah. 

She was indeed special. After all, she was the protagonist of this world.

But the Principal shook her head, “You will only be wasting the heirloom.”

“That’s also my choice.”

“I can’t let that heirloom be wasted for such a stupid act.”

“Then I will sneak into the temple and perform the summoning.”

At my firm tone, the Principal sighed as if she had given up.

Until now, many cadets had made a similar choice because they thought that they were special.

The Principal herself knew that it was often quicker to let them fail than to waste her efforts in persuading them.

“In that case, I will allow it. But if you end up wasting the heirloom, you can’t have a new one. Because this is your choice.”

“Don’t worry.” I grinned and headed to the temple with Noah. 

Once at the temple, we met the priest, who expressed his displeasure at the untimely summoning ceremony, but still, it didn’t take much time for him to prepare for the summoning ceremony.

“Okay, Noah? I’m going to activate the summoning circle first, and then make the sacrifice.”

“Yes!” Noah nodded her head.

Then she went to the summoning circle and held out her hand. 

When she held out her hand, the summoning circle was activated normally, which defied the common sense of this world.


It was only then that I realized why the summoning method in this world was so different from the game. It was the involvement of the will of the world, which didn’t give even the slightest chance to those who were not deemed worthy. It didn’t matter if they had an heirloom or not.


Noah activated her soul power and offered the heirloom as a sacrifice. The summoning item, which was the heirloom, naturally entered the summoning circle, and…something revealed itself!

[You are my… Master…]

Big…no, it was huge!

A being that could only be described with the word “colossal”, appeared before us.

At the same time, Noah and the Principal looked at me with their twinkling eyes.

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