Chapter 20: Feelings (part 1)

It didn’t take long for rumors about Noah summoning a second creature to spread throughout the academy.

Of course, having two summons wasn’t that uncommon. Many cadets, including myself and my family, operated with two summons.

However, she was the first in my generation to summon a second creature through her own power!

And so, even the Principal asked me about the secret.

“How did you do it?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Cadet Noah. She was just an ordinary country girl with no special bloodline. It was a strange that she even got the chance to attend the academy.”

“So, why are you asking me that? If you’re curious about how she entered the academy, you should find the person who recommended her. What’s the point of asking me?”

It seemed the Principal thought the success of the summoning ceremony wasn’t due to Noah’s specialty but because of my peculiarity.

“Yeah, because it was you who suggested the summoning ceremony for her.”

“I was lucky.”

“Was it just luck?”

“Yes. Nothing comes to mind other than that.”

At that, the Principal fell silent. 

An ordinary person without an ounce of noble blood managed to do something that no one else has achieved in the past. It was certainly similar to the story of the Emperor, an anecdote of a bottom-up slave who summoned a 5-star beast to establish an empire.

“What if Noah was like His Majesty?”

“I didn’t say that.”

I smiled and took a step back, not wanting to blaspheme someone of the Emperor’s stature. But after a moment of silence, the Principal, still unconvinced, looked at me and asked, “Cadet Ian.”

“Yes, Principal.”

“This is not a matter that can be easily kept under wraps.”

That much was natural. Someone successfully summoned twice without even knowing the conditions for it.

Upon investigation, it was bound to spread that she was encouraged by another person to conduct the summoning ceremony.

“To interpret this differently, either Cadet Noah has the power to activate the summoning ceremony multiple times…”

Or, it could be someone else.

“It’s not me, though.”

“Then can you explain it to me? How were you so sure she could succeed?”

“I wasn’t sure. If it’s Noah, I just thought she could do it.”

“It didn’t come to you that the heirloom could’ve been wasted?”

“It’s for Noah, so the heirloom is not that important.”

“Hehh, are you saying this knowing how valuable the heirloom is?”

“I know.”

You know how much effort I poured into it, but no matter how precious the heirloom, it couldn’t compare to the main character’s life.

Seeing my resolute appearance, the Principal sighed in relief.

“Do you really not know?”

“If you’re curious, why not gather some more people and hold a summoning ceremony?”

“If things were so easy, would I be asking you?” The Principal said so and smiled bitterly. 

Perhaps there was something I didn’t know, but since she wasn’t willing to tell, it wouldn’t matter even if I asked.

“Anyway, I don’t know if other people can summon or not. But if you need someone like that, why not find the person who recommended Noah?”

“The person who recommended Noah?”

“Yes. Why did that person recommend to Noah in the first place? Doesn’t that mean the person can judge if someone has the talent to become a summoner?”

Perhaps my words made sense; the Principal nodded and said she would look into it.

After I left the Principal’s office, I took a deep breath.

“If the Principal is like this…”

‘How persistent will the others be?’ 

I felt a headache just by imagining it.

* * *

The cadet’s eyes widened. 

Their gazes, previously filled with jealousy and contempt, now held greed and anticipation.

People believed that miracles would happen again. But miracles were called miracles because they didn’t happen again. Also, I had no doubt about the fact that there couldn’t be a second protagonist.

Noah was the only one. 

The cadets quickly found out that I was the reason why she performed the summoning ceremony. When imagination mixed with only fragmentary information, rumors tended to spread, which was often far from the truth.

For example…my current situation.

“Ian Clark?”

A senior, judging by the color of his tie, stood in front of me.

“Yes. Who are you?”

“My name is Sauser. I heard that you have the ability to succeed in summoning ceremonies multiple times. Can you help me a little?”

Yes, this was exactly what I was talking about..

This guy probably heard an absurd rumor somewhere, and he was now unilaterally demanding something impossible from me. 

‘Well, it’s better that he came to me in such an open and childish manner. Now I can deal with him in the same way.’

“I don’t have that ability.”

“I heard all the rumors, so why are you denying it? Don’t you need money? I heard that your family is a poor family that herds sheep.”

“Hey, can you just fnck off?”

As I spoke with a smile, the senior tilted his head as if he had heard it wrong. After a while, his face began to heat up like a boiling kettle.

“How dare you talk like that to a senior?”

“You have to act like a senior to receive respect. I’m tired, so I’m going to take a nap. Do you have anything else to say?”

“Haah, such a vulgar tone. As expected of a ruffian from the countryside…”

‘Fnck you!’

After getting into a few more arguments, all the cadet who wanted to approach me disappeared.

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