Chapter 20: Feelings (part 2)

I mean, they had to, considering that I was consistently denying their assumptions, and discussions about it often escalated into arguments. Also, they couldn’t win these arguments because I was a 3-star summoner.

However, when these types of situations arose, the people tended to find alternative solutions.

“Ah… I really don’t know how…”

“Don’t be like that. Can you just tell me once? Consider it a favor!”

“I have a lot of money!”

“How much money do you want? If you help me just once, I’ll grant you ten times as much land as you currently have.”

The cadets surrounded Noah, bombarding her with various requests. Being naturally soft-hearted, she found it difficult to refuse others.

I intervened, pushing the cadets aside and addressing Noah, “Noah, let’s go.”

Noah saw my expression and greeted me with a wide smile, “Yes! Ah, guys. I’ll go now. Sorry!”

She swiftly moved away from the cadets and left the classroom with me, glancing around the room and sighing.

Witnessing this, I began to feel remorseful about everything.

“…do the cadets bother you a lot?”

“Yes? No! It’s not a bother at all!”

“I think you were being bullied.”

“No, it’s just…it’s tough. I never dreamed it would be like this.”

Even when she had summoned a 3-star pet, she couldn’t have anticipated the challenges she would face.

I hadn’t expected it either. But, it was inevitable.

“They will forget with time.”

“…is that so?”

“Or, you can just ask Stella for help.”

“Stella won’t see me”

“What? No, why not?”

Upon hearing Noah’s words, I was slightly startled and asked for clarification. From Stella’s past behavior, she seemed to consider Noah as a great friend, so why won’t she meet her?

“If I’m with her, there might be rumors that the duke’s family is trying to monopolize my abilities. So she suggested we refrain from seeing each other until the rumors subside.”

Stella’s words reflected an aristocratic consideration related to political dynamics, something hard for ordinary people like me and commoners like Noah to comprehend.

So, I felt the need to prove that we didn’t possess such abilities.

But how does one dispel rumors? The rumors originated from the cadet’s desire for another opportunity. Human desires were something I couldn’t control in any way.

As I frowned with a troubled expression, Noah slightly trembled and grabbed the hem of my robe.



“…you won’t leave me, will you?”

“…leave you?”

“I mean…you are also a nobleman.”

She trembled slightly as she spoke. The once innocent country girl, who had been cheerful just a day ago, had transformed.

I could sense the extent of her suffering and the pressure she was under.

And, of course, I would never abandon the protagonist in such a situation.

“Never. I will never leave you.” I affirmed, and took hold of Noah’s hand, which was clutching my hem.

“Instead, I’ll stand by you until you grow tired of it.”

“Really? Is that true?”

“Of course.”

Her hand, which had been trembling, perhaps found hope in those words, and the tremors ceased. After a while, Noah regained her usual bright smile and moved forward with confidence.

“Ian! Let’s dine out today!”

“Dine out?”

“Yes! Dinner, not lunch!”

“I don’t have money.”

“It’s okay! Because I have plenty!”

As a commoner, she shouldn’t have that much money. Even so, I understood her reluctance to owe me.

Eventually, I nodded, and we proceeded.

* * *

[Noah’s POV]


Ian Clark.

A prince riding a white horse.

‘Why did you choose me?’

Her stomach churned, and nausea surged as the excessive expectations collided with the reality of not being able to fulfill  them.

‘…I wish they just listened.’

For the commoner country girl, the relentless invitations and obsessions of the nobles became an unbearable pressure.

“I have a lot of money!”

“How much money do you want? If you help me just once, I’ll grant you ten times as much land as you currently have.”

‘How could such words naturally escape their lips without any consideration towards me?’

Noah was nauseated by this realization.

‘I want to escape.’

But she didn’t know how to refuse. Especially as a commoner. In the countryside, where the villagers lives as a community, the concept of rejecting others’ requests didn’t exist.

Thus, she had no choice but to be taken advantage of by the nobles. Nobles who always intended to exploit others for their gain.

“Noah, right? If you can’t, won’t you do me a favor and ask Ian? Is it that difficult to speak up once?”


“Or are you planning to monopolize that method only with you and Ian? How wicked.”


And then, her prince arrived.

Noah quickly pushed the cadets away and stood up.

He always came to her aid.

‘So, what if he suddenly disappeared?’



“…you won’t leave me, will you?”

“…leave you?”

“I mean…you are also a nobleman.”

He found it amusing and burst into laughter.

Then, he took her hand and said, 

“Never. I will never leave you.” 

“Instead, I’ll stand by you until you grow tired of it.”

Noah wasn’t sure if Ian actually said that.

At least, that’s how it sounded to her.

‘Don’t let go.

Don’t let go of the flower you picked.

Hold onto it and keep it by your side.’

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