Chapter 21: Spicy Rice Cake (part 1)

I had to admit, my so called cheat power in the form of the [System] was as worthless as garbage. 

It manifested as a quest window at the beginning, helped me with my first summon, and after that it proved to be utterly useless.

As all it could do was organizing my acquired skills, I often considered renaming it from a “quest window” to a more accurate “log journal”.

I mean, it didn’t even give me the heirloom (random) I was supposed to get as a reward. In a typical game, wasn’t it customary to send rewards through the [System]?

‘Really, this ability is comparable to dog shi*t….’

That’s was my evaluation of the so called [System].

[Quest complete!]

Upon waking in the morning, I examined the notification window that appeared in front of me, admittedly a bit perplexed.

“A quest?”

Only then did it dawned on me that it had to be the quest to secure the top position in the midterm.

‘Right. That was still pending…’

Nevertheless, I was not overly concerned, as I didn’t really trust the [System] to do anything of importance.

‘Could the [System] be granting me a special hypnotic coupon or something?’

It reminded me about the right to wish….

Despite Stella’s somewhat sloppy and fiery personality, her striking appearance overshadowed any of her apparent shortcomings. And, her figure was…quite explosive as well.

As a man, I couldn’t help but be intrigued by such a fine specimen. Also, considering my current young body, it was only natural to think of frivolous things when I thought that I had the right to wish for anything from such a beauty.

[The reward will be granted!]

[Wish Ticket (used), Stella Eritz’s favorability UP!]

“No, why not give something that could be of actual use? Are you intentionally fncking with me?”


However, trying to communicate with a [System] devoid of any form of intelligence was futile. Eventually, I proceeded to the classroom without needlessly delaying the time.

Indeed, the cadets were buzzing with excitement from early morning. The reason was apparent without needing an explanation.

“Ian! You secured the first place!”


“Did you know already?”

“Certainly.” I calmly brushed Syrah off, and took my seat.

However, she casually took a seat next to me and rested her face on the desk. She was as bothersome as ever.

“Then, you should know my rank too, right?”

“I have no idea.”

“Why not? Didn’t you check the notice board?”

“I have no interest in anyone below me.” I cut her off.

“Aha, that hurts quite a lot…” Syrah acted as if she was hurt, then she playfully rested her chin on my shoulder and whispered, “By the way, I secured the second position.”

“Did you get the second place? How?”

“How? I was part of the winning team, and my written test score was excellent, so isn’t that normal?”

“Hmm, then… Stella?”

“Stella? Well, I have no interest in anyone below me…” She used my words against me.

However, finding out Stella’s rank would be quite easy.

The academy released the grades of all cadets on the notice board. It may be inhumane and outdated, but no one was there to lodge argue against it.

After all, the ones capable of changing such a system always ranked at the top.

After class, I headed straight to the notice board. Though it must have been posted since morning, the front of the notice board was crowded with people like me, trying to check their ranks.

‘Let’s see, Stella. Stella…’

1st place: Ian Clark.


5th place: Stella Eritz.

Initially searching for her name from the top, I ended up gazing at her name further down, wearing a serious expression.

‘…5th place?’

I had to admit, it was really quite shocking.


[Stella’s POV]

This morning, Stella Eritz was shocked to discover that she was ranked 5th.

“Young Lady. You are going to be late for class.”

“Does it really matter if I’m late or not?”

“If you lie down like that, you’ll get fat.”

“Hey, I didn’t even eat that much!?”

But, upon hearing the provocation, Stella immediately got up. Then she leaned against the wall, and hugged the pillow. At the moment, she couldn’t calm herself unless she held something in her arms.

‘…5th place.’

Of course, she thought that she would secure the second place. 

‘Was I too arrogant?’ 

Regardless of what she did in her life, it seemed natural for her to be number one in her age group.

The fact that she didn’t get the first place felt surreal, even more so than the outcome she had mentally prepared for.


She was the Lady of the House Eritz, which was prestigious even among the noble class. So she had to be the best at everything!

This was the pillar that supported her.

Now that the pillar has collapsed, she was afraid to imagine how people would think of her.

“Young Lady.”

Nelia suddenly called out to her, and Stella raised her head and glanced at her in response.

“Then how about taking a break today? I’ll send a request for a sick leave.”

“Please, do so…”

“Yes. In the meantime— is there anything you’d like to eat?”

“…something sweet.”

“You’ll gain weight.”

“I’m fine with that!”

Considering the situation, Nelia didn’t object anymore. She left the dormitory, mentioning she would come back after shopping, urging Stella to feel better in the meantime.

A profound silence enveloped Stella as she immediately fell onto the bed, passing the time while staring blankly as space.

‘I don’t want to think about anything.’

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  1. MC again shows that he is an idiot. System previously showed that it reacted to MC thoughts so MC forgeting about it is… normal for him as he is lazy in everything including thinking.
    BUT! MC finally moved his lazy ass and went to check where notice board is! Progress! Fundamental progress even.
    MC and his erratic behaviour… Previously he was too scared to make a move on Stella and now he found courage? Where are his worries if assasination or social death. Also as a 3 star summoner shouldn’t he be treated as Marquis? Or it only applies after graduation? Or after he takes part in some battles on frontline? If so then this noble system have some sense.

    Thanks for chapter

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