Chapter 21: The villainess is evil (part 1)

After defeating me, Shael’s mood was at its peak.

In a way, it was natural that she would be happy. She was desperate enough to learn those strange finger exercises, and she even did a warm up activity in order to properly flick my head.

Anyways, here was very little time left before the banquet at the Mage Tower began. 

Even if the banquet at the Mage Tower started late, it would be because the villainess had slept more than usual.

At the moment, Shael was touring the inside of the Mage Tower as she wanted.

Shael handed me the doll, and her luggage.

“What is it?”

“Carry them.”

Shael was ordering me.

“Do you have no feet?”


It shouldn’t have been such a surprise, but Shael was taken aback.

If it’s not a request, wasn’t it natural for me to say such a thing in response to such a rude order?

Shael walked on without speaking. She was thinking deeply about something.

Then she opened her mouth again.

“Bring me some water.”

As expected, it wasn’t a request this time as well. She was giving me orders again.

No matter how much I needed to accommodate her mood today, I would never accept such behavior from her.

It was because Shael already had a bad personality, and doing that could make it even worse. She might develop more bad habits.

But I did as she said and brought water. Of course, it wasn’t plain water.

Shael took the water while smiling and made a strange expression as soon as she drank it.


It was the sound of her spitting out the water she was drinking. Actually, what I gave her wasn’t some ordinary water.

“It’s sour!”

Shael glared at me.

“I added some lemon juice because you didn’t seem to have any strength. How is it?”


She didn’t answer me. It was because she was glaring at me like she usually did.

In the end, Shael made a moaning sound.

The villainess was indeed weak in the face of resistance.

“Be prepared!”

She gritted her teeth as if she had vowed to get revenge. It seemed that another attack was necessary.

“Actually, I also put my saliva in it. Did you like it?”


Shael answered my question with a half question.

“What nonsense…”

“We’re fiancees, so it’s nothing wrong.”


However, Shael did not give up. She was trying not to lose to me until the end.

“So, do you want to drink my saliva too?”

That was a really disgusting remark.

Shael, who was disgusted by my words, counterattacked. She was confident of her victory. Of course, that wouldn’t happen.

“Okay, good. Would you like to do it with a kiss?”

“What? What?”

She said as she looked at me with disgust.

“Just kidding. How could I do such a thing?”

Shael still couldn’t get rid of her doubts despite my words.

“So, you should have just asked for the water, don’t give me orders.”

Shael narrowed her eyes and looked at me. But she wasn’t able to voice any refutations.

Because we saw someone passing by.

“The Mage Tower Lord, are you sure that his personality has really improved?”

“That’s right.”

It was the same Mage Tower Lord who had quarreled with Shael and me for no reason. So how was it possible to improve his nasty personality?

The reason was obvious. It was due to the Pill of Lies that Shael gave to the Mage Tower Lord.

“Is the pill still working?”

“If the duration is not over, then it should be. The Mage Tower Lord can’t use detoxification magic… and people who can get close to the Mage Tower Lord shouldn’t be able to use it either.”

That’s right, the only person who could approach the Mage Tower Lord was the female protagonist, Clie. The Mage Tower Lord also had a bad relationship with the other mages in the Mage Tower.

Apart from his hight magic skills, it was also because of his nasty personality.

Of course there was a possibility that the Mage Tower Lord who took the Pill of Lies could approach them… but the probability that the mages would release it was small.

Only skillful mages could recognize the effects of medicine taken by others, and most of them also hated the Mage Tower Lord.

So even if they recognized the medicine, there was no way they would help the Mage Tower Lord.

No, even if the Mage Tower Lord wanted to approach a mage in the first place. He wouldn’t be able to do so due to the effect of the pill, and he would rather distance himself from them.

But the effect of pill wasn’t permanent. Someday it would wear out.

“What if the Mage Tower Lord finds out that you drug*ed him?”

“It’s okay.”

It seemed that Shael had already taken care of that.

“I bribed the maid very generously. She’s on a long journey along with her family.”

She was a good schemer in her own way for a woman who had forgotten how many flicks she had to do. Did she really have a talent for being a villainess?

“What if we still get caught? If it were the Mage Tower Lord, he would attack us with just suspicion as evidence.”

“Then you’ll just have to stop it.”

Apparently, she had no talent for being a villainess.

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