Chapter 21: The villainess is evil (part 2)

The second day of the banquet began.

It was also the time when the role of the member of the Azbel family, Shael, would become very important.

The atmosphere of the banquet hall had changed from what it was yesterday.

The banquet hall, was situated at the heart of the Mage Tower. And at the center of the banquet hall, now stood a black pillar with an unpleasant aura.

It was a pillar that absorbed the curse of the Mage Tower.

The purpose of the banquet was to purify it with Shael’s magic and to circulate even a little bit of pure mana in the Mage Tower.

I looked around.

It was to find the location of the crown prince. Then I found a person standing alone in the banquet hall that was filled with all kinds of distinguished guests.

It was the crown prince, Jerroch Edgars.

Even though he had changed his appearance with his disguise magic, I could recognize him at a glance.

It was because he was staring intently at Clie, the main character, who was at the moment, standing with the Mage Tower Lord.

In the original novel, the crown prince suffers a devastating attack at night.

The reason was obviously the curse of the Mage Tower. In the novel, the Mage Tower Lord deliberately refuses to provide him with a lodging even though he realizes that he is the crown prince in disguise.

However, now he seemed quite unharmed. Then, what could be the reason?

It was probably due to the dru*g that the villainess had given to the Mage Tower Lord. The Mage Tower Lord, who probably didn’t want to give the room to the crown prince, would have willingly given it to him under the effect of the dru*g.

Thanks to that, it felt like the novel and its development had changed quite drastically. I just hoped that I could somehow steer the situation for the better.

That’s how the ceremony began.

Shael, who had the Azbel family’s mana, stepped forward.

She placed her hand on the central pillar of the banquet hall.

Shael frowned. In a way, she was doing something good for the Mage Tower Lord, so she probably disliked it quite a lot.

That greedy villainess must already be planning to use this to increase her allowance for doing this.

As Shael sent her mana to the pillar, the dark pillar of the Mage Tower gradually lost its ominous energy.

The Mage Tower Lord also went to the pillar for the ceremony.

It was then that someone spoke to me. It was a very urgent tone.

“Can you… help me?”

It was the heroine, Clie. She was trembling in fear and calling for my help.

“What can I do for you?”

“The Mage Tower Lord has become very strange! Suddenly, one morning, his personality changed.”

Clie rolled up her clothes. There were scars on her forearms.

They were wounds caused by magic.

There was no way the Mage Tower lord would do something like that.

Aren, the Mage Tower Lord had a nasty personality. However, he changed that personality only when it came to female lead.

He had always been very nice to Clie.

And now, the Mage Tower Lord could only do the opposite because of the pills Shael gave him.


Before I had time to say anything, the crown prince, Jerroch, approached us.

“What is that wound?”

Jerroch took off his disguise and the cloak he wore to hide his face.

“Eh, crown prince?!”

“Shh. Quiet.”

As expected, her acting was excellent. Clie must have already known about the crown prince.

In our first encounter with the Mage Tower Lord yesterday, she even came to the Mage Tower to get attention of the crown prince.

Jerroch was gentle in nature. However, he had an extremely strong obsession with Clie, the female lead.

For example, the he had been staring at the female lead since yesterday.

“That is the work of the Mage Tower Lord.”


Cile was remained silent. 

The prince’s anger was visibly reaching its peak. So I couldn’t say anything more.

Let’s do a recap. 

Prince, Jerroch, was extremely obsessed with the female lead. He definitely wouldn’t let the female lead get hurt in any way.

Usually, in a romantic fantasy novel, if the male protagonists started liking the female protagonist from the beginning, the novel would end very quickly.

However, the reason this novel was able to go on for a long time was because the main characters had very different personalities.

That’s why the two of them would fight over trivial things from the beginning. 

But this time, the Mage Tower Lord had hurt Clie.

In other words, there would be trouble.


Shael had safely completed her role. 

The dark aura had disappeared from the pillar before she knew it. 

The Mage Tower Lord was still busy checking the pillar.

“Shael. Do you remember how long the effect of the Pill of Lies would last?”

“Yes, maybe six hours.”

Then I have a question. ‘Why the hell is the Mage Tower Lord still being affected by the dru*g?’

“Then why is the Mage Tower Lord still acting like that?”

Shael showed a proud smile at my question. Then she stretched out both of her hands. She then folded and unfolded them again.

“What do you mean?”

“Twenty pills.”

Twenty pills? For a moment I couldn’t understand what she was saying.

“I gave Twenty pills to that dog.”


The villainess… was indeed evil.

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