Chapter 20: The villainess is stupid (part 2)

She did it because it was heavy. 

But Eran, who would normally have objected and confronted her, obediently lifted the luggage.


Shael felt doubtful. Eran’s behavior had changed.

‘Has my fiancé finally surrendered to me? I needed to check!’

Shael even found things she could throw away on purpose. It was the magic tool she often used.

“Please get it for me.”

[Do you have no feet?]

She was sure that he’d spit out those words, and would have just ignored it. But the words that came out of Eran’s mouth really surprised her.

“Yes, wait here.”

Eran hurriedly went to fetch the magic tool handed it over to Shael.

‘He really went to get it for me?’

‘Is something wrong with his brain? No, his mind is finally back to normal!’

Eran’s personality had definitely become very defiant in recent times, and now he seemed to have gone back to how he was before.

It was definitely what she was hoping for. But, even without realizing it, Shael found it quite boring.

‘Have I lost my mind as well?’ She thought. ‘Why would I find such a nice situation boring?’

Shael shook her head.

‘Okay, let’s just enjoy the situation.’ Shael decided.

When Eran got her magic tool and returned, Shael asked Eran again. No, she ordered.

“Bring me some water.”

Eran immediately brought water.

“Please buy me an umbrella.”

Eran bought an umbrella as she said. There was no possibility of rain in this weather. No, there was no reason to carry an umbrella in the first place, since they were inside the Mage Tower.

Eran followed her words unconditionally.

It was boring. It wasn’t fun. 

So Shael thought, ‘Could it be that the Mage Tower Lord has cursed him?’

It was impossible for his personality to change overnight like this otherwise. Even if his personality did change, there was no way he would do some of the things she ordered him to do.

‘Perhaps the Mage Tower Lord thought that the culprit who gave him the pills was Eran, so he might have placed a similar curse on him.’ Shael guessed.

Eran might be doing the exact opposite of what he wanted to do.

So Shael smiled and spoke up. Because she had a great idea.

“Please return my Serpent Orbs back to me.”

As Shael expected, Eran followed her words. 

He was about to hand the Serpent Orbs over to Shael. It was right at that moment, when she heard a clear and refreshing sound.



“He he…”

Shael was sleeping comfortably. She was also sleep talking… which was not something I expected a villainess to do.

I could even see a happy-looking smile that I hadn’t seen before.

It seemed like she was having a good dream.

I hope it wasn’t a dream where she was bullying me like she said last night.

For some reason, I found it quite unpleasant.

So I punished her for sleeping while using the whole blanket.


My finger landed on Shael’s forehead.

Shael opened her eyes. Her eyes were still a bit hazy.


“You must have been dreaming.”

Shael lowered the corner of her mouth that had been up.


“Just what kind of dream did you have that made you smile so happily?”

Shael just blankly stared into space at my question. Then she suddenly pointed to deck of cards.

“That, let’s do it again.”


It was so out of the blue. She woke up and said let’s play the card game. Still, I nodded my head, because I didn’t intend to rile up her feelings today.

It was because of the banquet. In order to avoid conflict with the Mage Tower Lord, it was necessary to adapt to her mood.

She spread all five of her fingers. She was setting five flicks to the forehead as a reward for winning the bet.

“Yes, I agree.”

She was swapping her card this time as well. It was the same as yesterday.

But I didn’t use vision magic to win this time. I would endure just until the banquet was over.

It was to keep things going the way she wanted until then.

I also lost the game… as she wanted.

Shael started to flex her hands.

“A precognitive dream?”

She murmured softly.

‘Did she see this happening in a dream?’ I couldn’t tell. 

Shael was about to flick on my forehead.


I  tightly closed my eyes. Then, when Shael suddenly stopped, I felt curious and opened my eyes. Shael had been waiting for this moment.



“I still have one left!”


Shael laughed as if she was satisfied and backed off. 

I, on the other hand, struggled to hold off my laughter. Because it didn’t hurt at all. Of course, I had to act the part, as I clutched my forehead to make her feel satisfied.

“It hurts!”

Shael showed a mean smile at my words.

“Then you should have just won.”

There was a lot I could say as she had won by cheating. Usually, I’d say something to refute her, but not this time. It was because I felt sorry for Shael.

‘She got hit on the head quite a lot these days.’

Shael definitely wanted to flick five times. But she had completely forgotten about that.

The villainess was way too much happy that she had managed to hit me, and she was also laughing quite hard.

The villainess was stupid.

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