Chapter 23: Intermediate Level Demons (part 2)

Krrrwg! Krrrowg! Krrroowg!

“What is that sound?”

Elton, who had left the party and climbed the mountain alone, turned to look back at the roar that echoed from behind. However due to the thick trees, she couldn’t see anything.

‘Have they already caught up?’ Thinking so, he accelerated.

He was also aware that this was a group activity. It was supposed to cultivate cadets cooperative power and select people who had the talent to be leaders in the process.

‘I don’t need it.’

But Elton was convinced that he didn’t have to learn it. He was the son of a Count, so he has been learning warfare and other disciplines from an early age. Now, there was no need for him to learn how to lead the cadets again.

“Wai, wait-! Let’s go together…!”


And Cobie had followed behind him.

Looking at the Cobie, Elton could barely hold back a sigh.

‘That guy is the son of a marquise.’

In simple words, Cobie was pathetic. He was timid, he was fat, and he couldn’t do anything because he was scared. As a summoner, he was a disgrace.

‘With such a personality, I can’t believe that he was able to become a summoner…’

Elton’s personality caused him to look at Cobie with utter disdain.

If Cobie had not been the son of a Marquis, he would have spent his entire academy life being bullied.

“Walk fast. You are slow.”

“Heh, no, but…it’s hard.”

“Then you should have exercised.”

“…I am doing it.” Cobie said so, avoiding Elton’s eyes.

Just by looking at his body, you could tell that he wasn’t exercising properly. The exercise he was referring to was about an hour of light exercise a day, which was an essential part of the academy curriculum.

It was pathetic compared to Elton, who worked out for a minimum of two hours a day.

“Can’t you just use you summon as a mount?”

“Erm, my summon isn’t like that…”

“Ah right. Your summon isn’t suitable for that, is it.”

Elton grinned as he thought of Cobie’s summoned being.

The Dryad. 

It was a boring summon that had the ability to bind the feet of demons. It was quite useful, but it couldn’t do anything else on it’s own. Still, it was enough to propel Cobie’s family to the rank of a Marquis.

The summon was as pathetic as it’s summoner, they couldn’t do anything without the help of others.

“So? What do you want me to do? Should I summon my summon?”

“Yeah, will you?”

“Come forth!” Elton burst out laughing and summoned his summon.

The White Tiger.

A summoned beast of the Saber Tiger species, rumored to be descended from the White Tiger, one of the four legendary guardians.

The White Tiger tilted its head as it looked the summoner who summoned it, but before it could say anything, Cobie jumped on top of it.



The summons looked at Elton, conveying that it wasn’t a horse, but Elton struggled to avert his eyes. After all, the weight of the Cobie, which was close to three digits, was not a burden on the summon at all.

“You should be careful not to get in my way.”

“Yes? Ahh, okay…I definitely won’t be a bother.”

Cobie’s words didn’t sound that convincing. However, Elton needed his help to quickly deal with the intermediate demons and return.

On the contrary, Elton wanted to create an image of being able to deal with intermediate demons alone even while carrying such a burden, so he didn’t leave him behind.

“Hmmm, let’s go.”

In the end, Elton also got on top of his summon and gave the order to climb the mountain. They moved towards the summit at an incomparable speed compared to before, when he was walking on two legs.

And…they found a demon waiting for them on the top of the mountain.

“Hmm…so  that is an intermediate level demon.”

The moment he found the intermediate demon, Elton came down from his summoned beast.

Cobie also summoned his summoned being, though visibly wary of the intermediate demon.

Perhaps it felt the power of the summoned beasts, the intermediate demon raised it’s head and looked at the two humans in front of it..

Seeing this, Elton burst into laughter, “Two-headed, I should have jumped on it as soon as I saw it. Cobie!”

“Yes. Lock him up, Dryad!”

Dryad’s origin art was activated, and tree roots sprouted from the ground.

The tree root entangled the demon, effectively binding it in place. It had the ability to bind even a 3-star summoned beast, and it was the same with any intermediate demon.


Realizing that the demons couldn’t move, Elton sent an order to his summons to finish it.

The White Tiger’s sharp fangs pierced the demon. No demon could survive in front of the teeth that could bite through even steel.

When Elton saw that his summoned beast was biting on the demon, he smiled and fantasized about the score and treatment he would receive once he got back.

‘Whether it’s that guy or the daughter of the duke, it doesn’t matter! I can do it myself…’

Crrrrshhh! Crraaakkk!

The sound of bones and flesh being separated was heard.

“Uhhmm, there… Elton?”

“What is it? Cobie, do you want to go back?”

“It’s not…look there…”

Elton belatedly looked in the direction Cobie was pointing.

The White Tiger, who was supposed to be biting the demon into shreds, was being eaten in reverse.

‘…I, what is that?’


The White Tiger screamed in pain, as the demon greedily chewed on the summoned beast.

“No, stop!”

“Uh, how!?”

“Damn it, stop it with your summon!”

“I, I can only use that technique…”


Even though Cobie had Dryad as his summon almost all his life, he had only been able to unlock one of his origin art. So far that hadn’t been a problem.

But now, it was time for him to pay the price for all the indolence and negligence.


As the demon finished devouring the two summoned beasts, it turned it’s eyes towards the their summoners.

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  1. Just dessert for 2 arrogant nobles, pity MC didn’t get such a treatment. Also couldn’t Elton unsummon his summon? It would be better than letting it die and making his family lose it’s noble title, or just degrade to baron. Even if those 2 idiots didn’t unsummon their pets they should use the time it took the demon to eat the pets to run away, but idiots. It would be good if MC didn’t save this 2, but not saving them would be a problem for principal. And I feel that she will also join the harem.

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