Chapter 26: Caught by the villainess (part 1)

I couldn’t just sit still in the hospital room. 

‘I wonder how Duke Jespen knew of that Mage Tower Lord’s nasty personality.’

Through my conversations with Shael, I was able to find out about the relationship between Duke Jespen and the Mage Tower Lord. It’s said that ever since becoming the Mage Tower Lord, Aren Jaygers has often challenged Duke Jespen to a duel.

Until now, Duke Jespen had ignored the Mage Tower Lord who was picking a fight with him. It would have been like that in the novel as well.

But not anymore.

According to rumors, it is said that the Mage Tower Lord had challenged Duke Jespen to a duel again. And Duke Jespen accepted it.

As the deadline approached, I headed straight to the arena with Shael.

The arena was huge. It was absurdly huge for a place where only two people would fight.

A lot of people came as spectators. 

However, I noticed something strange. The Mage Tower Lord would hide his power in front of the general public as much as possible. He did it because of the female lead, Clie. 

In the novel, Clie hated it when the Mage Tower Lord got into fights. So, the Mage Tower Lord fought most of his fights in private.

Of course, if the Mage Tower Lord got really angry, even Clie’s displeasure wouldn’t work.

So, did the Mage Tower Lord become so angry that he ignored Clie’s wishes?

Contrary to my thoughts, the Mage Tower Lord seemed calm. No, he seemed to be having fun. He seemed happy at the fact that his fight against Duke Jespen was finally happening.

Then why the hell was he okay with fighting in such a crowded place? 

To find an answer to that, I looked at Clie, who was sitting far away. She didn’t seem to care much about the fact that the Mage Tower Lord would be fighting. She just sat there, expressionless.

Although was somewhat suspicious, I dismissed the thought for now.

The battle between the Mage Tower Lord, Aren Jaygers and Duke Jespen was about to begin.


The fight started at the signal of an elder..

Mage Tower Lord, Aren, was gathering mana in his hands. But, Duke Jespen just quietly watched on.

It was a battle between mages. No one in the spectators seat could know the final outcome of the fight. They just cheered for the spectacle that they would never see again.

Aren was the first to strike. He hurled a giant steel shard at Duke Jespen. 

The onlookers were so overwhelmed by the display that they even forgot to cheer.  


The steel shard thrown by Aren, lost its strength and fell to her floor of the arena. Seeing this, Aren began to gather his mana again. Speed was the lifeblood of magicians’ battles. Life and death depended how fast you could attack and how fast you could block.

So the Mage Tower Lord, Aren, had ground to be confident in this fight. In the first place, Aren became the Mage Tower Lord due to his rapid magic casting.

Of course, the intensity of the battle was quite excellent. People gasped and clapped at the Mage Tower Lords steel magic and Duke Jespen, who stood still like an immovable monolith.

Aren stared at him while mana concentrated in his hand. The Duke must be scheming something. So it wouldn’t be that wise to just rush into battle.

‘Why the hell are you just standing still?’ 

Contemplated Aren, as he looked at Duke Jespen wasn’t even gathering his mana.

Aren thought of Clie who was watching over him. Then he arrogantly said, “Never, I will never lose!” 

“Don’t play around, why don’t you get serious?”

Duke Jespen let out a sigh at his arrogant remark. ‘Is that something you should say to your elders...’

Duke Jespen raised his hand. He pointed at Aren. Then something in the air shot towards him.

It was an unknown curse magic.

Maybe the Duke was aiming for the fact that Aren didn’t know how to use Detoxification Magic, and he was only able to use combat magic.

However, the incident at the banquet hall had given him the ability to use it.

He grinned. Then, as if showing off, he took Duke Jespen’s curse magic head on.

He had a ring that was handed down from the previous Mage Tower Lords. It only had one function, repelling all kinds of curse magic. It was the reason why he could not learn detoxification magic.

He had taken it off for a while during the banquet and was severely punished for it, so he had been wearing the ring all the time. 

Duke Jespen’s curse magic was dispelled as soon as it touched Aren.

“It won’t work…”

He was about to tell Duke Jespen that his curse magic wouldn’t work, but he noticed that Duke Jespen was shooting wind magic at the ring.

Aren quickly dodged it. If the ring is taken away, he would be cursed!

Even though he had learned the Detoxification Magic himself at the banquet hall, it was still quite weak. It was not enough to repel Duke Jespen’s curse magic. So he had to protect the ring. Of course he was sure that he’d be able to do that. That’s why Aren didn’t learn Detoxification Magic.

Aren looked down at the ring for a moment, and at that fleeting moment.


Aren was nearly knocked out by a rock that flew from somewhere. 

‘Was he quietly waiting for the chance?’ Thought Aren as he stood up, while holding his stance.


His side hurt. He had been careless. However, if the Duke used that amount of mana in such a short interval, the recoil should have been quite large.

Aren looked at Duke Jespen and began to prepare his magic. But he had miscalculated, as he soon discovered that a hot fireball was flying towards him.


Aren quickly summoned steel to block it. That wasn’t the end. Duke Jespen also invoked Gale Magic!

A mysterious curse, a huge rock, a hot fire ball, and now the Gale Magic.

‘Is this the power of the head of the famous mage family?’


The wind was sharp and cold as it scratched Aren’s body. Wherever the wind passed, it only left behind red scars.

Aren was enduring the wind that attacked him with his bare body.

“Oh, heh.”

He didn’t use magic to defend against the wind. He was enduring the pain and gathering his mana.

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