Chapter 26: Caught by the villainess (part 2)

It was a magic that he treasured and cherished. A magic that compressed huge steel shard and shoots it at high speed. If it penetrated Duke Jespen’s body, Aren’s victory would be certain.

It was also a magic that could lead to the death of Duke Jespen. Of course, it didn’t matter to Aren. It was common for people to die in duels.

When the wind finally stopped scratching him. Aren stabilized the mana he had been gathering. Then he looked at Duke Jespen before him.

He was watching Aren with a look of pity, as he stood still as before.

‘That arrogance will be the cause of your defeat. No, it will lead to your death!’ Thought Aren, as he aimed a small piece of steel shard at Duke Jespen’s heart.

Duke Jespen still remained as motionless as before.

‘Yes stay like that…’ Aren thought while shooting the magic.

There was no countermeasure against it. No matter how fast you summon a defensive magic, you can’t block this magic with anything half-hearted! It was such a strong and fast magic.

And the destination of that magic was the heart of Duke Jespen.

‘He will die.’

Pooh! Swoowook!

The small steel shard pierced Duke Jespen’s heart, as blood flowed out from the other side.

It was Aren’s victory, Duke Jespen’s defeat, and death!

He had been looking down on Aren and being careless. That was Duke Jespen’s sin. 

Aren finally laughed.

“Keuk, heuheu…”

He laughed at Duke Jespen, who was now slumped over. ‘Well, you should have taken it seriously.’

As usual, Aren stroked his ring. It was an old habit that Aren did every time he won a duel.

‘The ring!’

The ring was missing! 

It must’ve happened when he was enduring the Gale Magic from Duke Jespen. It was clear that the ring had been taken away at that time.

Aren turned his gaze to the fallen Duke Jespen. Then he walked towards him with haughty steps.

He was feeling very dizzy. It seemed that he had lost too much blood. But even then, he was only thinking of getting the ring back from Duke Jespen.

Aren his tired body to walk forward.


Then the one who fell down was him!

Duke Jespen, who had been pierced through the heart, was still standing where had been. He couldn’t find any scars on him. Even the wound from when he had apparently been pierced through the heart had completely disappeared!

“What the….”

‘The curse. Was it the curse of Hallucinations?’

The Duke had somehow taken his ring away and he was cursed. 

Aren looked at Duke Jespen.


It was the sound of a ring being snapped. Duke Jespen gave the broken ring back to Aren. Aren quickly grabbed the ring. The curse was completely lifted and his dizziness disappeared.

“Do you want to continue?”

Duke Jespen asked him. But, Aren didn’t answer. 

He checked his remaining mana. Only a small amount of mana remained.

‘It’s disgraceful!’ 

He couldn’t even inflict a single wound! 

Aren squeezed out the remaining mana he had left. He used it to strengthened his own body. His pride didn’t allow him not to be hurt. Even if he was wounded by his magic, he intended to rush forward and punch the Duke in the face.


It was the sound of Aren stepping on the ground and pushing forward. His body, which was strengthened by squeezing all remaining mana, was extremely fast and strong.

However, before he knew it, Duke Jespen had appeared right in front of him. He  was the same as before, just staring at Aren.

Duke Jespen was not ready for his magic this time. And, judging by the presence of the ring, Aren wasn’t cursed again.

Aren threw up his fist.


Aren thought. ‘With a sound this loud, he wouldn’t even be able to show his face in public for a while.’

However, contrary to Aren’s thoughts, it was the sound of Duke Jespen’s fist striking Aren’s face.

Then, Aren unsightly fell on the ground. He had lost consciousness.


I watched a brutal battle. 

Duke Jespen continued to give Aren a chance. And… ‘Was he even considering him as an opponent?’

It wasn’t as if he was trying to bully the Mage Tower Lord, he was really giving him a chance. It just showed how kind Duke Jespen really was.

‘Is it really like that?’

Blood wouldn’t lie, and it seemed like I finally understood a little bit about where the wicked character of the villainess came from.

Of course, the problem with the villainess was that unlike Duke Jespen, her personality was dirty even in normal times.

I looked at Clie, who was sitting far away. She was covering her mouth with her hand. 

Was it to cover her surprise?

No, she was laughing in ridicule. She was laughing at the fainting Mage Tower Lord?

However, considering what happened during the banquet, it was understandable. But she was ignoring even the Crown Prince beside her. I became curious and watched Clie carefully.

“Where are you looking?.”

That was what Shael said after confirming my gaze toward Clie.

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