Chapter 27: The villainess is gluttonous (part 1)

“Where are you looking?”

I was startled by Shael’s words. Shael was asking me in cold words. She already knew that my gaze was on Clie!

Shael looked like she was in a bad mood.

If you think about it, it kind of made sense. No matter how much she didn’t love me, anyone would feel bad if their fiancé stared at another woman. Even I also wouldn’t like it if Shael stared at another guy.

And, Shael had another reason to not like it, because the woman I was looking at was also the woman who spilled the wine on her dress.

“I think you were looking at that woman.”

Shael pointed at Clie with her hand.

‘What should I say? Should I deny it?’ 

To that end, Shael’s words were full of confidence, so I couldn’t.

In the end, I just said anything that came to mind.

“I was just curious about how she could be friends with both the Crown Prince and the Mage Tower Lord.”

“It wasn’t that kind of look.”

If excuses didn’t work, the right answer would be to attack! So, I asked Shael.

“Are you jealous right now?”


Shael, who had been watching me more closely, immediately withdrew her gaze. As expected, for a villainess like her, an attack was the answer rather than an excuse.

Then, Shael looked at the Mage Tower Lord and said.


I laughed.

Some onlookers who knew of the Mage Tower Lord’s dirty personality also seemed to have similar feelings as Shael. Although they were afraid that the wizards of the Mage Tower would see him, they hid their expression.

Some people who had only heard of the Mage Tower Lord were sympathetic to him. 

Well, he did pass out, looking really pathetic.

Moreover, they didn’t know the real reason why the fight between Duke Jespen and the Mage Master was happening. All they knew was that the Mage Tower Lord had challenged Duke Jespen to a duel.

Because the fact that I was injured by the Mage Tower Master is unknown except for Duke Jespen, the main characters in the novel, and Shael.

I didn’t know what would happen if this was passed on to Ezran Baslett, who was my father.

Even the imperial family couldn’t easily touch the Mage Tower Lord. So would it be different for a duke?

Yes, they indeed could take action if they had good reasons. My injury seems to have been that good reason.

Even though the Mage Tower Lord had great power, it was the same for the Dukes.

The power of the Mage Tower was not purely in the hands of the Mage Tower Lord yet. He would indeed have great power with overwhelming force in the distant future, but not yet.

Of course, he still had quite a lot of power, but it was far from enough if the opponent was a Duke. So, I didn’t know what the situation would be like if the matter spilled over to Duke Ezran. 

What if the Mage Tower Lord was expelled?

If so, the development would be very different from the original novel. It was only natural that the identity of one of the male leads would change. The mage who would sit in the seat of the Mage Tower Lord would also change. Do any of the mages of the Mage Tower, who were crazy about magic, possess a normal thought process?

There was a high probability that the replacement would have a similar personality as Aren.

Maybe even worse!

So, it was better for Aren, who had an inhibitor called Clie, to be the Mage Tower Lord. Even though his personality was nasty, he’d be easy to deal with than others.

He was a necessary existence. He had power that would be of great help even in the war in the future.

My injuries were not revealed to the outside world for those reasons. Honestly, it was quite unfair, but I was able to forget it because of what had happened just now. Because the Mage Tower Lord was beaten to a pulp.

“How much did you eat?”

Shael was eating desserts that looked too sweet even at first glance. She was eating them before the duel started, and was eating even after it ended.

“What is it?”

As if asking what the problem was, Shael asked back. 

Could it be that she was doing this because I told her that she didn’t need to lose weight because she was very light?

Shael was unbridled. Even though she was thin, it wouldn’t be good for her health to eat too much.

Moreover, even though the fight was over, it was not yet time to get up.

It was because Duke Jespen suddenly brought in the family mages to perform a magic performance.

It seemed that Shael was going to continue eating the desserts until the spectacle was over. 

But, I had to put a stop to the villainess’s gluttony!

So, I said to Shael.

“You’ll gain weight.”

“Didn’t you say that I was already very light?”

I couldn’t refute her because I really said that.

“It’s not good for your health.”

“I am healthy.”

Still, Shael didn’t listen to me. So I chose another way to deal with her.

I had to fight poison with poison!

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