Chapter 25: The villainess thinks (part 2)

He was asking a question I hadn’t expected.

To live as Shael’s captive? Not at all. But why the hell is this question popping up all of a sudden?

[Even if you have a bad personality, you belong to me.]

It was only then that I remembered the words Shael had spoken before. They were words that evoked the feeling that Shael and I had come to like each other. But Duke Jespen seemed to have come up with another interpretation of these words.

As Shael said, what if I had to obey Shael as her captive?

Duke Jespen was probably thinking of such an outrageous notion.

As I was dumbfounded and unable to answer, Duke Jespen said.


I won’t live as a captive. In fact, it would be the opposite.

Rather than being her captive, it would be Shael would become my captive.

It was something that was natural.

Duke Jespen didn’t just want Shael to marry me, he also wanted me to be the one who would stop Shael from going astray.

So I told Duke Jespen, who was waiting for my answer.

“Rather, it would be Shael would become my captive, so you don’t have to worry about that.”

Then Duke Jespen let out a long sigh as if he was relieved.

It was quite amusing if you think about it. I said that his daughter was going to become my captive, but he was pleased with it.

“So that means you will marry Shael.”

Duke Jespen asked again. He was waiting for my answer this time as well. It seemed that he wanted to hear my thoughts about the matter regarding my marriage with Shael.

“Yes, someday I will.”

It was quite an obvious answer. I lowered my head so that Duke Jespen wouldn’t be able to see my expression. However, what I said was true to some extent. I had to get married in order to get the requited time it would take to rehabilitate that wicked villainess.

Before coming to this world, I was one of the few people who had a lot of affection for Shael who was a character in a novel. And, I had already put in a lot of effort for Shael.

I haven’t been able to find a noticeable change in Shael’s character yet, but compared to the novel, where Shael’s personality would have become more and more vile, she had made quite a lot of progress.

Moreover, if Shael, the villainess, wasn’t properly rehabilitated, many people would suffer because of her.

I didn’t want to see the members of the Azbel family mourn over the miserable ending that the villainess Shael would face one day.

Above all, I would never give up on a promise I made once.

So I gave a resolute answer. Although it sounded a bit cliche, it was full of confidence.

Duke Jespen nodded in satisfaction. Then he glanced at the door of the hospital room and began to smile.


Shael left the hospital room at Duke Jespen’s request. 

However, at the moment, she was doing something that would surprise anyone who saw it

Unlike a proper noble, Shael was now standing with her ear pressed to the door of the hospital room. She had even used the Stealth Magic that she has recently learned to hide her presence.

What Shael didn’t know that even though it worked for Eran, it wouldn’t work for Duke Jespen.

Then she heard a voice.

[Is it possible, that you really are going to live as Shael’s captive?]

It was Duke Jespen’s voice. 

It’s content made Shael almost open the door without realizing it. But she bit her lip and barely held herself back.

And the words that followed made Shael bite her lips even more.

[Rather, it would be Shael would become my captive, so you don’t have to worry about that.]

‘What nonsense is that?’ She wanted to open the door and walk in right away!

‘Does he have no shame?’

But she stopped her thoughts. Because she, too, had made a similar kind of absurd remark just before. Shael decided to just clear her head and focus her ears on the faint sound of their voice.

[So that means you will marry Shael.]

‘What?’ Shael frowned in embarrassment. But what followed was even more shocking!

[Yes, someday I will.]

That was what Eran said. Of course, Shael had thought Eran would refuse. ‘But why the hell did Eran say something like that?’

‘Rather… who want would even want to marry that guy?’ 

Marriage wasn’t something that would happen just because one person wanted it. Where did Shael’s own opinion go and what gave Eran the courage to say such a thing with such conviction?

Shael thought, ‘Marry Eran? I hate it!’ 

However, another thought suddenly occurred to Shael.

‘What if Eran marries someone else?’ 

She hated that too. 

It wasn’t because she liked Eran. It was because she couldn’t bear to see Eran be happy. Shael wanted to torment Eran forever!

But that was impossible. If she doesn’t get married, she would pass the marriageable age someday. If that happened, then the engagement would be broken.

Right now, the two families had to continue their bloodlines. So there was only one option left for her if she wanted to torment Eran forever.

It was a marriage.

What would be the difference if she ended up marrying Eran? It was only that Shael would be able torment Eran forever. Other than that, nothing would change..

At least, it was like that in Shael’s opinion.

Thinking of that, her marriage with Eran didn’t seem too bad to Shael.


My  wound had completely healed. 

I couldn’t even find a scar. And finally today, I was able to get out of that boring hospital room.

“Did you say that the Mage Tower Lord challenged Duke Jespen to a duel?”

A shocking rumor reached me.

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