Chapter 28: Not Going Anymore

Who exactly is this Qin Shousheng? To protect someone, he’s willing to pay a million in commission, and he’s even asking a student like me. And my protectee, what kind of high-status person could command such a fee? The Qin family doesn’t seem particularly powerful in this city. Could Qin Shousheng just be working for someone else?

“Idiot, what are you thinking? Let’s go!” Just as I was lost in thought, Zhang Yu patted my shoulder, snapping me back to reality, and I followed him to the classroom building.

The morning was very peaceful. Zhou Feng didn’t bring anyone to cause trouble again, and Fatty even managed to arrive before the third period.

This guy seemed very energetic. It seems the bit of True Qi I transferred to him worked. Damn! Thinking about the scene where I transferred True Qi to Fatty gives me goosebumps. What’s even more disgusting is that Fatty excitedly told me he had a wet dre*am in the hospital, dreaming about Ms. Matsush!ma. He even emphasized how smooth her little mouth was. Damn it!

Seeing his perv*erted look, I really wanted to slap him! I muddled through until the fourth period. Just as the class bell rang, I heard the click of Big Sister’s high heels approaching.

The originally noisy classroom immediately quieted down. Big Sister walked to the podium, placed her textbook on the desk, and clapped her hands. “Alright, everyone, quiet down!”

Hearing this, I couldn’t help but curl my lips. The classroom was already so quiet I could hear the heavy breathing of the pervert behind me watching his little movie. How much quieter do you want it?

Big Sister looked around and then said, “With only two months left until the college entrance exam, the school has decided to implement closed-off education…” Before she could finish, the class erupted in uproar.

Our school used to be a closed-off school, but it was later changed. Now they wanted to change it back, which naturally made everyone unhappy. I was especially anxious. Damn! If we have to stay in the dorms, what about Mei’er? And when a bunch of guys are bored, they might start watching little movies or something. Mei’er could see all of that! What is the school thinking? Although the students resisted strongly, the outcome was still the same. So much for democracy!

The day passed in sorrow. After evening self-study, we returned to the dorms. To be fair, the school’s accommodations weren’t bad. Bedding and toiletries were all provided for free, although we still had to pay a 300-yuan “utilities fee.”

The more I thought about it, the more frustrated I became. Mei’er, please bear with it for now… We’ll have time alone on weekends…

There were six beds in the dormitory. Originally, I, Fatty, and Zhang Yu weren’t in the same room, but we swapped with others to stay together. There were also three classmates from our class, but we only greeted each other occasionally and weren’t particularly close. After several reassignments, the class atmosphere wasn’t as good as in the first year when the whole class would hang out together. Even though I transferred midway, I still had good relationships.

The three other guys greeted us and went to wash up. We took our basins to the washroom. 

“Idiot, let’s sneak out to the internet cafe tonight for an all-nighter?” Zhang Yu said, toothbrush in his mouth, looking at me.

I was taken aback, unable to speak with my mouth full of toothpaste. 

Zhang Yu raised an eyebrow. “You’re not chickening out, are you?” He spat out the foam. “It’s not like we haven’t done it before. What are you scared of?”

“Damn it, when did I say I wasn’t going?” I rinsed my mouth and said to Zhang Yu. This guy was getting cockier, forgetting who took him out for his first all-nighter. 

“It’s settled then!” Zhang Yu patted my shoulder excitedly. I was a bit annoyed. It’s just going online, what’s the big deal?

At that moment, Fatty poked his head out, smirking. “Hey… remember to download some new videos, not the old ones.”

Fatty was too scared to sneak out, so he left the downloading to me. But as soon as I jumped over the wall, I forgot about it. Zhang Yu and I went to the internet cafe, paid at the front desk, and started playing games.

All night, we did nothing but play games. Around 5 AM, I dragged Zhang Yu, ready to leave, but he refused to budge, glaring at the screen, cursing, “Damn it! He k!lled me! Xia Tian, let me finish him off, then we can go!” Zhang Yu didn’t even glance at me, too engrossed in the game. 

Since we had to be back by 6:30 for morning reading, I didn’t push him.

“Hey! Weren’t you acting tough? You still got owned!” A bit later, Zhang Yu took off his headphones, grinning. I checked the time; it was almost six. “Let’s go. If the teachers catch us, we won’t be able to explain.” Zhang Yu didn’t linger, lit a c!garette, and we left the internet cafe.

“Damn, is it raining?” Just as we stepped out, raindrops fell on my face. Zhang Yu frowned. “Let’s go, or we’ll be late for morning reading!” 

I looked at the gloomy sky, feeling uneasy. “Why do I have a bad feeling about this?”

“Stop talking nonsense! Let’s go!” Zhang Yu said, putting on his hat and rushing out. 

Wearing only sports clothes without a hat, I gritted my teeth and followed him.

“I’ll go in first and check. It’s wet and slippery; be careful.” Zhang Yu jumped down from the wall, but then it went silent.

I called out, puzzled, “Zhang Yu? Yu? Idiot?” But there was no response. Feeling uneasy, I hesitated before climbing the wall.

It was dark because of the rain. “Idiot, move away; I’m jumping down!” Still no response from Zhang Yu. Frustrated, I jumped down, dusted myself off, and just as I was about to call Zhang Yu, someone grabbed me from behind and covered my mouth.

Could it be Zhou Feng ambushing us? But didn’t Qin Shousheng say he’d take care of it? Confused, I turned my head and almost died of fright! Damn! It wasn’t Zhou Feng’s men! 

“Principal…” I stuttered, recognizing him. What the hell was he doing here?

The principal leaned close to my ear and whispered, “Don’t talk, stand against the wall…” I nodded, and he released me. I sighed and stood there obediently. 

Zhang Yu stood beside me, whispering, “It’s not that I’m disloyal; they got me the same way.”

“I know…” If I had gone in first, it would’ve been the same. We had no choice but to follow the principal’s orders.

I wanted to run, but there were more teachers behind him. Damn! They even planned a surprise attack in this weather. Are these teachers crazy?

Soon, several more students were caught the same way. Seeing this, I felt a bit relieved. In ten minutes, they caught over twenty people. The principal wouldn’t punish us too harshly. After a while, when no one else jumped over, the principal waved his hand. “Follow me to the office.”

Zhang Yu and I exchanged glances and followed him.

“Which class?” The principal asked, sitting on the sofa, while a teacher nearby prepared to take notes.

Since Zhang Yu and I were caught first, we had to answer first.

“Senior Year Three…” Knowing we couldn’t avoid it, I hoped he wouldn’t be too hard on us with exams coming up.

“Hmph!” The principal slapped the sofa, angrily saying, “Senior Year Three, and you’re so proud?”

Damn, you asked, and now you’re giving me a dirty look for answering?

“Which class?” the principal asked again. I reluctantly stayed silent.

“Principal, we’re in our final year. Can’t you give us a break? We won’t do it again!” Zhang Yu said, smiling. But the principal ignored him and asked again, “Which class?”

“Answer his questions! Are you looking to get expelled?” The bespectacled teacher beside him snapped. 

“Class Two, Senior Year Three…” Zhang Yu grumbled, seeing no room for negotiation. The others obediently reported their names, and the teacher notified our homeroom teacher.

Big Sister glared at me when she came in, making me shiver. 

Zhang Yu gave a nervous laugh.

“Violation of school rules, a fine of 1000 yuan each. If you don’t pay, you can go home! Come back when you have the money!” the principal announced.

“Principal, we just jumped the wall. A 1000-yuan fine is too much, isn’t it?” I was annoyed. A thousand per person, over twenty people, that’s at least twenty thousand! The principal seemed to be trying to make a quick buck.

“If you don’t want to pay, go home!” the principal snapped.

Feeling disgruntled, I gritted my teeth. “Screw this school, I’m not going anymore!”

But I regretted it immediately. Was it worth it for a thousand yuan? Qin Shousheng had already given me fifty thousand!

The principal trembled with anger. Before he could speak, Big Sister glared at me and said, “Is that how you talk to the principal?” She turned to him. “Principal, isn’t a thousand per person a bit too much?”

The principal looked at Big Sister, a bit awkward. “Xiao Qian, if we don’t fine them heavily, they won’t learn.”

“One thousand is still too much. How about a hundred each? Our goal is to correct their mistakes,” Big Sister insisted. The principal seemed about to get angry but then suddenly smiled. “Five hundred then, too little is ineffective.”

With a few words, Big Sister halved the fine. She was just a homeroom teacher, yet the principal didn’t get mad but smiled. I suddenly realized Big Sister’s background might not be simple… She wanted to say more but didn’t.

“These students are disrespectful; they must be expelled!” The principal pointed at me angrily.

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