Chapter 29: Expelled from School

The expression on the Dean’s face showed he was truly angry.

“Director, he’s still a child, give him another chance!” Sister Qian frowned, pleading with the Dean.

Zhang Yu also chimed in, “Director, he just acted impulsively. Please, let it go…it’s almost time for the college entrance exams. Expelling him is too harsh a punishment.”

The Dean ignored Zhang Yu and looked at Sister Qian, his expression conflicted, as if he was contemplating something. After a while, he finally spoke, “Xiao Qian, it’s not about not giving him a chance. Even if we do, he’ll still be a parasite in society!”

Hearing this, I understood that the Dean was determined to kick me out. A parasite? Your sister’s a parasite!

Although I felt uncomfortable, there was nothing I could do. As a student, I was at the bottom of society’s hierarchy, along with farmers and laborers. Anyone could step on us, especially when I had offended the Dean.

Sister Qian opened her mouth to speak again, but I interrupted, “Sister Qian, don’t say anything more!” Then, turning to the Dean, I said, “I’ll leave, alright?” With that, I started to walk out.

“Xia Tian!” Zhang Yu and Sister Qian called my name simultaneously. I took a deep breath, turned back, gave them a bright smile, and walked out of the Dean’s office. The underclassmen watched me with admiration in their eyes. I gave a faint smile, closed the door, and concealed my achievements and fame.

“Damn it! That Dean is an id!ot!” I cursed as soon as I closed the door.

Shoving my hands into my pockets, I walked away, feeling a sense of melancholy. If I had a c!garette in my mouth, I could definitely be the next cool guy.

As I walked, a cold wind suddenly blew, and I quickly dodged aside as a figure brushed past me.

“Trying to sneak attack me!” I muttered, feeling a bit smug. But then I realized that figure was Sister Qian!

“Damn!” I cursed and quickly reached out to grab her, almost stumbling as I did.

I had underestimated Sister Qian’s weight, thinking she was lighter, so I didn’t use much strength. Seeing her about to fall, I quickly pulled her up and held her in my arms.

I breathed a sigh of relief and asked, “Are you alright?”

“You… let go of me first!” Sister Qian’s face turned crimson.

At that moment, her head was against my chest, one of my hands intertwined with hers, the other around her waist. It was only then that I realized our position was quite ambiguous.

“Cough cough!” I coughed twice and quickly let go, forcing a smile. “Sister Qian, why were you in such a hurry?” I said it to ease the awkwardness, but Sister Qian suddenly seemed to remember something. She grabbed my ear and twisted it 361 degrees, almost making me cry.

“You’re so irresponsible!” Sister Qian shouted at me. I wanted to argue, but I saw tears welling up in her eyes.

“You’re eighteen now! You’re not a child anymore, so why are you still so reckless?” Her voice was loud, attracting attention from passing teachers and students. They all looked at me.

“Xia Tian! Can you be more mature? Since the second year, how many mistakes have you made? How did you promise me last time?” Sister Qian seemed genuinely angry. Her temper wasn’t great, but she’d never scolded me like this before.

“Your recklessness has ruined your life! Do you understand?” Tears glistened in Sister Qian’s eyes, and my chest felt heavy, as if something was blocking it.

Sister Qian knew I was an orphan. When I transferred here, the school didn’t want to accept me. I had a falling out with the old man, so I had to reveal my parents’ death. Because of this, Sister Qian took me into her class and gave me special care, even if she couldn’t express it well.

“Come with me to apologize to the Dean properly!” Sister Qian’s tone left no room for refusal.

I took a deep breath and, after a long silence, looked at her and said, “Sister Qian… it’s not necessary…” Then I turned and walked away.

“Xia Tian! Stop right there!” Hearing her shout, I didn’t stop but ran instead.

“Xia Tian! Xia Tian…” Her voice grew fainter until I couldn’t hear it anymore. Only then did I stop and look back. Sister Qian hadn’t followed me.

I still wanted to stay in school, but I didn’t want to trouble Sister Qian anymore. From the moment I arrived, I had caused her too much trouble.

Most importantly, the Dean had a bad reputation at school. It was rumored he had affa!rs with many female teachers. Sister Qian, as a teacher, didn’t have much authority, and I feared he might threaten her. After all, Sister Qian was a top beauty.

I walked to the school gate. It was quiet since classes had started.

Without a note, the guard wouldn’t let me out. Since I was expelled, I decided to jump over the electronic gate. Just as I was about to, the guard uncle suddenly stuck his head out. “What are you doing?”

His sudden voice startled me. “I… I’m just taking a walk…” Wait, I was expelled, what was I afraid of? Ignoring the guard, I jumped over the gate. As I landed and walked a few steps, I heard him muttering, “That kid has my youthful spirit!” I almost tripped.

Today’s guards are really quirky!

I wandered aimlessly, unsure where to go. I thought about calling Qin Shousheng to train, but it didn’t seem right. Finally, I sighed and went home.

I shut the door and turned, only to see a white figure with hair covering their face standing before me.

Damn! Isn’t this Sadak0? How did she get here? Are ghosts now into traveling abroad too?

Scared, I leaned against the door, sweating. Given Mei’er’s existence, I knew there were demons in the world, so this Sadak0 could be real. (G: A ghost, and the main character of a horror book and movie series.)

“You… you…” I stuttered, terrified. But then “Sadak0” started laughing, holding her stomach with one hand and pointing at me with the other. “Xia Tian, you’re so cute.”

“Mei’er?” I asked tentatively.

“Sadak0” moved her hair aside, revealing a pretty face. Damn! It really was Mei’er!

I looked at Mei’er, frowning, and said nothing as I sat on the sofa.

“Xia Tian… are you angry?” Mei’er sat beside me. I turned away, ignoring her.

“Mei’er was just joking,” she said, looking aggrieved.

Still, I didn’t speak.

“What can I do to make you forgive me?” Mei’er seemed on the verge of tears.

Finally, I pushed Mei’er down, pinning her beneath me with a mischievous smile. “Let me k!ss you, and I’ll forgive you!” I said, leaning in. Just as I was about to k!ss her, Mei’er vanished and reappeared elsewhere.

She blushed, looking at me. “Xia Tian, you’re so bad! Mei’er knows all about it! This is called k!ssing, right?” She batted her eyes, making little Xia Tian restless.

Before I could respond, Mei’er continued, “Only lovers can k!ss… we can’t.”

“Where did you hear that?” I asked, confused. Mei’er was always around my neck. How did she know this?

“Mei’er can use telepathy now. I learned from the people around you,” she said, avoiding my gaze.

“Can you read my thoughts?” I asked, feeling nervous about my many inappropriate thoughts.

“Your physique is special. Mei’er can’t use telepathy on you…” Hearing this, I relaxed. At least my knowledge from adult films was safe.

“That’s all superstitious nonsense. Don’t believe it.” I returned to the previous topic and stood, pulling Mei’er close. “Come, let brother k!ss you.”

“But… we’re not lovers…” Mei’er turned her head away. I regretted unsealing her second tail.

Still, I coaxed her, “Aren’t you my girlfriend?”

“But…” She started, but I interrupted, “I’ve already k!ssed you. Are you backing out?”

She looked stunned, and I seized the moment to k!ss her.

Just then, a knock came at the door, and Mei’er quickly returned to necklace form around my neck.

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