Chapter 29: The villainess sneers (part 2)

Many recommended dishes and recipes were written in the book. Among them, her favorite was the cookies.

Shael went straight to the Azbel family’s kitchen. She kicked out the cooks. She then started pulling out the ingredients.

She started following the recipe exactly as it was in the book. 

Gradually, cookies that didn’t seem that bad on the outside were being made.

[Please add a tablespoonful of sugar.]

Shael ignored that instruction from the recipe and added five tablespoons of sugar. 

‘If it’s a cookie, shouldn’t it be sweet?’

‘No, maybe even five spoons aren’t enough.’ 

So Shael added five more spoons. Then she started following the recipe again.

Before long, a sweet smell began to waft from the finished cookies.

It was the completion of a batch of perfect and delicious cookies!

Shael returned to the room with her cookies and started reading again.

She finished reading the book before she knew it. As she closed the book, she heard a knock on the door. 

‘It must be Eran.’


Shael, who had already hidden the books, stood up from her seat and opened the door. 

It was something she had just read in the book. 

[During meetings, go open the door and greet the other person.]

“Please have a seat.”

Shael even pulled a chair for him to sit on. Eran sat down in his seat, and looked at Shael with a suspicious gaze.

“What’s with these cookies?”

Eran asked while looking at the cookies on the table. 

Shael spoke up according what she had read in the book.

“Ah, these are the cookies I made myself. Try it.”

Eran looked at Shael in surprise and picked up a cookie, then took a bite.

While thinking about the contents of the book, Shael kept her eyes on Eran.

[When feeding homemade food, keep your eyes on the other person.] 

It was something that was emphasized over and over again in the book.

“It’s delicious.”

It was a success! 

“It’s very tasty, so try it.”

Suddenly, Eran handed a cookie to Shael. He wanted her to eat it as well.

Shael, who also wanted to eat something sweet, readily received the cookie.

The cookie was very sweet and delicious.

Of course, it wasn’t as delicious when compared to Eran’s cupcakes she ate the other day, but it was still pretty good. Shael thought that she seemed to have a talent for cooking.

The batch of cookies slowly disappeared before she knew it. 

After that, Shael began to recall the content of the book again. ‘What to do next..’

[When there is nothing to do, keep an eye on the other person]

Now she had to keep an eye on Eran. 

Eran was also looking at Shael with an expression as if he was in doubt.

[If the other person also looks at you, smile warmly.]

Now she had to smile warmly. But it didn’t come that easily to Shael. 

‘What does a warm smile look like?’

Shael frowned, but she was able to smile. Even if she had to force herself. 

‘A little awkward, but perfect.’

At least that’s how Shael thought anyway. 

Maybe before long, she might even be proposed to by her fiancé!


“Ah, these are the cookies I made myself. Try it.”

I picked up a cookie that Shael said she had made himself.

I felt a bit uneasy considering that Shael had made it herself. 

So, I took a cautious bite..

As expected, my prediction wasn’t wrong. Cookies were too sweet.

‘Isn’t this just a lump of powdered sugar?’

Shael was looking at me. She must have purposely added more sugar and given it to me.

It must be like that. 

Anyway, was she doing it because of what happened the other day?

Or, was it because he didn’t make her any desserts?

“It’s delicious.”

I lied to induce Shael to eat the cookie as well. 

This wicked woman will be tricked by my words and would also eat these tasteless cookies.

“It’s very tasty, so try it.”

I handed a cookie over to her, while claiming that it was delicious, and Shael also picked it up.

The villainess was easily tricked by me.

Oddly enough, Shael started eating the cookies as if they were delicious.

‘Is she acting in order not to lose to me?’

I couldn’t tell. 

Suddenly, the cookies disappeared. Shael, who started eating later than me, ate most of them.

Looking at the empty cookie bowl, I felt Shael’s gaze again. 

Shael was looking at me.

No, she was staring.

‘Is this because her forced yourself to eat cookies?’ 

If that was the case, then it would have been better if we had stopped halfway. 

I couldn’t understand Shael’s way of thinking.

Then, Shael, who was staring at me, suddenly frowned. The corners of her mouth went up and then her down again.

After repeating it several times, what Shael produced on her lips was, a sneer.

The villainess was sneering at me.

‘Why is she doing this?’

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