Chapter 30: A day with the villainess (part 1)   

I didn’t do anything except tell her to eat the cookies, but the villainess was sneering at me.

It was an action that would make anyone curious about the reason why. Didn’t she even think that the cookies tasted good?

But I accepted it normally. Because it was a common thing for this wicked woman to sneer at me.

Of course, it was also a common thing for me to fire back in response.

Therefore, I said to Shael, who was still sneering at me.

“Would you like to go for a walk?”

Obviously, it was an offer Shael would reject. In fact, we had never had a proper walk outside before.

So I prepared to get something out of my pocket. It was a Serpent Orb. A Serpent Orb containing Shael’s dark history.

However, what Shael said next was quite unexpected.

“Let’s go, then.”

Shael accepted my offer. An offer she would normally have turned down without even thinking about it.

I felt doubtful about Shael’s behavior and thought that something about her had changed, but for now, I followed Shael and got up.

“Where are we going?”

That’s what Shael asked me. 

‘Yes, where should we go…’

Actually, I was just going to use the Serpent Orb and say something to make fun of the villainess who was sneering at me.

But, who knew that the villainess would agree to go out with me so easily? I wonder what made her change her mind.

That’s right! 

The last time, didn’t I go to the auction house and the Mage Tower just because Shael wanted it. I was forced into it! So, it would only be proper for me to choose a place that I would enjoy.

Moreover, it would also have to be a place that would help me improve the villainess.

Come to think of it, the villainess’s stamina was particularly bad. She became tired quite easily even when she danced in the Mage Tower.

‘And, she also ate a lot of sweets…’ I was quite worried about her health.

The villainess needed exercise.

So what I chose was mountain climbing. Climbing would help the villainess with her poor stamina.

Shael didn’t know that and silently followed me.

We went through the teleportation magic circle in Azbel Plaza.

Fortunately, a teleportation magic circle was set up even to the mountain range of the Azbel territory, which required a lot of magic stones.

Shael glared at me after taking a look at the huge mountain in front of us.

But when our eyes met, she removed her glaring eyes and looked straight ahead as if nothing had happened.

She normally would have glared at me several times and turned around saying she wanted to go back to the mansion right away. But, it seemed that Shael’s personality had softened a little. 

I couldn’t figure out why.

‘Ah! Did she really want to eat the dessert I made?’

It was a good reason. 

In the book, there was even a setting where the villainess would’ve loved the dessert to death.

In the magic bag I was carrying, there was also the dessert that Shael wanted.

Maybe she was acting like that after realizing that.

First of all, I started climbing the seemingly endless mountain with Shael.

“It’s hard.”

It was 30 minutes after we started climbing. We couldn’t even see the top yet.

But, Shael frowned at me, saying it was difficult.

Keeping an eye at Shael’s frown for quite a while, I could tell that Shael was able put up with her displeasure for a longer period of time than I had previously thought.

If it were the usual Shael, she would have expressed dissatisfaction as soon as she had a hard time.

“Let’s go down.”


I wasn’t struggling at all, and Shael was the only one struggling, but not to the extent that her breathing turned rough.

So if we went down now, the exercise won’t have any effect. It would be meaningless to come here at all.

At my words, Shael started climbing the mountain again. This time too, Shael followed my words.

But that was short-lived.

“I want to go down. Climb it yourself.”

As usual, Shael was expressing her dissatisfaction again. She was different from before.

The villainess had been following my words until now, but finally she had returned to normal.

‘Is it a good thing?’ 

I don’t know.

First of all, I opened the magic bag to bring out the secret weapon. What I took out was a box of cookies.

This, too, was made with a recipe from a dessert shop that Shael would’ve loved to death.

“Here, try it.”

I took out a cookie and handed it to Shael.

Shael took a bite. I’ve been waiting for that


Then Shael raised her eyes and looked at my cookie box. I smiled at Shael and started climbing the mountain again.

It was a silent threat! If you don’t climb the mountain, then I won’t give you more cookies.

Shael followed me without a word. I also climbed the mountain without a word.

Then, Shael broke the silence first.

“I can’t walk anymore.”

“If you make it to the top, I will give you the cookies.”


Of course, the villainess followed suit. In regards to her words and other actions, I laughed out loud.

It was natural for the villainess to reply with a glare.

The Shael, who had been following my words without any rewards, completely disappeared.

Now she was just doing my bidding for the reward— the cookies.

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