Chapter 31: Books (part 2)

When Eran gave the shoes back to Shael, the distance between them became very close. 

Shael thought, ‘This is my chance!’

Shael quickly thought of the contents of the book.

[[If your target is within your reach, tug on his tie.]

Shael quickly reached out her hand towards Eran’s chest, where his tie would be.

However, when Shael carefully checked Eran’s chest with her eyes, she couldn’t help but panic.

‘Didn’t Eran usually wear his tie every time?’

But not this time. Eran wasn’t wearing his tie.


However, it was already too late for such a question. Shael’s hand had nowhere else to go, and it caused her to lose her balance.

Then, without realizing it, Shael’s hand fell on Eran’s chest!

‘Eran’s chest is surprisingly solid…’

It was a strange situation that others would easily misunderstand. 

Eran and Shael faced each other.



A moment of silence. Before Shael could even take her hand back, Eran spoke up.

“I didn’t expect you to have such a taste.”

Eran was talking while laughing. 

Feeling ashamed of her action, the villainess stretched out her hand again.

This time, it was to grab Eran by the collar.

However, the situation did not go the way Shael wanted.

Shael’s hand fell on Eran’s chest once again. 

Eran’s strong chest made it impossible for her to even grab him by the throat.


Feeling that the situation was turning weird again, Shael quickly removed her hand. Then she started walking as if nothing was wrong.

She gave Eran an extra glare as a bonus for making fun of the with his nasty mouth.

‘Should I tear that book apart as well?’

After thinking for a while, the villainess shook her head. 

Come to think of it, wasn’t it all her own mistake?

She should have checked properly that Eran was wearing a tie. What a stupid mistake to make.

Shael said herself, ‘This time I will definitely not make a mistake!’

Shael started walking, vowing to perfectly execute her plan.

Suddenly, she saw the garden.

At the same time, the time for the next step had come!

The garden was a place perfect for romance. 

Using the narrow street Shael decreased their distance, and came closer to the wall.

Shael suddenly pushed Eran toward the wall. She then began to simulate the scene she had seen in the book in her mind.

‘Left hand on the wall, with Eran in-between.’

In the book, it was an act that was referred to as ‘Climbing the wall’.

[Keep your eyes on the target and place your left hand on the wall. Then, look down and stare deeply into their eyes. If your target blushes, it’s your win.]


Ignoring the startled Eran, Shael tried to look at his eyes. 

‘Didn’t it tell me to look down and stare deeply into his eyes?

But she couldn’t. Rather, it was Eran who was looking down at Shael, and she was just looking up at him.

‘Was he this tall before?’

Shael was taken aback. This wasn’t in the plan, and Eran’s face didn’t turn red, rather he was making a shocked expression.

Shael, who was supposed to look down at Eran with a deep gaze, started dodging her eyes in confusion.

However, there was no way Shael would back down! 

Shael quickly revised the old plan. She could do it due to the way she had been living.

In Shael’s mind, a perfect plan was formed before in an instant. 

Of course, the urgent plan was not perfect.

But it didn’t matter to the villainess, she carried out the plan she had revised without thinking.

Shael’s left hand touched the wall. Then she kept Eran between her and the wall.

As a result, Eran suddenly found himself trapped in Shael’s arms.



Shael, who was silent for a while, looked at Eran. Then she immediately lowered her head.

No, she had no choice but to do so.

The reason being, the distance was too close.

It was a natural result, as she was basically leaning against the wall with her arm wrapped around Eran.

The current situation was very different from what Shael had imagined and planned.

Originally, according to the picture in the book, she was going to gaze deeply at Eran, while keeping him between herself and the wall.

However, the current situation was quite different compared to the picture in the book.

In the current situation, it looked as if Shael was hugging Eran. 

Eran’s body, which had different proportions than she had expected, was the reason for such a debacle.



Unknown to the two, the maids and Duke Jespen who had witnessed the situation began to clamor.

Shael lowered her head and thought.

‘This weakling who lost consciousness from just one attack of the Mage Tower Lord, a moth who often quarrels and doesn’t even give me his dessert. My fiancé…’

‘This person, was his shoulders this wide?’

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