Chapter 32: The villainess doesn’t give up on the strategy (part 2)

This drew Shael’s attention as well. Shael began to look at the catfish carefully.

“I like this guy.”

“What do you mean?”

You mean to take it to the mansion and raise it? If so, it was a reasonable hobby in its own way. Compared to trampling on flowers or harassing wild birds.

However, Shael’s words that followed shattered my imagination.

“No, let’s eat it.” (G: there’s an innuendo here, did you get it?)


‘You want to eat it?’ 

Didn’t she just stare at it, and call it cute?

Even after doing that, you want to eat this cute little guy?

As she said, Shael snatched the tail of the catfish that was pacing in front of her. She was really quick to to put her thoughts into action.

“It would be better to grill it, right?”


I didn’t answer. I was just sending a silent prayer towards the poor catfish who was going to lose its life.

‘Rest in peace, Mr. Catfish.’

I didn’t bother to stop Shael. She just wanted to eat her own fish, what could I say to that?

So the reason Shael was staring at the catfish and called this one cute because she was choosing which catfish to eat? At least I would like to take it that way.

‘Yeah, let’s assume she did it to decide which catfish to eat.’

Without any opinions, I walked along with Shael, who was walking while holding the catfish.

The catfish was running rampant to escape Shael’s grasp. Immediately following that, the poor fellow lost its life as a result of Shael’s magic.


“You have to do that to eat it.”

I shut my mouth at Shael’s words. Come to think of it, this was also a big improvement!

If it was in the original novel, wouldn’t the she have slowly dried the catfish and killed it painfully?

Thinking that way made me feel that Shael was doing good.

As Shael walked along the pond, she suddenly grinned. 

I immediately had a foreboding feeling.

Because it was a signal the villainess sent before harassing me.

The wicked woman moved her gaze towards the pond.

The water in the pond was gushing into the air.

It was magic. Before I knew it, the water was rushing towards me.

Even though I hurriedly spread the Ice Wall to block it, it couldn’t stop my clothes from getting soaked.



Shael laughed at me. Then it faded soon after.

A shadow was falling on Shael before she knew it. It was another rush of water from the pond.

And the water continued to pour.

Shael was drenched before she knew it. Even her hair was drenched wet. 

However, the villainess didn’t look angry.

Why? Because I was soaking wet too.

Of course, I used another magic to tease Shael, and my clothes suddenly became dry.

Shael couldn’t use this type of magic yet.

Shael stared at my already dry clothes. 

I sighed and sneered at her, then started walking.

“What are you doing? Are you not coming?”


The villainess didn’t walk and made a silent protest. 

So, I had no choice but to dry Shael’s clothes as well. I had to do it because the weather was very cold.

We came back to the mansion before long. After putting the catfish in the storage, I came to Shael’s room.

After breathing in the outside air and clearing my head, I started looking around Shael’s room.

It was a very spacious room, with a huge door, and a huge desk. 

Everything seemed huge and extravagant.

Even the windows looked quite luxurious.

Then something caught my eye. Something that was completely out of place in this huge and extravagant room.

It was a teddy bear. It was the teddy bear with one eye sewn up that I gave her at the Mage Tower.

It was placed on Shael’s bed.

“Do you still have that doll?”


It was quite a surprise. Shael still hadn’t abandoned that doll.

I didn’t comment on it any more, as I felt like Shael would throw the doll away if I said more.

The sun was setting before we knew it. 

Dark night was enveloping the Azbel family’s mansion.

It was also time for me to go.

However, for some unknown reason, Shael was looking towards her bed.

Then she walked over to her bed and pulled the blanket off. What was inside, was a book.

Shael opened the book for a moment, and quickly started flipping through the book.

‘What the hell are you doing?’ Unable to hold back my curiosity, I used Vision Magic.

[If night falls…]

I couldn’t read more. It was because Shael closed the book. 

Shael tucked the book under the blanket again.

Then she got out of the bed and came to me.

She was grinning. It was an ominous sign, something she did before harassing me.

Shael came right in front of me before I knew it. 

After thinking for a while, she opened her mouth to say a few words. Words that were very shocking to my ears.

“Do you want to eat catfish?”


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  1. She really failed in delivering the message, or rather she didn’t even understand what it really means, so it resulted to her just acting weird.

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