Chapter 33: Kicked out by the villainess (part 1)

After saying such shocking words to Eran, Shael took Eran to the Azbel family’s dining room.

Eran just followed Shael in flustered state. And… after eating the cooked catfish, Shael and Eran returned to the room again.

Shael recalled another instruction from the book she had covered with a blanket.

[After that, suggest the target to go to bed.]

‘Suggest him to go to bed?’ Shael followed the instruction and said to Eran.

“Go to bed.”

“Yes… yes?”

Honestly, she didn’t really want to say it, but it was something instructed in the book. And, it was also a part that was emphasized as being really important!

Ignoring her fiancé, who had frozen in place like an idiot, Shael headed to her bed.

Lifting off the blanket, she reached out her hand for the book.

[999 Hot Ways to Seduce a Man]

Shael wanted to know what she had to do next, as she still hadn’t read the latter part yet.

She opened the book and began to read.

[If the opponent accepts it…]

Shael tore the book to shreds after reading the rest. Before long, the state of the book had changed beyond recognition.

If she had known that it would be like that, she would have torn it apart from the start!

It was something so obvious that anyone could have predicted it, but not Shael. She was a villainess who had no interest in dating at all.

Shael regretted her past decision to follow the instructions of this book, and racked her brain to think of a plan to get rid of Eran.


Shael suddenly tore the book in front of her to shreds, and at the moment, she looked quite absent-minded.

Then she came to her senses and told me.

“Get out.”

“Didn’t you just tell me to go to bed?”


The villainess kept changing her words. And this isn’t even my house, so normally, I’d just leave, but…

For some reason, I felt like I shouldn’t. Adding to that, I felt quite offended by her sudden change of words.

You embarrassed me by telling me to go to bed and now you’re kicking me out so coldly?

‘There’s no way I’ll just quietly leave!’ 

So I pointed at the torn book Shael was hiding with her hand.

“Is it because of that book?”

“Never, no!”

Shael shook her head in denial. It was a strong reaction, but it was obvious that it was a lie.

That book was the reason for Shael’s erratic behavior.

“Then, can I have a look?”

Shael quickly covered the torn book in response to my words. It was clear that that book was a source of great shame for Shael.


“I won’t see it if you let me sleep on the bed.”


The villainess glared at me in response. 

Thinking that the villainess might burn the book, I cast a protection spell on the book.

Seeing this, Shael looked at the book in bewilderment. Now, she had no choice.

When I acted as if I was checking the torn pieces of a book, Shael had no choice but to give in.

“Then, go to another room and sleep.”

“I won’t. I like it here.”

Then, as I was about to walk towards the torn book, Shael stopped me in a fright.

It was my victory!

That’s how I was able to stay in Shael’s room. Normally, it would have already been time for me to leave Shael’s room.

To be honest, I did think I had acted a bit too rash, but… 

‘It’s the villainess fault!’ I struggled to rationalize.

Anyway, everyone in the Azbel family would notice if I slept in another room.

There might even be a rumor that Shael had suggested that I sleep at Azbel Mansion

‘No, wouldn’t such rumors spread even if I sleep here?’

‘I don’t know.’

There was also a huge sofa in Shael’s room. I walked over to the sofa and sat down.

If I declared that I would sleep on the bed like we did in the Mage Tower, it was almost certain that Shael, who had been enduring until now, would leave the room. In fact, she was probably thinking about leaving the room even now.

Because the situation was different from the Mage Tower, in which there was risk of being cursed after leaving.

It’s a pity that I had to sleep on the sofa, but it was still something I had to do. 

Shael was already lying on the bed. Oddly enough, she didn’t lie down with her back facing towards me.

Shael lay down in a way she could see me. Normally, she would’ve slept with her back turned because she wouldn’t want to see me.

“What is it?”

“What is it?”

We asked at the same time.

“Why are you lying down this way?”

“It’s to make sure you don’t do something weird, so don’t worry.”

‘Ah, was it like that?’ The villainess was treating me like a perve*t.

“So it isn’t because you love me?”

To be honest, it felt a bit embarrassing, but it was a good counter for the villainess.

At that, Shael glared at me and turned her body around.

Anyway, the villainess was easy to manipulate.

Looking closely at Shael, I saw something unexpected. 

It was a doll that protruded a little out of the blanket Shael was covering herself with. 

I think she slept like that even in the Mage Tower. 

‘Could it be that she has always been doing that?’

It was completely uncharacteristic for someone like Shael.

After some time passed, I could heart a soft sound of breathing from Shael. 

At the same time, I used a magic that could block out sound.

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